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For the Glory Eric Liddell's Journey from Olympic Champion to Modern MartyrThe untold and inspiring story of Eric Liddell hero of Chariots of Fire from his Olympic medal to his missionary work in China to his last brave years in a Japanese work camp during WWIIMany people will remember Eric Liddell as the Olympic gold medalist from the Academy Award winning film Chariots of Fire Famously Liddell would not run on Sunday because of his strict observance of the Christian sabbath and so he did not compete in his signature event the 100 meters at the 1924 Paris Olympics He was the greatest sprinter in the world at the time and his choice not to run was ridiculed by the British Olympic committee his fellow athl In his book For the Glory Eric Liddell’s Journey from Olympic Champion to Modern Martyr sports journalist Duncan Hamilton chronicles the life of one of the unlikeliest Gold Medalists in the history of the Games Liddell who was made infamous in the press for refusing to run on the Sabbath won a race of longer distance in record breaking time surprising everyone but himself But Liddell’s story doesn’t end there Hamilton elouently describes how this remarkable man continues his race beyond the finish line in Paris willingly forsaking his own personal fame in order that he might answer a higher call as a missionary to China For the Glory is exuisitely written meticulously researched and incredibly moving Hamilton is a gifted communicator who weaves a detail rich narrative that captures the essence of his renowned subject From the beginning the reader is immersed into the history surrounding Eric as he comes to life within the pages of this incredible volume Liddell’s journey from childhood to Olympic Champion is inspiring but it is his story after Paris that truly speaks of the man Eric is Even as gold is refined by fire so a man’s character is revealed in the heat of torturous circumstances For the Glory is an account that allows us to see the humor humility and selfless sacrifice of Eric Liddell even as he deteriorates and succumbs in a Japanese concentration camp I have loved Eric Liddell since I was a child and watched Chariots of Fire multiple times so not surprisingly I have read several biographies of his life This book is better than a movie For the Glory is the best biography I’ve read on its subject and may be one of the best non fiction books I’ve ever read For the Glory may appeal to everyone from pure sports fans to history and biography buffs alike May we Christians be convicted by Liddell’s example and live for the glory of the One who takes us all the way to the finish lineI was given a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

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For the Glory Book õ Â ➝ For the Glory: Eric Liddell's Journey from Olympic Champion to Modern Martyr free download ➢ Author Join or create book clubs – The untold and inspiring story of Eric Liddell hero of Chariots of Fire from his Olympic medal to his missionary work in China to his last brave years in a JapEtes and most of the world press Yet Liddell triumphed in a new event winning the 400 meters in ParisLiddell ran and lived for the glory of his God After winning gold he dedicated himself to missionary work He travelled to China to work in a local school and as a missionary He married and had children there By the time he could see war on the horizon Liddell put Florence his pregnant wife and children on a boat to Canada while he stayed behind his conscience compelling him to stay among the Chinese He and thousands of other westerners were eventually interned at a Japanese work campOnce imprisoned Liddell did what he was born to do I have always wondered if there was information to know about Eric Liddell ever since I saw Chariots of Fire The answer is Yes This book has provided that information in a deep and inspiring way I gave it five stars because it is so well written and because it was well researched I can’t do it justice explaining this in detail because such good records were kept by Eric Liddell and others that the work was made a little easier than otherwise would have been for the authors As a result he could portrait of words of someone so good and inspiring who touched so many lives that you feel like you know him Even important you feel like you know God better Read the book

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Practice his faith and his sport He became the moral center of an unbearable world He was the hardest worker in the camp he counseled many of the other prisoners he gave up his own meager portion of meals many days and he organized games for the children there He even raced again For his ailing malnourished body it was all too much Liddell died of a brain tumor just before the end of the war His passing was mourned around the world and his story still inspiresIn the spirit of The Boys in the Boat and Unbroken For the Glory is both a compelling narrative of athletic heroism and a gripping story of faith in the darkest circumstances A great book about a fascinating subject I also found it frankly harrowing and disturbing Liddell had the opportunity not to return to China in 1940 when doing so was of obviously uestionable value The LMS London Missionary Society asking him to go was an incompetent discredited body and Liddell must have been able to see this too Nevertheless he went leaving his pregnant wife and two small children The call of God it must have been but this ordinary mortal finds it hard to understandWhen the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor in December 1941 Liddell is incarcerated in a sort of prison camp dreadful not so much in terms of privation and bad treatment by the Japanese although both were bad enough but for the horrible overcrowding and claustrophobia It's attractive to take solace as Liddell's daughter later did in the consolation that Liddell's goodness was manifest in the prison conditions but I find it impossible to get away from the fact that his incarceration was foreseeable avoidable and unnecessary and that no practical good came of the whole thing Also there's a pervasive sense of tragedy in the separation of an almost saintly husband and wife allianceA great read A brilliantly written book which I will keep But I won't be re reading it anytime soon