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Free download í Mr Monk on Patrol Mr Monk #13 104 â [Epub] ❧ Mr Monk on Patrol Mr Monk #13 ➛ Lee Goldberg – Everything has been going well for former SFPD lieutenant Randy Disher in Summit New Jersey where he lives with Monk's previous assistant Sharona and works as the new police chiefStant Natalie arrive Monk on Patrol Mr Monk Kindle in New Jersey Disher makes them temporary police officers Summit is about to become the cleanest and most symmetrical city on Earth But then the string of home burglaries escalates to arson and murderand someone tries very very hard to send Monk and Natalie back to San Francisco in coffin. Near the end of the eighth and final season of the show viewers learned that Randy Disher had accepted an offer to become chief of police in Summit New Jersey and would be moving in with Sharona Fleming Monk's former assistant and nurse Randy and Sharona had been pursuing a romance off screenIn Mr Monk on Patrol Chief Leland Stottlemeyer informs Monk and current assistant Natalie Teeger that Randy needs their help Because of a financial scandal involving local government Randy is acting mayor while also continuing as chief of police Usually there is little to no crime in sleepy Summit but lately there has a been a string of burglaries With scrutiny from the state government he really needs Monk's detecting skills Monk is as usual reluctant to travel but Sharona arrives in person to apply her own brand of persuasionThe Monk books like the show generally fit a pattern I hate to say formula because that sounds pejorative and I don't mean it that way Readers who like me have read all of the other books will find the usual building blocks of a Monk mystery but with enough new elements to keep things interesting And it's fun to catch up with Randy and Sharona Monk even experiences some rather surprising personal growthThere is a cliffhanger of sorts at the end but not the annoying kind that will make you want to throw the book across the room because you've invested your time in completing the book only to find that nothing has been resolved The mysteries are resolved but Monk and Natalie both have intriguing decisions to make I'll be very curious to find out what they choose when Goldberg publishes his next installment

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Nds Monk on Patrol Mr Monk Kindle himself as the acting mayorNow Disher has to manage the police department and shoulder the day to day responsibility of running a town that is in the midst of a wave of residential robberies In desperation Disher reaches out to the one person he knows can solve the crimes Adrian MonkWhen Monk and his assi. For those familiar with the TV series of the same name you know how funny the character of Monk can be without knowing it The same is true in the novel Here Mr Monk and his trusty assistant Natalie in all things a detective needs and a hypochondriac too are whisked off to Summit New Jersey by Sharona his former assistant of long ago The scenes describing getting him from San Francisco to New Jersey are hilarious Once in Summit the current police chief and acting mayor a close friend from San Francisco and Sharona's live in mate makes them temporary police officers to help him clean up the burgularies and eventual murder Given a gun Monk wants to shoot everyone he believes is not obeying the law Given the police car to drive Natalie wants to use the siren and lights to go two blocks From lining up the cars on the streets by color and make and seeing that they are parked precisely the same distance apart to encountering a lovely woman who runs a shop called Poop to tracing the murderer and preventing another murder this book makes you eagerly await the next one in the series

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Mr Monk on Patrol Mr Monk #13Everything has on Patrol ePUB #10003 been going well for former SFPD lieutenant Randy Disher in Summit New Mr Monk eBook #197 Jersey where he lives with Monk's previous assistant Sharona and works as the new police Monk on Patrol Epub #226 chief But when the city's leadership is arrested for fraudulently inflated salaries Disher suddenly fi. I'm a sucker for these books Look down your nose if you must but I like the character of Adrian Monk and I enjoy veteran TV mystery writer Lee Goldberg's take on the continuing and ever evolving MonkverseApparently this is the penultimate Mr Monk book Goldberg uses Monk's long suffering assistant Natalie as the narrator of his books Unlike most expanded universe tie in books he calls back characters and events from previous books and TV episodes weaves a decent mystery and moves the growth of the characters forward This is probably the part I most enjoyThe book begins with a fun mystery an excerpt of which was published as a short in Ellery ueen Mystery Magazine and shortlisted for an Edgar Award Then comes a phone call from Randy Disher the former SF Homicide Detective and now Police Chief of the sleepy bedroom community of Summit New Jersey Things aren't going well Well they are sort of Apparently hired in part because of a reputation as a competent but ridiculous cop the folks who hired him didn't count on how personable earnest and hard working Disher is or his uncanny ability to literally stumble into mysteries Disher found and reported rampant years long corruption in the Summit city government This lead to the resignation of the mayor and most of the town council Now by charter Disher is also its acting mayor Disher is swamped and needs Monk's help for a few weeks as acting members of the Summit PD In the books Natalie with Capt Stottlemeyer and Monk's encouragement has grown into her own as a detective even taking on some of her own cases Disher has heard this and wants Natalie too not just as Monk's assistant but as his colleagueThe mystery is secondary and pretty transparent but the fun is in Monk's reactions to the city Summit's odd characters patrol duty with Natalie living with the Disher's and a very intriguing woman who operates a shop called Poo In trying to close down her emporium of filth he discovers she has a kind and giving heart a wry intelligence and a case of symmetrical obsession that rivals his ownI really enjoyed the character arcs in this one It ends with a life changing cliff hanger for Monk and Natalie A cliff hanger that the publisher completely spoils by including the first chapter of the next and final Monk book Mr Monk on Patrol gave me a few hours of enjoyment It also gave good fan and character service That works for me