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Fighting Fantasy Caverns The Snow Witch Read & Download ð 104 ´ ❰Download❯ ➽ Fighting Fantasy Caverns The Snow Witch Author – Deep within the Crystal Caves of the Icefinger Mountains the dreaded Snow Witch is plotting to bring on a new ice Deep within the Crystal Caves of Fantasy Caverns MOBI #237 the Icefing. This Fighting Fantasy gamebook places you in the frozen wastes fighting for your life against a slew of varied and deadly opponents You begin this gamebook as with the others in the series by rolling four 6 sided dice to determine your character stats much like in role playing games such as D Stamina your ability to withstand wounds; and Luck your ability to influence semi random events in the game Your Skill score is 6 plus the result of one die roll resulting in scores ranging from 7 12; your Stamina is 12 plus the result of two die rolls resulting in scores ranging from 14 24; and your Luck is 6 plus the result of one die roll resulting in scores ranging from 7 12 The higher your initial stats are the easier a time you will have defeating the challenges of the game The character generation procedure is actually is the weakest part of the gamebook because if you wind up with weak initial stats due to bad die rolls I guarantee you will never make it through the punishing combat to the end of the bookWhen you encounter one or monsters you must determine Attack Strength for yourself and for each monster you are fighting To do this roll two dice for yourself and add your skill score; this is your Attack Strength for that round of combat Do the same for the monsters you are fighting The higher total wins that round of combat and the winner inflicts a wound on the loser Repeat this process until either your Stamina or the monster's Stamina is reduced to zero When you reduce a monster's Stamina score to zero you defeat it If the monster reduces your Stamina to zero you die and it's game over In theory it's a decent and simple system With this book however you encounter mobs of monsters especially during the second half of the adventure Many of these monsters you fight are way over powered and will kill you rather easily particularly if you had the bad luck of getting a low Skill score 7 or 8 is a death sentence That's the bad news The good news is you can modify the game rather easily to give yourself a decent chance of survival Instead of rolling dice to generate your character stats simply assign yourself the maximum values for each stat 12 Skill 24 Stamina 12 Luck In addition the book allows you to begin with one potion that will fully restore one attribute of your choice Instead of recording one potion on your character sheet give yourself TWO potions one of which should definitely be Stamina restoring the other of which can be either Luck restoring or Stamina restoring Is this cheating Technically yes but trust me for this adventure you really really need the extra help Once you have made these modifications the book will still be challenging but you won't find yourself dying to the first tough monster you encounterAs far as the story itself is concerned MINOR SPOILERS follow you will be exploring the icy mountain hideaway of the Snow Witch a powerful beautiful thoroughly evil sorceress who commands a legion of goblins elves dwarves and other minions by way of crystalline obedience collars which can choke the life out of any rebellious slaves You will encounter a nice variety of monsters including a yeti a dragon trolls wizards undead beasties and many By finding and utilizing various magical and non magical items you can in some cases increase your odds of winning battles or sometimes you can avoid the encounters outright Once you find and hopefully defeat the Snow Witch you may think that the adventure is over but not so fast The second half of the book begins a different uest you must escape the Snow Witch's magical vengeance from beyond the grave This is no easy task but it is enjoyable provided that you made the modifications recommended aboveWhile not the best of the FF books series this is good enough for me to recommend it õ 4 Read

Er Mountains the dreaded Snow Witch is plotting to bring on a new ice. My son had been reading this book as school therefore I purchased it second hand for him Was in excellent condition He has read it several times now each time choosing different paths

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Fighting Fantasy Caverns The Snow WitchAge and take over the world Fighting PDF or Will YOU be able to stop h. Great fun book for my son He’s 12 and really enjoys these books