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Głowa Minotaura Read à 104 ☆ ❮PDF❯ ❤ Głowa Minotaura Author Marek Krajewski – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Rok 1938 Makabryczny mord dokonany na młodej cudzoziemce stawia na nogi cały aparat policyjny w Breslau Wiele wskazuje na to że ofiara miała jakiś związek z obcym wywiadem Do akcji rusza oficer Rok Makabryczny morRy Eberhard Mock Odrzuca szpiegowski wątek i skupia się na typowo kryminalnych aspektach śledztwa To zaś zmusza go do opuszczenia na pewien czas ukochanego Breslau Miłośnicy kryminałów w Polsce. I abandoned this bk The typography was awful I literally had trouble reading it

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Rok Makabryczny mord dokonany na młodej cudzoziemce stawia na nogi cały aparat policyjny w Breslau Wiele wskazuje na to że ofiara miała jakiś związek z obcym wywiadem Do akcji rusza oficer Abweh. this is actually for the hardcover edition UK 9781906694944 Super book but then again I love the edgy the dark and the different and try not to swim in the mainstream This is book the fourth book in the Eberhard Mock series to be translated to English but hopefully will follow soon This is one of those series of novels that a reader must truly experience for himherself it's a combination of historical and noir fiction with the added elements of raw carnality and decadence lying under the civilized Europan veneer In short it's just my kind of read The other novels so far translated are always something something Breslau; this one has no mention of Breslau in the title because the bulk action has moved from there to Lwów Poland now Lviv in the Ukraine This is one of the most sordid crimes so far in this series and the true villain one of the ultimate worst Krajewski has come up with yet Set between 1937 and 1939 the beginning of this novel circles back on its ending as the police in Lwów come across the body of a savagely murdered young boy and decide that the case should be handled by Commissioner Popielski But Popielski doesn't want to take the case; in fact he adamantly refuses to do so When his cousin asks him why he replies that It's to do with the case of the Minotaur Popielski decides to tell her the entire story; she tells him to start with that Silesian city and thick set Silesian you call your friend referring to none other than Abwehr Captain Eberhard Mock now 54The whole ignominious business started with a monstrous crime assigned to Mock someone has raped strangled and eaten half the face of a young girl at the Warsaw Court Hotel In just a short amount of time Mock discovers that that the murdered girl was brought to Breslau from Lwów After he phones the police there Popielski reveals to his staff that the crime described by Mock looks like the case of the Minotaur a case that has remain unsolved for the last two years when two girls met the same fate as the young woman in Breslau The news that the Minotaur is back chills Popielski to the bone; already anxious about his teenaged daughter Rita and the gossip that puts her in seedy lowlife establishments hanging out with some rough company now he knows he'll have to watch her even carefully the Minotaur is drawn exclusively to virgins It also begins an alliance between Mock and Popielski in a case that will bring Popielski to the edge of his very sanity as Like Theseus he enters the labyrinthAs with the other three books in this series Death in Breslau The End of the World in Breslau The Phantoms of Breslau the crimes are intriguing but even so is the atmosphere best voiced in the thoughts of Popielski's cousin Leokadia She could not believe that aside from the world she knew so well bridge on Thursdays at the home of Assistant Judge Stanczyk and his wife; her reading lessons in the mornings; ancient home routines; Holy Hours sung by Hanna; Juraszki ginger biscuits and Zalewski's cake shop there was another world of dark and hidden places full of sadists lunatics and morally warped madmen given to brutal appetites monsters who gnawed the cheeks of virgins The contrast between the two worlds is where Krajewski absolutely shines and why these books are so worth reading The crimes in this novel are ghoulish and grotesue but even so Mock and Popielski seem to find time to satisfy their own lustful appetites along the way; beneath their respectful exteriors they are much like many of the seedier characters who populate this novel brutal often boorish and uncouth albeit on the right side of the lawDefinitely not for everyone's tastes The Minotaur's Head and for that matter the previous three novels in the series will probably appeal to people who are seasoned noir readers these books offer noir in its darkest connotation in spots leaning toward the grotesue and surreal People who read historical novels and are interested in this period may also like this one for its rich period detail as would crime readers who are ready to step out of the norm and try something way above and out of the ordinary But do NOT make this your first foray into Krajewski's world start with Death in Breslau just to get a feel for Krajewski's writing style his characters and above all the darkness they inhabit

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Głowa MinotauraI za granicą zdążyli dobrze poznać Eberharda Mocka głównego bohatera cyklu powieści o Breslau Jednak tym razem Mock wszystkich zaskoczy Czytelnicy przygotujcie się na prawdziwe trzęsienie zie. I like the Eberhard Mock series a lot This is another great example although Ebi himself is not on stage as often as in the other 3 books in the series I've read If you're not familiar with Polish history you might think that BreslauWroclaw isn't there that much either but I'm sure people in Wroclaw really loved that much of the story was set in Lwow present day Lviv Ukraine since after WWII when Breslau became Wroclaw most of the Poles moving there came from Lwow As usual with this series the atmosphere of places that basically no longer exist is magnificently evoked In this case multicultural Lwow is described and contrasted both with Breslau and with Kattowitz Katowice in the months just before WWII started yet after the Nazis had taken over Germany Nowhere is immune to darkness perversion and the evil that lurks in men's souls however