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Hell Swamp Characters ê 102 · [Read] ➫ Hell Swamp By Susan Whitfield – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Agent Logan Hunter's cast iron stomach and steeled nerves are put to the test in Hell Swamp a place where snakes skulls and sinister secrets abound Called back into action from her personal leave to t Agent Logan Hunter's cast iron stomach and sAgent Logan Hunter's cast iron stomach and steeled nerves are put to the test in Hell Swamp a place where snakes skulls and sinister secrets abound Called back into action from her personal leave to track down a sadistic murderer Logan traveled to a location in the backwoods of North Carolina not far from where she grew up Across Beatty's Bridge the famili. Deep in the mountains of North Carolina near the Black River lives a woman who is an avid animal rights activist She lets the residents of her small town know how disgusted she is of their hunting and that she doesn’t care if they’re hunting for sport or food Because of this all the residents of this small mountain town are angry at herThe local sheriff is called in when she is found dead in her home gutted like a deer and left hanging from a garret on her chandelier Who would do such a despicable thing The sheriff’s office can’t figure it out so they call in the SBI A beautiful agent named Logan Hunter is assigned to the caseLogan decides to talk to some of the residents for leads but is stonewalled They won’t answer her uestions but she is determined to solve the grizzly murder and to do that she has to get somebody to talk to her Slowly she makes friends with some of the residents and she uickly learns that these people live by their own rules Along the way she gathers a lot of information and learns that the list of murder suspects is longSoon small dogs and cats are found dead Is this somehow related to the murder Or will Logan find a cult of some kindThis book is a page turner Each time Logan Hunter seems to have closed in on the killer there is a twist and she is pointed in another direction Believe me; if you like curling up with a good mystery you’ll definitely like thisThis is Ms Whitfield’s third novel in the Logan Hunter series Her colorful descriptions of the region and the residents put you into the book

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On discovered the seemingly harmless victim had numerous enemies Which one committed the heinous crime Inching closer to the truth she dodged increasing danger around every curve as the killer tried to stop her investigation Even troubling than the physical attacks this case brought back Logan's night terrors as she battled Hell Swamp's demons from the pas. I’ve followed SBI Agent Logan Hunter through her internship at Genesis Beach as she solved her first murder I followed her through the NC Mountains in Just North of Luck as she solved yet another murder Now I’ve followed her into the NC backwoods as she tries to survive in Hell Swamp while solving the murder and gutting of Clara BanoakClara is a widow and getting up in age so who would want to murder her as if she was an animal The answer is everyone Clara was the most hated person in the whole area around Hell Swamp She hated hunters and wasn’t afraid to tell them or anyone else that would listen But Clara’s death isn’t the only mystery Cats and dogs are starting to become missing Is there a cult running loose in Hell Swamp And is this cult possibly connected with the church that allows its members to drink poison and handle rattle snakes

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Hell SwampAr Greek revival mansion along the Black River now held a crime scene beyond anyone's worst nightmare A gruesome mess with blood tracked everywhere and key evidence already obliterated With the SBI seriously shorthanded Agent Hunter had the daunting task of piecing everything together to find the killer She uestioned a strange assortment of suspects and so. SBI agent Logan Hunter is called back from personal leave to investigate a brutal murder along the banks of the Black River in Ivanhoe North Carolina where animal rights activist Clara Banoak is found hanging from her chandelier gutted like a deer Logan uickly learns that Banoak was outspoken in her views against harming animals and had enemies than friends in this hunter infested area Due to an outbreak of the flu Logan is initially on her own as she investigates the murder developing a long list of suspects When she gets too close Logan is assaulted and left to die in Hell Swamp More determined than ever she doggedly pursues her case uncovering other heinous crimes with danger lurking around every corner Hell Swamp book number three in the Logan Hunter Mystery series is an intriguing thriller Logan Hunter is an interesting character a woman with backbone who does not let the threat of peril get in her way; an investigator committed to her case who will not stop until it’s closed Whitfield adds a nice touch of romance with Logan’s lover fellow SBI agent Chase Riley The plot moves at a fast pace with an abundance of suspense and suspects offering a mystery readers will be challenged to solve