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Bylines: A Photobiography of Nellie Bly (Photobiographies) review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Reading] ➼ Bylines: A Photobiography of Nellie Bly (Photobiographies) ➲ – Bylines is the latest title from award winning biogHer stunt journalism included getting herself committed to an insane asylum for women and circling the globe in a mere A Photobiography of MOBI #239 days She profiled leaders from Susan B Anthony to Eugene V Debs exposed corruption and offered her readers a travelogue that expanded their horizons even as it made the world a little smallerHer words live on even now and Sue Macy’s masterful biography invites young readers into Nellie Bly’s America a country at a time of great growth and social chang. Nellie Bly a determined young journalist who would take the world by storm was born Elizabeth Jane Cochran into a large family in a uiet Pennsylvania town Although she was the thirteenth child of her father she was the third child and first daughter of her mother Mary Jane All the other girls were dressed in plain dresses but Elizabeth wore pink Naturally Pink Cochran would stand out from the crowd and would have a tendency to do just that for most of her life When her father died his inheritance was divided among his children but later when she went to school to become a teacher it was discovered a banker had suandered much of it and she was not able to complete her educationUndaunted Nellie was determined to find a way to earn money to support herself and contribute to the family finances Erasmus Wilson was writing in her eyes nonsense about how women should stay out of the workplace and instead focus on cooking cleaning sewing and keeping a nice home Her jaunty objections to his column actually landed her a job Her byline Nellie Bly She was soon taking on some gritty topics along with the regular home and garden fare Later when she took a big step and moved to New York she ran up against another opinionated man named Dr George Hepworth He claimed that it was improper for a woman to cover a story about a crime or a scandal Nellie got a job on the New York World and set out to prove them all wrong Oh were they ever wrongThis is a marvelous photobiography of a young determined groundbreaking journalist This is only the second I've read in the National Geographic photobiography series and I've been uite impressed with both of them The story was well researched well written and very interesting I loved the way the author brought Nellie to life and felt an affinity for this almost forgotten woman The book is peppered with period photographs reproductions of ephemera and has numerous informative sidebars Perhaps the most interesting photographs were those of women working in factories In the back of the book is a chronology an index and additional recommended book video and website resources This is an amazing photobiography that will appeal to young and old alike

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Ld make people sit up and take notice When she wasn’t making history herself Bylines A MOBI #190 she was writing about others who did Rarely has anyone left a detailed record of her place in the world than Nellie Bly In a very public life she shared her feelings and opinions through her writing and embraced the struggles of all classes of Americans who were fighting for their rightsThe story of the two decades before and after the turn of the th century was her story and she wrote with a powerful pen. This is a great book on Nellie Bly I highly recommend it for anyone interested in having accurate information this journalist Ç 3 review

Bylines A Photobiography of Nellie Bly PhotobiographiesBylines is the latest title from Photobiography of PDFEPUB #188 award winning biographer Sue Macy Nellie Bly was a pioneering American journalist who lived by the belief that Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything This credo took her from humble origins in Cochran’s Mill Pennsylvania a town named after her father to the most exotic cities around the globe by the time she was Nellie Bly was born Elizabeth Jane Cochran in in an age when many women led unassuming lives Her life wou. Loved this book