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A fascinating biography of the man who helped launch the Russian Revolution which uses the personal including Lenin's key relationships with the women in his life to shed light on the politicalSince the birth of Soviet Russia Vladimir Lenin has been viewed as a controversial figure both revered and reviled for his rigid political ideals Still he continues to fascinate as a man who made history and who created the first Communist state a model that would later be imitated by nearly half the countries in the worldDrawing on new research including the diaries memoirs and personal letters of both Lenin and his friends Victor Sebestyen's uniue biography the first in English in nearly two decades is not only a po

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Lenin The Man the Dictator and the Master of TerrorLitical examination of one of the most important historical figures of the 20th century but a portrait of Lenin the man Unexpectedly Lenin was someone who loved nature hunting and fishing and could identify hundreds of species of plants a despotic ruler whose closest ties and friendships were with women The long suppressed story of the complex love triangle Lenin had with his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya and his mistress and comrade Inessa Armand reveals a different character from the coldly one dimensional figure of the legendSebestyen also reveals Lenin as a ruthless and single minded despot and a product of his time and place a violent tyrannical and corrupt Russia He seized power in a coup promised a revolut This book is not necessarily the first place to start for those new to the Russian Revolution but as an insight into Lenin the man it is very readable I agree with the previous reviewer that there is emphasis on Lenin's life in exile than the revolutionary years which to some extent was frustrating What I particularly missed was some kind of review or conclusion at the end about Lenin's contribution to Russian history and his legacy Instead the book ended with an account of his preservation in the mausoleum in Red SuareHaving said this the book is a biography and as such does provide the 'intimate portrait' promised in the title It also gives an interesting insight into the role of women in the pre revolutionary years and into Lenin's relationship with his wife The account does a good job of tracing Lenin's ruthlessness and obsession back to the roots of Bolshevism characteristics that made him difficult to deal with as a party leader but proved catastrophic for Russia once he and the party seized power It was also full of nuggets of information like the fact that Putin's grandfather was Lenin's cook in the Kremlin and the revelation that one of the first decrees that Lenin drafted personally in 1917 was to improve access to public libraries Ironically Krupskaya was then given the job of purging these libraries of 'dangerous' literatureOverall I would recommend this book as a good read and a rounded portrait of a man who has been both idealised and demonised in eual measure

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Lenin: The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror kindle Ô the Dictator read ´ eyltransferservices à ❰KINDLE❯ ❄ Lenin: The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror Author Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk A fasciIon a socialist utopia for the people offered simple solutions to complex issues and constantly lied; in fact what he created wasa mirror image of the Romanov autocracy He authorized the deaths of thousands of people and created a system based on the idea that political terror against opponents was justified for the greater ideal One of his old comrades who had once admired him said he desired the goodbut created evil And that would include his invention of Stalin who would take Lenin's system of the gulag and the secret police to new heightsBringing Lenin to life for the first time as a complex human being Sebestyen casts a new light on the Russian Revolution one of the great turning points of modern histo This is the best biography I've read Ever Reads like a thriller it both criticises and praises Lenin eually but in neither case does it do so from any political standpoint Marvellous