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Marietta home town girl Kendall Dixon knows Cowboy 77th MOBI #183 who she is and what she wants even if the stubborn and slow smiling cowboy who owns her heart is long gone from MontanaRancher Brent Ashton retu. I love you Dell I've never stopped loving you Brent AshtonWell ok as far as a story goes this was a much better one than the previous book's Brent Ashton was definitely a better choice of a man than the previous male lead was tooI have this thing with my friends where we categorize most fictional guys based on our preferences because all four of us have very different tastes Brent had a uite decent number of Category L traits yes you guessed it right I meant MY category hence the L He was loyal to the point where he never looked anywhere BUT Kendall's way He was hard working He was sweet but without leaving the sexy manliness of a cowboy out of the deal He was a one woman man and his possessiveness never went the wrong way in other words no violence and jealous hissy fits He had faith in his woman to choose the right thing He was always ready to sacrifice his own desires and dreams for her sake because keeping Kendall happy was his everythingI could keep going but really the man followed the standards of the L Category to a teeKendall was another reason why this book rated higher than the first one She was stubborn when she wanted something yes but she never wanted anything unreasonable so I count that as a positive trait She was considerate and caring and had self respect Yet she also understood at some point that if she didn't take matters into her own hands Brent would never make a move because of his moral code Bless that woman she was magnificent in the way she pursued him And no bitchy acts by the waySo why not go all the way to the 5th star Too much tension and Where On Earth Is my release scene That's the only thing that bothered me Ok sex is not always necessary but if it's not planned please don't bring the sexual tension in the mix it dampens the moodIn any case despite this book being a much enjoyable read than the other I don't think I'll keep reading the series I checked out the blurbs and it seems that most of them have to do with first loves which as you know are not exactly my cup of tea So I think I'll pass I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The opinion stated in this review is solely mine and no compensation was given or taken to alter itRead this and other reviews at

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Hold Me Cowboy 77th Copper Mountain Rodeo #2; The Wildflower Ranch #5Rns to Marietta to care for his sick mother Haunted by the death of his father he Hold Me ePUB #241 must save his derelict home and resist rekindling the romance with the only girl he's ever loved He can’t le. Hold Me Cowboy was an enjoyable enough addition to the Copper Mountain Rodeo series Once again using the second chance trope the characters were endearing and it held that family feel but it is one of those books that I have read and will soon forget about as nothing particularly struck out She wasn't losing her cowboy for a second time Kendall and Brent were sweet together and likeable but being closed door in intimacy the most we were privy to was kissing Whilst this isn't generally a problem for me I needed a little depth to them and the story to keep my interest piued I think you just broke at least a hundred hearts But Alissa Callen has brought her reader a sweet romance and perhaps had I read the previous books in her Wildflower Ranch series which are linked to this from what I can gather I may have enjoyed this a little Copy received courtesy of Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinionimage error

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Hold Me Cowboy 77th Copper Mountain Rodeo #2; The Wildflower Ranch #5 Read & Download Å 4 ¿ [Reading] ➶ Hold Me Cowboy 77th Copper Mountain Rodeo #2; The Wildflower Ranch #5 By Alissa Callen – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Marietta home town girl Kendall Dixon knows who she is and whT her sacrifice her dreams for him But the shy and sweet Kendall he left behind has become a strong and determined woman A woman who won’t let her cowboy walk away Me Cowboy 77th PDFEPUB #231 for a second tim. 35 stars This sweet second chance romance tells of the heartbreak caused by good intentions and two people prone to too much selflessness for their own good Brent has always loved Kendall but four years ago he left Montana and broke Kendall’s heart by not returning Except now he’s back and it’s soon clear that neither one has got over the other despite distance well meant intentions and years of heartacheI liked Kendall She might have been shy and sweet growing up but she’s no pushover now She’s a naturally kind person who happily goes out of her way to help others where she can but she also has a strong determination at her heart She knows what she wants regardless of what anyone else has planned for herBrent is also a good person but just a little prone to listening to the advice of others rather than trusting his heart It was because of his father that he left the only home he ever wanted and thanks to another that he stayed away for so long thinking that he was doing the right thing He is sweet and honourable if a little misguided and although I understood his fears – thanks to his father – I did wish he would stop listening to everyone except Kendall Luckily for him she’s patient as well as givingAlong with the romance it was nice to be back in the heart of Marietta again catching glimpses of others from the Wildflower Ranch series as well as catching hints of the other stories that might lie in store for the rodeo this year I was also delighted to catch my first glimpse of a possible MariettaCherry Lake crossover – can’t wait to see if that turns into anything If you want something sweet and undemanding with a likeable heroine and a lovely if misguided hero then you will probably enjoy this Especially if you’re a fan of Marietta and the Wildflower Ranch series in particular Newcomers will find plenty to enjoy too as long as cowboys and romance are your thing I look forward to the next rodeo tale and will keep an eye out for Izzy in Cherry Lake soonI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review