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eBook ã How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love With You ç 244 pages ´ [Reading] ➸ How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love With You By T.M. Franklin – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Goal #1 – Get an A in Chemistry CheckGoal #2 – Get accepted into MIT CheckGoal #3 – Get Ainsley BishG he has to offer But what do you get a girl who seems to have everything? If Oliver wants to win her heart he’s going to need a perfect plan But first he must solve a mystery What does Ainsley Bishop truly want? And does he have what it takes to give it to he What a fantastic first YA debut novel by the always fabulous TM Franklin This is the story of Oliver who is a bit nerdy a bit shy a bit funny but all kinds of adorable and good Oliver is for sure the kind of boy I hope my daughters bump into in life because he is one of the good ones Actually scratch that he is a GREAT oneHe is loving sweet encouraging ambitious funny mature but at the same time a kid that still needs his family and friend even if his friends are a teenager that goes to school with him and an old man in a nursing home He stole my heart pretty much from the very beginning He has a crush on this girl Ainsley and he has decided that he will make her fall in love with him and will do this with his methodical approach that has proved time and again reliable to achieve his objectives But what he really discovers is that he is pretty awesome himself and he should never stop reaching out for his dreams A lesson that many of us should remember Overall a great read engaging funny tender sad at times yes I cried a little but I'm a cryer with fantastic characters well rounded and developed Loved it

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Goal #1 – Get an A in Chemistry CheckGoal #2 – Get accepted into MIT CheckGoal #3 – Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with Me17 year old Oliver Holmes loves lists He has a step by step procedure for everything His classmates think he’s weird and he’s Oliver Wendell Holmes set out to get Ainsley Bishop to fall in love with him I won’t tell you if he succeeded but I will tell you he stole my heart When it comes to reading I’m like Goldilocks the story has to be just right It can’t be too angsty or too fluffy not to to mention a pretty long list of other pet peeves that I won’t even get into The midway point is generally where I lose interest Many authors use filler to get to the end I've almost come to expect it So last night when I looked down at my ereader and saw I was so enthralled in the plot I didn't even realize I only had 20 pages left I felt that thrill only a true book addict could ever understand Oliver makes lists as I’m sure you know from the summary but he’s much than that Through his POV we live out his hopes and fears As he learns lessons older folks such as I already learned the hard way you can’t help but to want to cheer him on at his victories and hug him when things don’t go uite as planned I’m a big fan of authors creating secondary characters that add to the story Oliver’s parents his absolutely hysterical little brother Sherlock and Hank a wise old friend were much than the typical roles they were cast in I remember them and their names very clearly a day later With the amount of books I read and my horrible memory for me that is a sign of an author gifted at crafting her characters Memorable characters and good banter are two items at the top of my list How to Get a Reader to Fall in Love with Your Book Yes I’m a list maker myself My cell phone is full of them I don’t want to spoil one of my favorite scenes in the book but I will say Oliver’s mom not only helped her son remember who he was she actually reminded me as well I think most readers will take something away from that scene Ainsley Bishop has some tough decisions to make Watching her make them through Oliver’s eyes is compelling; their banter from the very first moment was fun and infectious Everything a first crush should be I’m uite finicky about leading ladies When I fall in love with a book boyfriend the heroine must be worthy of him or my claws come out catty Woman that I amYet even when Ainsley made wrong choices I wanted to help her instead of hurting her She’s someone I would actually want as a friend How I love when that happensI've refrained from writing down a list of why you should read this book it would be far too long As a Golidlocks reader I can honestly say this author's recipe is just right Hurry up and DIG INThank you TWCS for giving me the opportunity to advance read this book

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How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love With YouOkay with that because he’s got his eye on the prize Ainsley BishopShe’s smart She’s gorgeous She’s the girl of his dreams But she’s unavailable and way out of his leagueHer approaching birthday gives Oliver a prime opportunity to demonstrate everythin I was offered okay I begged for an advanced copy of How to Make Ainsley Bishop Fall in Love with You From the moment I saw the cover and book trailer I couldn’t wait to read about Oliver and AinsleyOliver is super smart and just a little nerdy For teens that’s typically a recipe for attracting bullies and Oliver faces his fair share But he also accepts the fact that he’s not a typical teenage guy and most of the time that’s just fine with him I loved that about him His friendship with Hank made me laugh and cry Their scenes together were some of my favoritesAinsley Bishop is the object of Oliver’s affections Pretty popular and dating a jock Ainsley is seemingly pretty unattainable Watching Oliver obsess over what to buy Ainsley for her birthday made me love him even He had to really pay attention to her in order to figure out the perfect gift or in his case gifts Isn’t that what all girls want? No matter what age? Just a nice guy to actually pay attention to us and listen to what we have to say?The secondary characters were just as great Oliver’s nosy little brother Sherlock lived up to his name and made me laugh out loud many times And I loved the parents As they gave their son advice about his first love it made them realize how much they’d drifted apart over the years It was nice to see little glimpses of them falling in love with each other all over againThis is TM Franklin’s first YA book that doesn’t include fantasy elements I certainly hope it’s not her last Definitely recommended for anyone who wants a sweet and fun afternoon read