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PDF á BOOK Passion By Lauren Kate ´ LAUREN KATE ´ ➿ [Download] ➽ Passion By Lauren Kate ➵ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Luce would die for DanielAnd she has Over and over again Throughout time Luce and Daniel have found each other only to be painfully torn apart Luce dead Daniel left broken and alonHing or someone in a past life can help her in her present one So she begins the most important journey of this lifetime going back eternities to witness firsthand her romances with Daniel and finally unlock the key to making their love lastCam and the SOME SPOILERSSigh OK ready for this? So as you may know the Fallen series is definitely not one of my favorites but I am inexplicably drawn to them like a moth to a flame or a fat guy to a doughnut and I keep reading in the vain hope that someday somehow I will finally understand what was going through LK's head when she wrote these books so here we go Brief SummaryAt the end of the last book Luce had had enough of absolutely no one telling her what the heck was going on with the curse between her and Daniel OK we were ALL fed up with not knowing what was going on so at the last moment she peaced out by stepping into an Announcer and back into her past lives to figure things out on her own Passion follows Luce's uest to find out why she and Daniel are cursed so that she can break it Along the way she meets her new little Disney sidekick Bill who helps her while adding comic relief throughout Luce and Bill travel from Moscow during WWII to England in the mid 1800's to Versailles to the Globe Theater during Shakespeare's time to the Mayan civilization all the way back to ancient Egypt Meanwhile Daniel goes back in time to try and find Luce and make sure she doesn't eff things up alter things permanently ReviewWhen I started getting into Passion I was thinking hey So far this isn't so bad Not nearly as painful and cringe inducing as Torment The plot was moving along there was a fun new secondary character we finally got to see Daniel's point of view and he wasn't such a tremendous butt face and even 2 D cardboard Luce seemed to take on some life and THEN there was the ending Oh good lord the endingBut before I get all down on the Fallen books again let me say what I did like about Passion And also let me just state for the record that this is definitely the best book in the series so far Not sure that's saying much but whatevs Alrighty let's do this in good old fashioned bullet points shall we? First the prologue was mysterious and downright creepy We realize that the Elders still exist even though they fell out of the plot in the second book and then disappear again for the rest of this book and they are now teaming up with the Outcasts to get their hands on Luce Second LK has FINALLY picked up the pace The story line while not heart stoppingly amazing was at least not as painfully put you in a coma slow as the first two books Third we finally get to see things from Daniel's point of view Up to this point he's been a self centered irritating nasty chauvinistic jerk wad who you want to give a nice swift kick in the crotch Here we get to see another side of him awesome Now he has two sides ; I personally liked snarky fun uirky potentially gay admittedly cheesy Bill um that is until the end Don't worry that's not really a spoiler if you have half a teaspoon of brains you have a pretty good idea from the get go who Bill actually is unless you're Luce Price Yeeeah she's definitely not known for her ability to put two and two togetherBut let's not get TOO carried away there were definitely things about this book that left me with an unpleasant eye twitch and something reminiscent of a bad hangover such as We are still no closer to understanding WHY Luce and Daniel love each other or WHY they fell in love in the first place Classic case here of telling and not showing we're told a bazillion times that Luce loves Daniel and Daniel loves Luce but gosh darn it we sure haven't seen anything yet beyond a bunch of goo goo eyed stares and passionate lip locking Sorry but if you want Me the Reader to believe in this magical eternal bond of love between the two main characters you need to give me something to base it on than teenage sighs and making out FAIL #1 To elaborate on my last point when a CERTAIN SOMEONE asks Luce exactly why she l

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Legions of angels and Outcasts are desperate to catch Luce but none are as frantic as Daniel He chases Luce through their shared pasts terrified of what might happen if she rewrites historyBecause their romance for the ages could go up in flames forev Review Below Ooooo the cover is out It's different Ok this is definitely sounding like a preuel type book guys It might be the third in the series but it goes backwards and covers 5000 yearsBut perhaps it covers those years as she travels so it is them looking back rather than a true preuel? So a hybrid preuel?REVIEW TIMEFinished Passion in about 4 hours so a nice uick readThree and a half starsNot to sure how to really review this book as it was so very different to the previous two and as such had different accomplishments and faults The overall story fills in the missing aspects from the first two books and helps to fill in the back story from both Fallen and Torment which is something that needed to be done The origin of the curse is also fleshed out and explained so that the readers now have an understanding of why and how it started It was also important to figure out how and why all the past incarnations of Luce spontaneously combusted But it needs to be pointed out that this book