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READ & DOWNLOAD ´ Emotion-Focused Therapy (Coaching Clients to Work Through Their Feelings) ✓ [KINDLE] ❂ Emotion-Focused Therapy (Coaching Clients to Work Through Their Feelings) Author Leslie S Greenberg – In this seminal volume master clinician andIn this seminal volume master clinician and founder of emotion focused therapy EFT Leslie Greenberg presents a comprehensive overview of EFT―a treatment that helps clients identify experience accept explore interpret transform and flexibly manage their emotions Essentially the approach helps clients increase their emotional int. This book presents a very practical guide on how clinicians can learn to understand and use the clients emerging emotions to produce genuine positive change It begins with the argument that emotions communicate important information and that clients must learn to understand express and regulate emotion A major caveat is that not all emotional expression accurately portrays what we are feeling deep down For example a client may consider fear to be unacceptable and therefore express anger he now appears for treatment for problems caused by his display of anger EFT 2nd ed manages to provide a convincing and practical guide on how to recognize and classify the emotions expressed by clients In my opinion what makes EFT stand out from other therapeutic orientations attempting to look beneath the surface were two things Firstly it outlines a somewhat scientific process for doing so; and secondly the method seemed to convey the crucial importance and utility of doing so to achieve therapeutic goals It therefore goes well beneath the surface – to a place I feel many clients expect us to go in a way that is useful meaningful and necessary The book is not an easy read – a lot of time will be spent learning to determine what is primary secondary and instrumental manipulative emotion; whether the emotion is over or under regulated; simple or complex etc This book took me a long time to digest It emphasizes the importance for clients to learn the language of their emotions and how to use the information they convey to see what they need to change or accept The argument of EFT is that emotions contain a need eg fear needs safety and by accessing and feeling our primary emotion we will develop goals that address the real problemThere is a lot of advice on how to develop and manage the kind of therapeutic relationship and interactions with clients The book contains a lot of very useful dialogues taken from the authors clinical practice The book also prepares the reader for practice of EFT with descriptions of how to conduct several therapeutic techniues eg imagery empty chair dialogue etc some of these methods such as overcoming clients interruption of emotion eg holding back tears or incongruent body language are I think better described by Jeffrey Young in schema therapy EFT appears to work by helping clients construct of new narrative of experience According to this book there is a lot to learn from clients expressed emotion perhaps so than from their ‘prepared verbal summary’ of what is bothering them Needless to say we should certainly investigate both I am now looking forward to delving into Paivio and Pascual Leone’s application of EFT to trauma


Elligence and achieve greater well being EFT’s influence has grown in the decade since the first edition of this book was published There have been significant theoretical and empirical advances and the approach has been applied successfully to new clinical populations This second edition incorporates the latest theory and rese. An absolute must if you are interested in EFT and possibly for anyone working with clients with emotional issues The insight of emotion is beyond comprehensive and the skills associated is phenomenal

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Emotion Focused Therapy Coaching Clients to Work Through Their FeelingsArch on EFT It also includes a new chapter on specific marker guided interventions and case formulation as well as chapters on forgiveness and working with emotion in organizational leadership This essential guide to EFT is reuired reading for all therapists who believe that accessing emotions can be a source of healing and wisdo. Very good information on a touchy subject