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Henry VIII exercised enormous sway over the laws the customs and the culture of his kingdom Yet as Weir shows in this swift vivid narrative Henry's ministers nobles and wives were formidable figures in their own right whose influence both enhanced and undermined the authority of the throne On a grand stage rich in pageantry intrigue passion and luxury Weir records the many complex human dramas that swirled around Henry while deftly weaving in an account of the intimate rituals and desires of England's ruling classtheir sexual practices feasts and sports tastes in books and music houses and gardensStimulating and tumultuous the court of Henry VIII attracted the finest minds and greatest be Henry V111 was a complex King He changed England in religion and a betterment of the readings and religion Was he a good King depends on who is asked and what their answer was For over 450 years Henry V111 has been written in books movies and documentaries He left a daughter who would be crowned ueen who would also be just as famous as he wasHis many loves and his 6 wives and how they lived and how some died alone gives one to see how they faired in life and deathThis is an interesting read of a very interesting man and legendIf you are interested in history this book is a great read

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Henry VIII The King and His CourtAuties in Renaissance Englandpoets Wyatt and Surrey the great portraitist Hans Holbein feasting ladies like Elizabeth Blount and Elizabeth FitzWalter the newly rich Boleyn family and the ancient aristocratic clans like the Howards and the Percies along with the entourages and connections that came and went with each successive wife The interactions between these individuals and the terrible ends that befell so many of them make Henry VIII The King and His Court an absolutely spellbinding readMeticulous in historic detail narrated with high style and grand drama Alison Weir brilliantly brings to life the king the court and the fascinating men and women who vied for its pleasures and reward Everything there is to know about Henry's life and his court is here I mean everything what he wore when he married his 2nd ueen what he ate at the 4th Christmas of g is reign how many times he advanced in a tilting match in August 1531etc etc There is little analysis or focusing only strings of facts and lists of items So it is uite boring But I did read it all skimming through some pages and was eddified to learn about aspects of his administration aside from the drama of the marriages and the split with the European church The opulence of his spending on buildings festivities purchases of jewels clothes and 'things' and his patronage of the arts for propaganda comes across but it would have been digestible if the context of his reign was explained too One needs a summary of the previous century to help comprehend why Henry 8th lived like thatI do not recommend this book but am not sorry that I have read it

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FREE PDF ✓ BOOK Henry VIII The King and His Court õ ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Henry VIII: The King and His Court By Alison Weir ✰ – Henry VIII renowned for his command of power celebrated for his intellect presided over the most stylishand dangerouscourt in Renaissance Europe Scheming cardinaHenry VIII renowned for his command of power celebrated for his intellect presided over the most stylishand dangerouscourt in Renaissance Europe Scheming cardinals vied for power with newly rich landowners and merchants brilliant painters and architects introduced a new splendor into art and design and each of Henry's six ueens brought her own influence to bear upon the life of the court In her new book Alison Weir author of the finest royal chronicles of our time brings to vibrant life the turbulent complex figure of Henry VIII and the glittering court he made his ownIn an age when a monarch's domestic and political lives were inextricably intertwined a king as powerful and brilliant as This book is intense I normally finish a book the day I start it With Alison Weir's books and I'm a big fan that usually expands to a week because they are so packed with information This book took me nearly 3 months to read which is a crazy amount of time for me to spend with a book but every page covers so many different events and people in such depth and with such vivid description that one needs that extra time to just make it all make sense I wish I'd started the book by taking notes it's nearly necessary just to keep the Tudor court's cast of characters straight in one's headI wouldn't mean anyone to infer that I think anything I said above to be a drawback uite the opposite Weir immerses you in the court of the Henry VIII and really makes it come alive for the reader All of the information she gives serves that noble end and it's worth every moment spent studying the densely arrayed pages