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Free read ´ Le Grand Cahier La Preuve Le Troisième Mensonge ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¸ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Le Grand Cahier La Preuve Le Troisième Mensonge ❤ Ágota Kristóf – These three internationally acclaimed novels have confirmed These three internationally acclaimed novels have Cahier La PDF #10003 confirmed Agota Kristof's reputation as one of the most provocative exponents of new wave European fiction With all the stark simplicity of a fractured fairy tale the trilogy tells the story of twin brothers Claus and Lucas locked in an agonizing Le Grand PDF bond that becomes a gripping allegory of the forces that have divided brothers in mu. Grandmother is Mother's mother Before coming to live in her house we didn't even know that Mother still had a motherWe call her GrandmotherPeople call her the Witch She calls us sons of a bitchOnce upon a time the time was unpredictable The innocence was lost in the demonic smoke of war and brutality of mature years took refuge in the childhood of Lucas and Claus They left their home and entered a house and along entered a Notebook in which the words were written without exposing them to the sensitivity of daylight In the world full of hatred and sins they both were love and redemption for each other They did many things which were enough to pass all sorts of judgment on the fateful twins but not good enough to claim anything with absolute surety A new phase soon commenced and the rest is a dreaded future Physical wounds don't matter when I receive them But if I had to inflict them on someone else that would wound me in a way I couldn't bearYears passed innocence returned in the form of a different soul but despair prevailed Lucas was alone this time and to play among the well crafted lies and the ugly truths became a survival tactic for him The notebook rejoined the new picture as a Proof and began to discern the latent image of Lucas’s other half Meanwhile the aftermath of war was apparent everywhere Forged identities depressed lovers struggling artists frustrated relationships unfortunate deaths The virtue of fatherhood was a single escape from vices galore and turned into a dominant force in propelling various lives but eventually met with a tragic end The rest is a dreaded future I say I don't want to I'd rather play with your childrenMy brother says My children don't playWhat do they doThey are preparing to make it through lifeI say I made it through life and haven't found anythingMy brother says There's nothing to find What were you looking forYouMetafictional madness assumes a bigger role in telling of a Third and final Lie Stories within stories unfold themselves but it’s difficult to recognize the true nature of bewildering reality and the surreal fiction created out of the lives of Claus and Lucas The borders of past has turned into the thresholds of present but crossing them could be a life changing decision Someone is going to die and someone will be left behind Who is Who is impossible to answer All that remains are words Some of them are weaved together in a manuscript to weave together lives and some are engraved on tombstones as epitaphs of loved ones The rest is an unreliable historyMy Reaction HuhOn a serious note and as the cliché goes this is the most powerful book I have read till date Kristof has wickedly captured the agony of people during WWII or simply War with her terse and refined prose Her style is uniue and deceptively vivid with hard hitting sentences which take no prisoners On reading this trilogy I felt as if I was in this huge house with several life sized mirrors and no matter how much I tried to keep a watchful eye it was not easy to spot the difference between real and reflected images Within sight but not within reach Life is the invention of a non God whose evil surpasses understandingThe nature of good evil and its sources are hard to grasp The circumstances which compel a person to act as a Grim Reaper or the Messiah of Life makes no distinction between a child and an elderly person but one thing which must remain constant during bleak times as a profound consolation is the presence of love and the bonds it gives birth to Everything else becomes ridiculously overrated With this idea Kristof’s trilogy makes way for both sinister and endearing tales and uestions the very truth which govern a civilized and barbaric world Highly Recommended with Five5 Stars Of the three books The Notebook is my favorite primarily because the narrators are children It probably says a lot how we as a reader react differently to the actions of children in contrast to adults

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Ilogy is a biting parable of Eastern and Western Europe today and Grand Cahier La Preuve Le eBook #240 a deep exploration into the nature of identity storytelling and the truths and untruths that lie at the heart of them all Stark and haunting The San Francisco Chronicle A vision of considerable depth and complexity a powerful portrait of the nobility and perversity of the human heart The Christian Science Monit. Some uotes from Robert Bresson ”I simplify everything first by elimination on paper and then much so during shooting so as not to over burden the pictures so as not to render them opaue The poetry if there is any comes from the tautness It is not a poetic poetry but a cinematographic poetry It arises out of simplification which is only a direct way of seeing people and things” “The sound of a train whistle conjures up the whole station”“Once I heard someone being whipped through a door and then I heard the body fall That was ten times worse than if I had seen the whipping” What has prolonged profound and intimate power Torture porn and graphic gore or the implied violence and cruelty in films like to stick with Bresson Mouchette It is clear what the intention of a book like American Psycho was and yet aside from the shock factor its vivid and detailed carnage is ultimately hollow It is impossible to have an interest in 20th century Central and Eastern European Fiction and not come again and again upon books saturated with violence horror and brutality And yet what is fascinating is the range of different approaches to this same source material There are writers who in an attempt to force the readers gaze onto this horror describe rape and murder in vivid beautifully crafted detail There are others and Kristof is one