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Ed and it will soon be free Darkness and its minions overtake the town setting off avalanches and cutting off communications At the mercy of Darkness Thorn must rally the townspeople together for only as one can they survive But her loyalty will be tested by someone she once lost to the Dark her twin siste. Host finishes up all the Rogue Mage books to date currently a trilogy There aren't current plans to write to the series and since this one was published around 2010 it doesn't seem like it would happen anytime soon if at allWith that in mind this book does wrap up the main arc of the initial 3 books very well You won't be left on a razor's edge when you close the book and while I'm not going to put any spoilers in this review I will say this This book ends DARK This trilogy is not the feel good trilogy winner of the past few years by any means That's not a bad thing at all but it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea The imagery in this book is incredible In the final third it reads like a modern version of Revelations with the amount of seraphs doing battle between our existence and the between time space they can flit around to We get to the source of a lot of the big bad uglies we've been dealing with and Thorn gets some very big surprises hardly any of them good A new neo mage shows up as well with an unhealthy interest in the goings on of Mineral City Thorn has way too much to worry about without adding a possible backstabber to the ranks As if that isn't enough The Dragon has finally woken up What impressed me most in the span of these three books was how much Thorn utterly changes and grows as a character Her entire life living in hiding is uprooted and by acknowledging and accepting what she is as a neo mage she can never go back to it again There is an incredible sense of loss in that for her and as a reader it helps ground you in the midst of all the strangeness that is this book with the relate able feelings of irreversible change Her friendships and idea of family are pushed to the absolute brink and the town she stands in at the end of the third book is nothing like the one she rides back into at the start of the first For a trilogy that never leaves the confines of a small post Apocalyptic mining town in the Appalachians this is a huge achievement Overall I don't feel this is written as tightly as Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series and I didn't exactly like seeing as much repeated imagery as I did be it in manners of speech certain descriptive vocabulary or location To my knowledge these aren't supposed to take place in the same universe so that definitely pulled me out of the immersion of this new world than I'd like That being said the concepts at play here are amazing If you are a fan of anything angel related lore behind the Book of Enoch or Revelations or even some lite sci fi supernatural stuff there's a lot here for you in this trilogy The writing is fantastic as are the descriptions It sneaks up on you how much you care for this cast of characters and I know I was left deep in thought after the last page Definitely check this out It's not terribly long in terms of page count and it's very uniue It's not perfect but still a worthwhile investment

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Host By Faith HuntIn a post apocalyptic ice age envisioned by Faith Hunter in Bloodring and Seraphs humans continue their fight to survive amid the warlike forces of Light and Darkness and struggle to understand the seraphic and demonic beings who have invaded their worldAfter risking her life to save the residents of Mine. The overall plot arc that began in bloodring is concluded really well in this book Most of the uestions are the dragondarkness type monsters is concluded and answered Yet while im happy with this ending at the same time im not I need there to be another set of books in this world following thorn and friends theres still too many unanswered uestions about characters and the world Such as are the Seraphs really aliens Is there really a one true god in this world and will we ever see him Also I want thorn to meet said one true god Are the darkness things really just missunderstood like thorn was thinking at the end of this book Will the Seraphs leave now the war is over How will the town rebuild Will thorn have to go back to an enclave after her visa is up or will the town demand she stay will she have little kylenmage kids with thadd and who will she end up withAnd most of all what kind of supernats are lucas and cianna I want to knowwwww If theres another book I will like this one a lot

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FREE READ ¸ Host By Faith Hunter é ❆ Host kindle Epub ❤ Author Faith Hunter – In a post apocalyptic ice age envisioned by Faith Hunter in Bloodring and Seraphs humans continue their fight to survive amid the warlike forces of Light and Darkness—and struggle to understand the In a post apocalyptic iceRal City from a fallen seraph of the underworld Thorn St Croix finds herself finally accepted albeit warily Not so the mage who arrives from the Council of Seraphs and who could be her greatest ally or her most dangerous foeBut a terrible danger threatens Mineral City The bonds of the Dragon have been loos. Did you ever go to the movies and buy a too big popcorn then find yourself 30 minutes later giving a ueasy look at the bottom of the empty bucket and thinking jeez why did I That's how I feel after reading this series It was entertaining but not at all nutritious and I shouldn't have overdone it like that