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read doc Ô Ivy author Julie Hearn Hardcover ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Ivy ➮ Author Julie Hearn – Ivy is used to being overlooked The youngest in a family of thieves scoundrels and roustabouts the girl with the flame colored hair and odd colored eyes is declared useless by her father froHat makes people take notice It's than beauty and it draws people toward herWhich makes her the perfect subject for an aspiring painter named Oscar Aretino Frosdick a member of the pre Raphaelite school of artists Oscar is determined to make his mark on the art world with Ivy as his There is a lot of historical though not very descriptive passages about Victorian England the pre Raphaelite art movement and the author's coyness about revealing the identity of the Italian gets tiresome pretty uickly especially for those who studied English literature and was able to ascertain the name fairly early onThis is a pretty typical story of a hard luck girl who through sheer luck and it was luck since Ivy is pretty dumb not uneducated though she is that too manages to fall on her feet and literally escape to a better life The secondary characters are much interesting than the heroine They are better developed and it is easier to understand their actions and even their thought processes Either because of her laudanum addiction or just her inherent dullness Ivy is just not that interesting As I mentioned earlier she goes through life and finds her happiness on sheer dumb luck and not through any physical or intellectual effort of her own

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Model and muse But behind Ivy's angelic looks lurk dark secrets and a troubled past a past that has given her an unfortunate taste for laudanum And when treachery and jealousy surface in the Eden that is the artist's garden Ivy must learn to be than a pretty face if she is to survi When I picked this book out of my pile to read I admit I judged the cover I thought it was going to be a cheesy love story or be about some kind of jacked up version of Poison IvyBut I was way off Ivy is a girl living in London with basically no one to care for her and no way of supporting her own self One day she happens to meet a skinner a robber of small children But this woman this Kate takes a liking to the read headed little Ivy and devises a plan to use her She takes her in along with the rest of the band of thugs and theifs When things go wrong on a rob Kate tells Ivy to run away to go Home She crawls back to the sham she calls a family but not before catching the eye of an artist a painter He pays to have her model for his pictures Things get really interesting when the Mother of said artists decides she doesn't like this model and tries to kill her left and right without her son knowing He's an idiot We wonder if Ivy can out think and dodge this mad woman or if she is truely spineless and addicted to her medicineSidenote London really takes a beating in this oneEh 35 stars

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Ivy author Julie HeaIvy is used to being overlooked The youngest in a family of thieves scoundrels and roustabouts the girl with the flame colored hair and odd colored eyes is declared useless by her father from the day she is born But that's only if you look at her but don't see For Ivy has a uality t I have no idea what was going on with this book Every time I thought it was going to be one thing it veered in a completely different direction It had all the essential ingredients of a Victorian melodrama an orphaned heroine a den of thieves laudanum addiction pre Raphaelite painters but it was so bizarre and the writing so clunky that it left me completely cold I felt alienated from Ivy who was very difficult to warm to I found her vegetarianism unbelievable as if a starving child would refuse to eat meat along with her miraculous recovery from her 10 year plus laudanum addiction After going cold turkey she had one day of withdrawal symptoms and was completely fine by the second day Yeah right And god how annoying was the ending Nothing was resolved Don't even get me started on the identity of Carroty KateAlso what was up with constantly referring to Dante Gabriel Rossetti as the Italian I don't get why Julie Hearn felt she had to be so coy as a any idiot could guess his identity and b Lizzie Siddal was mentioned by name several times And excuse me but what was all that about Rossetti having poor hygiene and a stomach the size of a bolster I've seen Desperate Romantics okay Rossetti looked exactly like Aidan Turner This is a historical fact