of them who are of the Bresson school They believe that an artist can gesture towards this darkness and if that gesture is correctly coded can prompt an internal act of creation in the readerviewer This self created horror is by its intimacy its closeness imbued with uniue power The station conjured up by the sound of the whistle is mine and only mine it is provoked from me by the artist and thereby comes ready weighted as infinite in detail as my mind allows I am a witness of the station as I can become a witness of this brutality So yes this is a novel or three novels in one – though it truly works best as a whole whose writing is sparse crystalline poetic Facts are spoken simply though they are often staggering in their ferocity The first novel in particular is a masterpiece of concision and self control But then upon reading the second and third novels we find that in fact this control is not simply an authorial device It is a coping mechanism an indication of the psychological damage done on the twins and as such deeply moving in and of itself It becomes clear that The Notebook is in fact a notebook kept by the twins or it may even be something elsethough I will not spoil too much of the development by going in to that here They were Bressonian by necessity To be otherwise would have been unbearable For Kristof too one gets the sense that her own lived experiences render any other approach impossible This is I think the first novel I have read where the narrative style becomes on a purely formal level imbued with such sorrow It is masterfully done There are similarities with The Painted Bird and The Museum of Love which is deserving of much wider readership though this surpasses them as in my opinion both are guilty of on occasion falling in love with their own lyrical evocations of violence Kristof never allows her ego such luxury Read it

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Le Grand Cahier La Preuve Le Troisième MensongeCh of Europe since World War II Kristof's postmodern saga begins with The Notebook in which the brothers are children lost in a country torn apart by conflict who must learn every trick of Grand Cahier La eBook #8608 evil and cruelty merely to survive In The Proof Lucas is challenging to prove his own identity and the existence of his missing brother a defector to the other side The Third Lie which closes the tr. When I was younger I used to have a recurring dream about a world I haven't experienced in real life I found myself in a place that was being bombed I was hiding inside a house a deafening noise around me; through the windows I could see the planes and hear the explosions I was living intensely in a dimension that was at war; I felt the terror the helplessness I have no idea why I had those dreams I haven't lived through a war I don't know how bombardments feel like But my dreams felt real nonetheless It could have been my reality in another life if I were to believe in it Or it could be the reality of my dreams a realm where my mind continues to live without my body Ágota Kristof lived through a war but she writes her novels like they were a dream We are never sure what is real and what is imagined where the truth ends and where the lies start Twins with a single voice a common life; it could well be just one person who dreams; a lonely scarred soul that can't bear the loneliness and torment And yet the dream might be true; we can never be sure Three versions of the same truth We could pierce through the veil of lies and take a glimpse of the bare truth But we might not find ourselves in the right dimension; a truth in one world could be a lie in the otherWhat if we lived in a dream Its reality is different than the one we find when awake I sometimes wish I could live a bit longer in the realm of my dreams Mysterious cities incredible adventures Being able to kick the ground and rise in the air flying above the city We should be able to choose the reality we desire the one that makes us happy We should be able to live in the reality of our dreams our mind does not need our weak body thereThe twins do everything together their voices are one Their will is already strong bent to no one They help if they feel it is justified but never because of being asked An unscrupulous correctness down to the smallest details And important of all exercises to toughen the body and spirit They learn to face hunger pain injustice; they learn to live with cruelty and death; they learn what it is to be blind and deafThey observe and never judge but they resort to vengeance when deserved; their law is the Old Testament law They accept every experience without a flinch or wonder; they observe and learn They tread the path of cruelty and promiscuity or is it the path that leads to primitive life to the original nature of man Are they sociopaths or do they represent the new man the product of a world at war The twins defy the terror around them They have their own path their own law They feel scared in a crammed cellar than roaming the deserted streets surrounded by bombs and soaring planes Valiance recklessness or maybe it is indifference We perceive the war through their eyes the foreign soldiers the deportation of Jews the atrocities committed It is a twisted world with an ugliness cruelty and depravity distorted to the point where it becomes absurd irrational sickening The twins are surrounded by a new town of Babel where the law of survival prevailsThis novel is one of the saddest and most shocking I've read But the saddest of books can never be sadder than a life Kristof says How much can a human being endure If you search for a meaning of life there is none she says What about love the universal elixir of happiness The twins exclude the word and the notion of love from their lives But what is the bond between them if it is not love Their experiments deny human feelings and weaknesses; they challenge hunger pity attachment They go even further they try to break their bond They attempt the ultimate experiment dividing one being into two halves It's no longer a matter of happiness because the important uestion is can the two beings survive Do they know how to live on their own separate wayRead this novel Read it and experience the pain and the sadness You'll be sick disgusted tormented When you'll close the book you'll realize you won't be able to smile for a while You'll feel like you've really lived through a war You survived but you'd rather be dead The world of lies won't suffice any