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Free Ein moderner Mythus Von Dingen die am Himmel gesehen werden kindle ´ eBook 9780691018225 ↠ [PDF] ✓ Ein moderner Mythus Von Dingen die am Himmel gesehen werden ✫ C.G. Jung – While Jung is known mainly for his theories on the nature of tEtypal imagery concluding that they have become a living myth This essay is intriguing in its methodology implications as to the nature of UFOs their relation to the human psyche Read this book in a single sitting which wasn't very difficult as it's uite short book Even so I could not put it down and found the concepts within it fascinating This was written partially in answer to Donald Keyhoe's saucer claims and Jung puts forth a very convincing argument of us wanting to believe in UFOs a fact strenghthened by the fact that sightings were prevelant in the age of the X Files etc

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While Jung is known mainly for his theories on the nature of the unconscious mind he did have an interest in the paranormal In this essay Jung applies his analytical skills to th Don’t get fooled this is a Billy Meier fake UFO“I am puzzled to death about these phenomena”Letter of Jung to an American friend in February 1951 When Jung wrote this book 1958 though the sightings reported were already on the “thousands” order it seems other parallel phenomena weren’t that much reported I mean obviously the abduction phenomenon; or “implants”;nor was it so manifest this societal demand for “disclosure” of government UFO data as we see today Jung knew about George Adamski who besides being an eyewitness had claimed “travelled inside an UFO” Nevertheless Jung was still debating with uestions such as “is it rumor or fact” ? Even considering the whole thing as a “myth” re enactedlike some biblical sightings He would approach the “foo fighters” of WWII and scenarios like an “ET invasion” foo fighters Yet his main work is regarding the UFO phenomenon from the psychologist point of view And here he highlighted that some sightings may have a “projection“ basis; that is some sightings could be a “manifestation of an unconscious background”“Jung’s analytical interpretation is that flying saucers are mandalasThe saucer is from another planet the unconscious and is inhabited by aliens other archetypesStill as a psychologist he approaches those dreams involving UFOs He uses both the alchemical and the psychoanalytical perspective Next to the dream analysis Jung ponders on UFO's in modern paintings as well as in a historical perspective I wouldn’t take long on the Jung's commentary on paintings but I will only retain his expression “beauty of chaos” which seems to pervade in some of the works approached Most interesting to me were his comments on the three gravures above The first one of August 1566 by Samuel Coccius implies that some UFO’s were “black” The second one depicts sightings which occurred in Nuremberg on the 14th April of 1561 when many people saw “spheres of blood red blue and black”; the disks were “ring shaped” but the sightings included some “tubes” The third gravure shows clearly the existence of two worlds; one the world “we know” and the other one supernatural it seems only for those illumined to contemplate it’s the world of the “celestial spheres” of the “Ezekiel wheels” One gravure not yet included in my review from the codice “Scivias” 12th century by H Von Bingen touches on the nature of the “spheres of fire” as representing “souls” Well after 10 years of search and study with no acceptable conclusions Jung gets to a sort of cul de sac; “if these things are real” on one side 1 there’s lack of evidence On the other side 2 the sightings have a psychic nature no doubts Jung advances he’s not in conditions to solve the problemBut in my view his attempts to understand the phenomena were just greatUPDATEAt last on the next September we shall witness the long awaited Disclosure on the UFO phenomenon More than 1 million raiding Area 51Won't we?? Of course back then Jung didn't know about this Hall CS Nordby V J A Primer in Jungian Psychology NY Signet 1973

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Ein moderner Mythus Von Dingen die am Himmel gesehen werdenE UFO phenomenon Rather than assuming that the modern prevalence of UFO sightings are due to extraterrestrial craft Jung reserves judgment on their origin connects UFOs with arch Understanding fully that this might sound ironic granted that I've just given 5 stars to Zohar The Book of Splendor Basic Readings from the Kabbalah I have to say that Jung is a bit too mystical for my tasteHe aims to explain the phenomena of UFO sightings also dreams about UFOs and artwork involving it claiming that it stems from our unconscious and it's a manifestation of the same tendency that made people see mystical visions just 'updated' to modern world I found that his deeper explanations of these phenomena are not as outrageous as to be amusing but not something I could subscribe to not being an adept of Jungian psychoanalysis For example why the shape of a lens in many of those sightings? The circle Jung claims is found in many mythologies in my opinion not very surprising since it's a very basic shape not being too difficult to draw where it represents this and that cherrypicking the examples somehow and it expresses the subconscious need for individuation and psychic unity because in the modern world we are just another brick in the wall and this and that His writing is clear and it was entertaining to see how he picks on Freud while explaining one of the dreams seeing that in a dream of one patient the UFO takes a shape of the cigar some of us might be drawn to the sexual interpretation but it's very reductive and the real explanation is much spiritual If you like Jungian psychoanalysis it's probably an interesting book to add to your reading list but if you aren't particularly drawn to it I would suggest skipping it maybe starting from some other one?