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kindle å Follow AUTHOR Ben Robbins Þ 92 pages Download ´ [Ebook] ➡ Follow By Ben Robbins – Follow is a game where you sit down with your friends and play characters working together to achieve a common goal your uestThe uest you pick decides the kind of game you'll play You coY something he could play over and over again with a whole range of peopleFollow is also designed to be easy to learn and easy to play It has no game master and nothing to prepare All the steps are clearly and carefully laid out so even if you've never seen a role playing game before if you have some people and some time you're ready to pla I grabbed this because I'm a fan of the author's earlier game Microscope I haven't played this yet but it looks like an interesting indie game easy enough to spontaneously play ie without any advance prep by any reasonable sized groupI'm looking forward to a chance to give it a run and see if it's as interesting as it looks

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Follow is a game where you sit down with your friends and play characters working together to achieve a common goal your uestThe uest you pick decides the kind of game you'll play You could start a rebellion cure a disease slay a dragon or a cat or get your candidate elected If it's something people can work together to accomplish it could Robbins' newest RPG is definitely in the Fiasco family except this one is about uests of all sorts It's simpler than Robbins' other works but accomplishes that goal well resulting in a story game that's easy to learn and easy to play Unlike his other games it's also got a random mechanism to drive things to success or failure which is a nice variantBeyond that I should give it a play some time to learn

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Follow AUTHOR Ben RobbiBe a uestWill your characters stay united or will their differences tear them apart Will they triumph or will their hopes go up in flamesFollow is designed to be a reliable tool in your arsenal a game you can whip out and play at a moment's notice Robbins designed it because it's the game he wanted to have in my bag when he showed up to pla Follow is a neat GMlessGMful game that was created to fit a particular need“When I Ben Robbins game designer started working on Follow I had two goals One was to make a very simple accessible story game that anyone could pick up and play without a big learning curve The other was to make a game you could whip out and play over and over again without feeling like you were retreading old ground—a trusty and reliable tool in your gaming arsenal” 87That is precisely what Robbins accomplished Follow is uick to set up easy to run and has the ability to cover a wide range of stories tones and genres uite an impressive feat for a rule book that is under a 100 pages only a uarter of which articulate the rules of the gameIf you are familiar with Fiasco you will see a lot of echoes here though in spirit than in form Robbins has taken the playset of Fiasco and replaced it with a single page “uest” that has all the information you need to create a situation with a driving need characters with desires that feed into both the larger uest and their personal wants a cast of secondary characters and a three act structure that will keep the characters on task and on theme I haven’t played the game yet though I should be soon but you can tell from a uick read that setup is uick and easy and gets the players to the meat of the drama uickly and efficiently The scenes themselves are all freeplay like you see in Fiasco There are no dice involved in how the scene itself plays out and there is a nifty mechanic to keep players from making their characters’ lives too easy Any player can create a complication when they feel like things went too smoothly by another player’s narration and that complication has to take the form of another character being injured or endangered by the actions of the character the narrating player controls You can see that that mechanic will naturally cause friction between the characters both the principal ones and the secondary one Unlike Fiasco the goal is not to lead to one big clusterfuck of betrayal and insane stupidity Nevertheless Follow wants to foster interactions between characters as the main source of narrative drama For every act or round of scenes the players are not allowed to narrate the goal of the act being accomplished or failed so all the scenes necessarily include the tasks that work toward accomplishment or failure and some pivotal exchange between the spotlighted character and one or two others There are no rules for ways to keep those scenes from lagging or becoming flat—that’s all dependent on you as a roleplayer both in the sense of how you play your character and how you construct your scenesThe other feature I’m really excited about in the game are the presence of those secondary characters and the way the randomizer that occurs at the end of each Act to see if the goal was accomplished or failed determined by drawing stones out of a cup allows for character death removal and betrayal Although the game is a relatively short one played in one session any given story can have an epic scope and include a trail of fallen comrades Having that trail hardwired into the resolution mechanic for the scenes is an exciting way to do it Players have the choice to kill off the minor characters but when the time is right to slough off a main character the game helps—encourages even—you to do it The player can then adopt a secondary character to step into the main character spotlightThis is an exciting game design in its simplicity and directness and I expect it will become exactly what Robbins hoped for “a trusty and reliable tool” in my “gaming arsenal”