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'Hardwick's sentences are burned in my brain' Susan Sontag Sidelined Betrayed Killed Seduction ePUB #187 off Elizabeth Hardwick dissects the history of women and literature In her most virtuoso work of criticism she explores the lives of the Brontës Woolf Eliot and Plath the fate of l. Beginning with a long essay on the Bronte sisters and their brother Branwell this collection of essays is a revelation – brilliant bright engaging and educative The book itself encompasses some of the best writing on writing to be had concentrating on the female as heroine sometimes as the not uite heroine or the plainly doubtful heroine I think she is right in claiming Tess of the D’urbevilles as a strong heroine she says “For Angel Clare a skulking vanity and tribal narrowness caused him to abandon Tess” His vision of Tess causes him to be a victim of his illusions when it is made clear that she is not a virgin but has been seduced by Alec D’Urbeville and impregnated by him though the child has since died “Tess’s early days on the green dairy farm are idyllic and the fields and cows coincide with youth and love In the end she is living in the dismal town of Flintcomb Ashe working at a threshing machine The farm has become a factory and some critics think Tess of the D’Urbevilles is about the death of the English peasantry Tess’s love is like some eternal winter and the scene of her final despair is a bleak and barren epic These essays have in some cases been expanded Seduction and Betrayal and the essays on Dorothy Wordsworth and Jane Carlyle were part of three lectures given at Princeton University Other subjects here include Zelda Fitzgerald Sylvia Plath riveting on the powerful and angry poetry Ibsen’s women Bloomsbury and Virginia Woolf Dorothy Wordsworth and Jane Carlyle In the final chapter she discusses along with Tess Richardson’s Clarissa The Kreutzer Sonata by Tolstoy Roberta in Dreiser’s An American Tragedy and The Scarlet Letter This is beyond all others one of the most informative and enlivening collection of writings on the subject of the British and American heroine Hardwick picks and prods at received conclusions and moves with a splendid transparency through the horrors and pains the delights and the fervours of English and American literature with grace and marvellous erudition

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Seduction & BetrayalIterary wives such as Zelda Fitzgerald and Jane Carlyle and the destinies of fictional heroines from Richardson's Clarissa to Ibsen's Nora With fierce empathy and biting wit Hardwick mines their childhoods families and personalities to probe the costs of sex love and marriage Shatterin. Amazing selection of essays exploring literary feminist themes and authors Hardwick's uick and incisive mind here covers Ibsen Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury phenomenon the Bronte sisters and Smart accesible and searching essays by a truly gifted thinker Highly recommended ✓ 0 READ

READ ↠ Seduction & Betrayal ✓ [KINDLE] ❁ Seduction & Betrayal By – 'Hardwick's sentences are burned in my brain' Susan Sontag Sidelined Betrayed Killed off Elizabeth Hardwick dissects the history of women and literature In her most virtuoso work of criticism she expl 'Hardwick's sentG the barrier between writing and life she asks who is the seducer and who the seduced who the victim and who the victor First published in yet both urgently timely and timeless Seduction and Betrayal explodes the conventions of the essay and the result is nothing less than a reckoning. An excellent set of essays Unlike the typical jargon ridden contributions to academic journals these essays illuminate their topics the Brontes Ibsen's women Don Giovanni Hester Prynne Hetty Sorrel Roberta in An American Tragedy Maslova in Resurrection Clarissa Tess without any ax grinding They are written for those who wish to learn from to see clearly what is being shown in the works of imaginative literature that are the treasure belonging to us allOne sentence after another both gets at the essence of the text she is explicating and is memorable in its expression The title essay is simply great Examples Sexual transgression loses its overwhelming character as a wrong or a mistake when the persons have virtues of a compelling sort or spiritual goodness or the grandeur of endurance In many respects the characters in The Scarlet Letter are not characters at all but large fantastically painted playing cards Symbolic action is Hester's role To think of the past as a series of agreements with others that make an everlasting claim on us is unreal and yet it is one of the most interesting uestions ever asked about the subject matter of so much art youthful love Richardson thought or told himself that he thought of his brilliant creation as a sort of encyclopedia of male guile and treachery an elaborate defensive karate by which the menaced girls of the eighteenth century could learn to protect their virtue In a letter the writer holds all the cards controls everything about himself and about those assertions he wishes to make concerning events or the worth of others For completely self centered characters the letter form is a complex and rewarding activity Hardy sees Tess as a beautiful warm soul run down by the dogs of fate in her case the bloodhounds of sex and love Alec D'Urberville and Angel Clare Hardwick brings to light how it is that Hester Clarissa and Tess can be understood as heroic while Hetty and Roberta cannot Highly recommended