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review Follow Me Home

review Follow Me Home 107 ´ [KINDLE] ❆ Follow Me Home ❥ Cathy Woodman – The village midwife and a young shepherd find love in the new novel from the bestselling author of Trust Me I'm a Vet and Country Loving set in Talyton St George Britain's most romantic townLife has b The village midwife and a young shepherd find lFor village midwife Zara Recently divorced and living with her grandmother Zara is struggling to get back on trackUntil one day love walks in in the form of an abandoned puppyAlthough Zara adores her new friend the puppy causes hav. This is a fascinating tale with several layers One is the romance between Zara the midwife and Lewis the shepherd Another is the strained relationship between Zara and her ex husband Yet another is the relationship between Zara and her grandmother who has dementia that is steadily worseningWhile this book is the eighth in a series it stands on its own with no issue There is nothing to make the reader feel as if they don't understand or have missed out on somethingThis story is about love friendship family life in a small village and hope The characters are realistically written flaws and all and the story is very well told I also enjoyed the relationships which many characters had with their canine or feline friendsI received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own

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The village midwife and a young shepherd find love in the new novel from the bestselling author of Trust Me I'm a Vet Follow Me ePUB #241 and Country Loving set in Talyton St George Britain's most romantic townLife has been tough. I received Follow Me Home in return for an honest review from the publisher While Follow Me Home is the 8th in a series it is a standalone so no need to read the prior books Zara is a midwife in a country town who has just gone through a divorce but she and her now ex husband are just friends She’s living with her Grandmother above the shop that the family has owned for a long time Zara’s twin sister has just given birth to a little girl as the book starts out and Zara has captured the attention of the hired shepherd Zara can’t deny the attract she has towards Lewis but he’s a lot younger than her so she can’t imagine he sees her as anything but olderOne night while driving home Zara catches the reflection of eyes on the side of the road stopping she finds a pup attached to a rope that’s almost frozen While she’s afraid of dogs her encounter with Lewis’s dogs has made her rescue the poor pup taking her to the vet When the time comes to send Frosty to the sanctuary Zara can’t do it she adopts her going from dog hater to dog lover As if Zara doesn’t have enough with her hands full of Frosty she finds out that Lewis does she her as a beautiful woman he’s interested in What starts out as just a casual things turns into a whirlwind romance with up’s and downs but in the end it may just work out Zara also has her ailing grandmother to take care and an ex husband who just doesn’t want to get out of her lifeI like Zara she’s super sweet and I love that she rescued Frosty working so very hard to figure out how to make things work for both of them After all Frosty is deaf which I can imagine is a struggle at least she has the help to figure out how to speak dog I wasn’t sure about Lewis at first since he’s only in town for a limited time but it really works as the story progresses he’s very supportive and wants to make things work with Zara I disliked her ex husband right from the start than when he showed up at her place of work with his girlfriend was just icing on the cake and gave her the push to give him the boot We also have a wide selection of fun characters in Zara’s life to keep her busy from little Poppy to her grandmotherI’ve had this one sitting on my shelf for a while just haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet Now that I have I wish I hadn’t waited because it’s really cute I love a contemporary romance and Zara’s story while a little sad does have a happy ending with a lot of humor and happy moments mixed throughout the story Zara’s past touched my heart it made me sad that she had issues having children but she learned to deal with it and finding Frosty seemed to be just what she needed I haven’t been to Britain yet but Talyton St George is exactly how I would have pictured it I loved having a chance to get to know that town as well as Zara because she’s such a great character It’s no surprise that Follow Me Home is a Happy ever after you knew it was coming and Zara ended up with the perfect guy The characters are easy to connect with after all Zara stole a little piece of my heart I enjoyed turning every page of Follow Me Home it’s a beautifully written story that captured my heart I plan to read the rest of the series to enjoy of Talyton St George Highly recommend for fans of contemporary romance

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Follow Me HomeOc wherever they go so she is grateful when local shepherd Lewis offers to train herBut Lewis has an ulterior motive for helping And though Zara may be able to trust him with her naughty dog can she trust him with her bruised heart. UGHHHHH I didn’t get on with this Books like this epitomize why I cannot stand “romance” and “women’s fiction” Unfortunately the only “light” reads featuring pets usually involve some element of vapidity but this was too muchI loved the sheep and dog components of this story immensely I’m glad such attention was paid to the sheep I wasn’t overly enamoured with the charactersZara seemed really simple to me She read like an 18 yo than someone over 30 Her melodrama is increasingly insufferable as the book progresses Emily was alright also like a 21 yo than 30 but I was sick of death of her bratty kid by the end of it Emily needs to stop breeding The grandma while I felt sorry for her was too much of a try hard character The author wanted to make her a naughty gran but it just didn’t work with the incredibly sad dementia component Lewis was a typical “rude boy” and I didn’t like him at all The age difference between he and Zara was bizarre Although someone with Zara’s emotional maturity may be drawn to a jerky twenty something He was emotionally void abusive paranoid jealous and bears all the warning signs of a domineering controlling male He’s awful Claire was a vacuous cow The overall story was slow and I felt the book too long for it I didn’t like the forays into Zara’s mind when she was obsessing over Lewis Too juvenile for my taste What really did my nut was how Lewis got on his paranoid abusive “you’re cheating on me” crap whenever Zara would interact with another man That’s a bit rich coming from him given his own actions with the prior girlfriend It almost made me throw the book across the room when Zara romanticized his actions by thinking it’s “cute” “normal” or somehow an indication of their “love” to fight like this Girl if it’s that bad when you’ve just started dating get out now That’s a huge red flag It’s not cute normal or healthy to have your partner make paranoid accusations and say hurtful things because he’s insecure Fighting and sparring all the time is neither normal nor healthy The fact that they break up all the time over melodramatic nonsense is pretty tiresome Yikes The we are such a happy town vibe was off putting as well It was saccharine and set my teeth on edge The “mommy ness” of it all was also hard to take These women seemed like total dunderheads in their own baby centric sphere incapable of anything except nattering To make it worse there were far too many of them To be honest I was surprised Miley wasn’t put down after the vicious attack on Frosty Lewis clearly can not handle that dog and the fact that it almost killed Frosty seems lost on him He completely disregards Zara’s very legitimate concerns at them “meeting” again After an attack like that I was surprised the vets didn’t insist on calling law enforcementThe simpering melodramatic stupidity gets worse as this book goes on I ended up skimming the last 100 pages Zara and Lewis are terrible and the fact they end up breaking up and getting back together for the third fourth time by the end of the book is just tiresome What makes the reader think the last time is the time it sticks They’re both goofs I’m a bit disheartened at the positive endorsements and reviews this gets If this what women find “romantic” that’s a touch worrying I bought this at a book sale because of the dog theme; I didn’t know it was the eighth of a series I don’t think I will read any others in the series This book is destined for the bin