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Mpelled to find out exactly what is going on But the he discovers the longer the odds become for his survival. I think it's been several years since the last time I read Dick Francis His world of horse racing is so very different than almost anything else I read that it is pure escapism This is thriller than mystery There were a few times when the first person narrator did what I thought was stupid or unthinking No don't or How could you be so dumb I thoughtThere is enough characterization to keep it interesting so perhaps than I might expect in a novel of this type The prose does its job without being complex on the one hand or boring on the other If there was any subtlety or hidden meanings anywhere it was too subtle or hidden for me to notice itOther readers have said that when the son Felix Francis started being a part of the Dick Francis offerings the uality slipped I haven't read enough to make comparisons but this was an enjoyably solid 3 star read

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Even MoneyNed Talbot is a small time bookmaker on the edge of giving it all up when his world is turned upside down by. I wanted to love this What's not to love about a new Dick Francis right But I'm sad to say I only liked it Our typical Dick Francis hero is there with an interesting profession family problems a mystery to puzzle through and villains to defeat But for some reason the story never completely pulled me in I still recommend this for any and all Dick Francis fans but I have to say that while it's not my least favorite Dick Francis it also doesn't make my list of favorite Francis mysteriesOne thing I did find very interesting were all the references to current technology Ned Talbot and Felix Francis I'm sure is certainly up to date with technology and the Internet There are references to Google Google Earth Facebook microcoders and RFID radio freuency identification the computerized Hawk Eye system in tennis SIM cards in cell phones Wi Fi and E FIT Electronic Facial Identification Techniue There have been several other Dick Francis mysteries with computers gadgets and even the Internet but none of them have been uite so loaded with it as this one

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Even Money characters ¾ 107 Ó [EPUB] ✵ Even Money ✸ Dick Francis – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Ned Talbot is a small time bookmaker on the edge of giving it all up when his world is turned upside down by a man who claims to be his father long thought dead And when the mysterious stranger is mur Ned Talbot is a small time bookmaker on A man who claims to be his father long thought dead And when the mysterious stranger is murdered Ned feels co. The third collaboration between bestseller Francis and son Felix after Silks a taut crime thriller features an especially sympathetic hero Bookmaker Ed Talbot is struggling with his wife's mental illness even as technology threatens to give the big bookmaking outfits an insurmountable advantage over his small family business Soon after a man shows up at Ascot and identifies himself as Ed's father Peter whom Ed believed long dead a thug demanding money stabs Peter to death Ed is in for even shocks when he learns his father was the prime suspect in his mother's murder—and that Peter's killing rather than a random act of violence may be linked to a mysterious electronic device used in some horse racing fraud Ed must juggle his amateur investigations into past and present crimes with his demanding family responsibilities Though some readers may find the ending overly pat the authors make bookmaking intelligible while easily integrating it into the plot Overall a decent story not my favorite but enough to hold my interest