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New York mungkin berada di urutan teratas daftar kota yang paling banyak dijadikan setting The Architecture Kindle cerita atau film Di beberapa film Hollywood mulai dari Nora Ephron's You've Got Mail hingga Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver New York bahkan bukan sekadar setting namun tampil sebagai karakter yang menghidupkan ceritaKe kota itulah Raia seo If River was a real person this would be my version of him When I first heard of this book from my friends I wasn't really excited about it I wasn't one of those loyal fans of Natassa who would willingly wait in front of their computer just to pre order her latest book To be honest the blurb doesn't appeal to me I didn't follow her Twitter Pollstory so I know nothing of this book But then I stumbled upon a review on Goodreads that claims that this book is Natassa's most readable humble book yet Curiosity got the best of me here we are This book follows the story of a best selling author named Raia Risjad who flew to New York in order to finish her book like escaping her past Something major happened to her that completely change the course of her life caused her to lose her muse She's been struggling with her writing and she hasn't been able to write than a single sentence in the span of 2 years And then she met someone who breathes life back to her who brightens her day makes her look forward to their daily walks around New York As we follow Raia River's journey around New York we get to discover the hidden beauty concealed among the concrete jungle We get to learn about the historical values of the buildings from River's brief explanations Hearing all about the Whispering Gallery makes me wanna visit New York even I love seeing the developments of the characters along the story Raia slowly manages to overcome her writer's block resulting in the birth of her latest book Twas clearly hard for her to face her demons in order to accept her past move on But she did it anyway River too has his own inner demons that he has to face I'd say that both characters have their fair shares of emotional baggage that they need to unload before they are ready to start a new relationship with each other Watching those two fall in love with each other was a heady fascinating experience one that leaves me craving for makes me heave a sigh hope that someday it'd happen to me too Natassa's style of writing has definitely improved judging from the lack of brands conversations in English Her unnecessary blabbers have also significantly decreased although I still found myself skipping her overly detailed descriptions a few times Take this lengthy paragraph for an example Ada sesuatu yang menenangkan dari seluruh proses memasak mi instan bagi Raia mulai dari mengambil panci mengisinya dengan air dan merebusnya di kompor menyobek bungkus mi dan mengeluarkan kemasan bumbu bumbunya meremas isi bungkusnya menjatuhkannya perlahan ke dalam panci berisi air yang sudah mendidih lalu membubuhkan bubuk bumbu dan meneteskan minyak bumbunya mengaduknya mematikan kompor sampai menuangkannya perlahan ke dalam mangkok Menatap asap yang mengepul mengembus embusnya untuk sedikit mendinginkan sampai akhirnya isi mangkuk itu bisa dia nikmati pelan pelanI think we would have understood her intention even without reading this long manual on how to cook instant noodle I almost run out of breath trying to read this whole sentence which IMO is exaggerated irrelevant BUT ONLY IKA NATASSA would manage to describe the process of cooking instant noodle THAT sophisticatedly If I ever read any other book with that kind of stuff I'd gladly hurl the book across the room So I have to give her credits for dat I have to say it feels good to read a story that is focused mainly on the building of relationship between the 2 characters without name brands scattered all around the book The ending is a bit of a let down though I like seeing the characters live their happily ever afters complete with 25 kids Sadly we don't get that here Nonetheless I'd still like to applaud Ika Natassa who managed to improve her writing without losing her trademarked style If I wasn't a fan of her writing I would be now

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The Architecture of LoveUt dengan kedua matanya Namun bahkan setelah melakukan itu setiap hari ditemani daun daun menguning berguguran hingga butiran salju yang memutihkan kota ini layar laptop Raia masih saja kosong tanpa ceritaSampai akhirnya dia bertemu seseorang yang mengajarinya melihat kota ini dengan cara berbeda Orang yang juga menyimpan rahasia yang tak pernah dia du THERE's always something undeniably romantic about bookstores Raia Risjad | The Architecture of Love Ika Natassa

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ePub ´ The Architecture of Love õ 304 pages ´ Ika Natassa ´ [EPUB] ✶ The Architecture of Love Author Ika Natassa – Eyltransferservices.co.uk New York mungkin berada di urutan teratas daftar kota yang paling banyak dijadikan setting cerita atau film Di beberapa film Hollywood mulai dari NorRang penulis mengejar inspirasi setelah sekian lama tidak mampu menggoreskan satu kalimat punRaia menjadikan setiap sudut New York kantor nya Berjalan kaki menyusuri Brooklyn sampai ueens dia mencari sepenggal cerita di tiap jengkalnya pada orang orang yang berpapasan dengannya dalam percakapan yang dia dengar dalam tatapan yang sedetik dua detik berta Because you're as lost as I am Raia And in a city this big it hurts less when you're not alone OMG OMG OMG This was so fucking good It's by far my favourite book by Ika Natassa out of all her works It's impossible not to fall in love with New York like it's almost impossible not to fall in love in the city This book made me fell in love deeper with NY and I just can't wait to visit those places listed in this book 3 Raia and River fave couple ever The chemistry was just right no insta love it all happened slowly and surely The ending was a bit of a letdown tbh and I suspect a seuel is in work already But nevertheless this was entertaining as hell Ika is so clever she decided to infuse some of her personalities into Raia and from her perspective we readers learned how hard it is to become a writer and overcome its obstacles I guess every writer do suffer from writer's block and it does take time to get over it and start writing again Oh and that mini list of uniue bookstores listed in the last chapter was heavenly It's her most readable book yet and I'm just in love Bookstores are never just stores that sell books