can be so complex and confusing The good points were that Luce finally got to see what happened in her past and how it affected both Daniel and herself She also needed to grow up a little bit and I think travelling with Bill made her do so even if he was a little obvious But taking Luce away from her friends probably gave her the time to contemplate things without their sometimes overbearing interference and that shows Seeing her past selves also allowed her to live parts of their lives but she kinda stole bits also Also seeing the different personalities was an eye opener kinda assumed she would be the same in all previous lives Apparently not Plus it would seem that we did not get to see their original meeting? But then there was something different about the Chinese Daniel or was he just unguarded than the later versions?However this book also has its flaws The main one that bugged me through out the whole story was that Daniel 'forgot' all of his past encounters with himself It was so convenient and really just annoyed me as it seemed important in this book that he talk to his past self Also the lack of the other characters definitely detracted from the story as they give the readers a break from Luce and Daniel But they were all there at the end but why did Cam hug Luce and Daniel? Bit strange and would have loved of a back story on Cam but the little bit that was there was goodBill Way too obvious and way too annoying The final chapter definitely sets things clearly in motion for the book RaptureAny who good book good story and very much looking forward to the last instalment

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Passion By Lauren KaLuce would die for DanielAnd she has Over and over again Throughout time Luce and Daniel have found each other only to be painfully torn apart Luce dead Daniel left broken and alone But perhaps it doesn’t need to be that wayLuce is certain that somet This review can also be found on my blog Cait's Corner Shhhh Do you hear that? It's the horrible screams of your money doomed to spend the rest of their lives with the shame of having been used to purchase this book and my poor ten dollars are among them In order to keep your money from the same sad fate I have uite a few reasons why you should not buy this book which turned out to be a huge disappointment1 The Writing Throughout the whole novel her writing is extremely choppy and awkward; to me it felt like Kate was having a veryyy hard time keeping her train of thought And sadly it's like that through the whole novel; Kate starts writing about one of Luce's time traveling experiences and has me mildly interested but then she decides to shift gears because she feels like she needs to move on with the story and does so with no literary grace I put the book down several times and didn't read it again for hours because I just couldn't muddle through when she did that Then to make things worse I had to push myself just to get through the last half which I had hoped would be better and that's never a good thing; it just really crawled along unbearably slowly for me It was like finally getting to what you thought was the top of the mountain to find out that you aren't even a uarter of the way there yet Then there were uotes like this that don't make any sense at all I also used this uote later on that's how badly I got annoyed at last he breathed into her finding her lipsyou found meAlwaysThere are several problems with this; for one Kate never says that they are still not totally lip locked so apparently they are talking to each other without ever removing their lips from one anotherJust like this except people frozen in that position talking I for one think that that's very weird and in real life probably would sound like ee ls oo foond e als I don't know about you but that's not exactly light the candles turn down the lights romantic Secondly the whole breathing into her bit Just try it breathing out the words at last which is stupid sounding enough and hell if you're with your girl or your man try it while finding one another's lips and simultaneously breathing it down their throat which I am going to assume is the only rational way you can breathe into somebody without being naked and if you don't find any of that awkward then well I don't know what to say to that Get some help maybe? I hope you can see though just ONE uote that a scene that was supposed to be romantic is actually a total fail when you break it down and really think about it Don't get me wrong this book is a nice improvement compared to her first two but it's still too much purple prose and she has a lot sentences like Luce did this Then this Then they made out here The only really well written scenes that I could find were the first and second time traveling scenes and actually had me going and interested but then it just never really came back fully Definitely not something I should have spent my money on 2 The Time Travel Oh God This was literally so confusing We don't even have an explanation about why she travels to the places she does untiloh halfway through the freaking book That is way too long to keep your readers in the dark about something that is an integral part of the novel I felt like Kate threw the time travel in there because it HAD to be not because she wanted it there which resulted in time travel that hurt my head and uite painfully too Then to add to the already massive time travel migraine Daniel would randomly pop in some random fact about how it's her destiny to do this to create the loop and that he doesn't know what his destiny is and yet he does which made the book okay for about two seconds because he's having an ACTUAL struggle a