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DOC Ä READER The Migration Ó HELEN MARSHALL Ó [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Migration Author Helen Marshall – Creepy and atmospheric evocative of Stephen King's classic Pet Sematary The Migration is a story of sisterhood transformation and the limitations of love from a thrilling new voice in CanadianNior year of high school in Toronto when her little sister Kira is diagnosed Their parents' marriage falters under the strain and Sophie's mother takes the girls to Oxford England to live with their Aunt Irene An Oxford University professor and historical epidemiologist obsessed with relics of the Black Death Irene works with a centre that specializes in treating people with the illness She is a friend to Sophie and offers a window into a strange and ancient history of human plague and recovery Sophie just wants to understand A moving and timely novel about the impact of climatic catastrophe on humanity Building on the precedence of the Black Death almost 700 years ago disease is linked to disaster Above all else though The Migration tells the tale of two sisters who move to Oxford from Canada to seek a cure for the younger girl's mysterious immune disorder which is begin to afflict large numbers of young people across the globe Disturbing morbid and bleak in places it is also uplifting and beautifully written in places The novel is written from the perspective of the almost 18 year old Sophie and so it is the world through an older teenager's eyes that we see here As an Oxfordian the book's location provided me with added interest A fast and engrossing read

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Creepy and atmospheric evocative of Stephen King's classic Pet Sematary The Migration is a story of sisterhood transformation and the limitations of love from a thrilling new voice in Canadian fiction When I was younger I didn't know a thing about death I thought it meant stillness a body gone limp A marionette with its strings cut Death was like a long vacation a going away Storms and flooding are worsening around the world and a mysterious immune disorder has begun to afflict the young Sophie Perella is about to begin her se I’m often the first to gripe about novels being labelled as YA fiction just because they have teenage characters in them but occasionally it's the other way round The Migration is packaged as a science fiction novel for an adult audience; it comes garlanded with uotes from the likes of the Guardian and SFX; it has been published by adult literarySF imprints Titan Books in the UK Random House in Canada And this seems curious to me because the majority of the book reads like a fantasy adventure for teens and I feel it would have much greater appeal for younger readersThe plot centres on a mysterious new condition afflicting young people Juvenile Idiopathic Immunodeficiency Syndrome or JI2 17 year old Sophie's little sister Kira is one of the first to be affected after a case of chickenpox leaves her immune system weakened The family move from Toronto to stay with Sophie and Kira's aunt Irene in Oxford England where they hope to find better treatment for Kira's condition Irene is an academic whose research into the Black Death uncovers historical parallels with JI2 We can infer that the story is taking place in a near future setting and climate change forms a key part of the backdrop I liked the first third during which the writing reminded me a little of Nina Allan a high compliment indeed But the middle third involves so many implausibilities that I began to lose confidence – and interest – in the story Unfortunately it had lost me almost entirely by the time the really dramatic stuff started happening and I only skimmed through to the end because I'd invested uite a lot of time in it up to that point Neither the fantasy aspect nor Sophie as a character are particularly interesting and the less said about the unnecessary romantic subplot another YA hallmark the better Personal rating would be around 2 stars but I'm not formally adding it because I think that would be unfair This was a clear case of bookreader incompatibility and if it'd been tagged as YA which I feel would be correct I'd never have picked it upTinyLetter | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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The MigrationWhat's happening now but as mortality rates climb and reports emerge of bodily tremors in the deceased it becomes clear there is nothing normal about this condition and that the dead aren't staying dead When Kira succumbs Sophie faces an unimaginable choice let go of the sister she knows or take action to embrace something terrifying and new Tender and chilling unsettling and hopeful The Migration is a story of a young woman's dawning awareness of mortality and the power of the human heart to thrive in cataclysmic circumstance Whoa that was uite the ride 45 stars I really didn’t know what to expect when I started this book other than that it would be wonderful And it was A friend a writer I greatly respect praised this book to the high heavens and I’m so glad I bought it It’s not perfect but it’s a debut novel following 2 collections of short stories and 2 award winning poetry chapbooks and I am definitely looking forward to Marshall’s next work Without giving away any of the plot this book is about grief about how those who are directly affected by illness and death and those in a position to change the trajectory of the life of someone who is ill How anyone deals with change and transition The change that death or illness brings This book goes a step further and asks a uestion about how we as a society would react to and deal with an illness which transforms our very being Some of us would react reprehensibly some with bafflement and fear Those directly affected would be the ones we should listen to but what if they are children There’s a lot to think about following this book I’m glad I’ve read it at the same time as some others in the SFF Buddy Reads book club Thanks for joining me guys And thanks Matt for recommending this book so highly