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This widely acclaimed biography of Stalin and his entourage during the terrifying decades of his supreme power transforms our understanding of Stalin as Soviet dictator Marxist leader and Russian tsarBased on groundbreaking researc I was four years old when my parents brother and I left communist Poland in 1969 My mother's immediate family survived the Holocaust; they were assimilated Jews who escaped the Warsaw Ghetto during the third week of the deportations and survived in large part because my grandfather Władysław Winawer and the head of Żegota the Polish Home Army's Jewish Assistance Division were friends My grandfather was co counsel for Kazimierz Moczarski in 1956 when KM who had been a high level officer in the Polish Home Army and was therefore arrested and sentenced to death by Poland's Stalinists in 1945 was released after 11 years of Stalinist prison hell including two years during which he was tortured in 49 different ways physically along with 255 days in the same cell as Jürgen Stroop who murdered or helped murder most of the last 60000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Ghetto Uprising; KM had tracked Stroop during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw but could not find an opportunity to assassinate Stroop KM write the most insightful book about a Nazi war criminal ever published which was translated into English as Conversations With An Executioner When KM was released in 1956 he refused to accept an amnesty and is the only victim of a Stalinist show trial I am aware of who sued the communist government that had falsely imprisoned him demanding official recognition of his innocence of the preposterous allegation that he had been a Nazi collaborator When the court ruled in his favor not only he but also the Home Army was rehabilitated in communist Poland Eleven years later my mother and my godfather who became Poland's third post communist prime minister represented my mom's best friend Janusz Szpotański who received three years in prison for writing privately circulated satire about the Party leadership I became friends with Szpot my godfather Jan Olszewski and many of my parent's friends when I lived in Warsaw for six months in 1988 at age 23 Reading such a personal portrait of Stalin and his primitive henchmen is a very personal experience for me given my family's survival of both Hitler's and Stalin's occupations of Poland My parents were on the Polish Security Service's list of top 10 most dangerous dissidents abroad in the 1970s I still shake my head in dismay that typically the leaders of powerful nations have only a remnant of a conscience by the time they attain the power they sought To paraphrase Socrates the most dangerous leaders are people who seek such powerful positions He may have been correct in suggesting that citizens be randomly chosen to run government for fixed terms Reading this book I felt I had come so close to the mass murderers who ran the Soviet Union that I felt I needed a shower after each time I read about them

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Stalin The Court of the Red TsarH Simon Sebag Montefiore reveals the fear and betrayal privilege and debauchery family life and murderous cruelty of this secret world Written with bracing narrative verve this feat of scholarly research has become a classic of mod A gripping and truly masterful work Simon Sebag Montefiore has put together a very adept voluminous work of scholarship that is by far the most broadranging and far sighted work on Stalin that this reader has yet read though still have yet to read Service's biographyIn the preface Montefiore acknowledges his collaboration with the other masterful scholars of Stalinism Robert Service and Oleg Khlevniuk so this leads me to think of this book as not a competitor to the other masterful scholars but rather a stand alone work to be read on its own merits along with the other worksSo why read this by far the lengthiest out of the aforementioned works rather than the concise offerings from Service or Khlevniuk? Because this is by far the most broad ranging panorama of Stalin's court It entirely lives up to its title it covers all the characters and intrigue of Stalin's court so think of this work not so much as a biography although it definitely is and of a panorama In this sense the strength of this work is the insight into all the other characters giving perhaps the fullest picture of the politics of the Stalin era this reader has yet readThe book itself is lengthy and challenging and this was completed on my second attempt It begins as something of a slow starter and the covering of Stalin's terror is very detailed and becomes lengthy at times but if one wants a complete picture then one is unlikely to be disappointedIn short a masterful work confirming Simon Sebag Montefiore as one of the pre eminent historians of the modern day

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FREE PDF ✓ BOOK Stalin The Court of the Red Tsar Ë EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ↠ ❰Ebook❯ ➨ Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar Author Join or create book clubs – This widely acclaimed biography of Stalin and his entourage during the terrifying decades ofErn history writing Showing how Stalin's triumphs and crimes were the product of his fanatical Marxism and his gifted but flawed character this is an intimate portrait of a man as complicated and human as he was brutal and chilling I knew about Stalin in a general way but not in this detail to this depth The 1937 Terror was even worse than I realised It continued throughout his life even during and after the Great Patriotic War He constantly played his fellow revolutionaries off against each other so that he kept his power absolutelyWhat makes this book so important is the author's attempt to get inside Stalin's mind which he does very well And yet In everything he said did and ordered there is a dark corner which is completely unpredictable which is why those even in favour were all terrified Time and again those who thought they knew Stalin got it wrong with fatal conseuences all were informers and informed upon by each other in a perfect circle of fearIf you lined up all those who occupied positions of power during his reign most of them would have a red cross through them Violence torture for extracting false confessions and murder were systemic essential elements of Lenin's Bolshevism which Stalin expanded exponentially even carelessly Many millions died during the liuidation of farms collectivisation and the resulting famine Many millions were arbitrarily murdered and sent to the gulags during the 1937 Terror The Second World War piled yet millions on top of all of those initially because Stalin failed to see through Hitler's intentions and because he had decimated the Red Army's officers senior and juniorThe scale of the slaughter is so vast that's it's impossible to encompass it mentally In these uncertain times this is a work which should be read by everyone who's concerned with the so called populist leaders around the world this is the map to the deepest hell