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Factory Records Ebook Ô Download ¶ Eyltransferservices Ä ➳ [Reading] ➶ Factory Records By Matthew Robertson ➩ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Table of ContentsForeword • Introduction • Catalogue • List and short descriptions Visual index • Further reading covering both design and mTable of ContentsForeword • Introduction • Cat There really was something compelling about Factory when they started I still have many of the original UK records on vinyl Joy Division Section 25 New Order CDs don't do the designs justice too small They were concieved as RECORD sleeves and worked as art objects that way I remember my delight at figuring out the color coding on Power Corrruption and Lies after staring at it for a whileHas any other label managed to build a design mystiue like it Blue Note perhaps ? Their output got less interesting and less elaborate later onThis book is a great nostalgia trip for any original factory fans and hopefuly conveys the same sense to younger readers Nice coffee table book

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X • Further reading covering both design and mus Beautifully put together but hey it is a series of pictures and information about Factor Sleeves so was always going to be the business One thing it does highlight though is how much a loss the downsizing to CD and modern packaging is

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Factory RecordsAlogue • List and short descriptions Visual inde I just received this book for Christmas and I can't put it down Even if you have a passing knowledge of the label and its artists you will enjoy this work The mythology of the company and its catalog system is represented by stunning images and impeccable design One strange thing stands out however in my copy some of the captions are in French This is a little annoying because I can't read French Oh well c'est la vie