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The Black Count Book ☆ Revolution Download ↠ Join or create book clubs Ê ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo (Pulitzer Prize for Biography) By Join or create book clubs ➲ – WINNER OFHe achieved a giddy ascent from privatein the Dragoons to the rank of general; an outsider who had grown upamong slaves he was all for Liberty and Euality Alex Dumas was thestuff of legend Daily MailSo how did such this extraordinary man get erased by history? Why arethere no statues of Monsieur Humanity as his troops called him? The Black Co I bought this book Black Count because it was on sale and I was intrigued by the subject matter The father of the author of The Count of Monte Chris to was a commanding officer in Revolutionary France? I has to check it outThe book was long and I had to take an occasional break to chew on it a bit but immersing myself into 18th century France and it's colonial holdings was fascinating The dynamics of French nobility moving to the Americas to find their fortune and do whatever they wanted with the natives and the slaves producing families at will and leaving them behind when they became an inconvenience well it was simply appalling Alex Dumas' father was needless to say a piece of work How General Dumas became such an honorable man with such a background is amazing to me I also especially enjoyed reading how the French Revolution tried to eradicate racism only to have it reinforced when Napoleon Bonaparte came to power I love reading about people of African descent in European history; it proves as my mother always says We've people of color have always been everywhere The Black Count by Reiss did not disappoint

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Unt uncovers what happened and the role Napoleon played inDumass downfall By walking the same ground as Dumas from Haiti tothe Pyramids Paris to the prison cell at Taranto Reiss like the novelistbefore him triumphantly resurrects this forgotten heroEntrances from first to last Dumas the novelist would be proud IndependentBrilliant Glasgow Hera This book deserves the highest rating for daring to throw a revealing light on yet another egregious blot on the universally received projection of the French revolution as the proud source and impetus behind the political implementation of the highest democratic values as regards the fundamental and inalienable freedoms and rights of man The book provides a thoroughly researched account of the setbacks and disadvantages suffered by outstanding players of African and Caribbean origin on a revolutionary stage intended to remain exclusively white and European and whose historical contributions to the birth of the Revolutionary Republic would have been rendered all but impossible or otherwise rendered invisible at the hands of its leaders particularly Napoleon himself had they had it all their own way even at the height of their evidently hollow claims to the promulgation of liberty euality and fraternity for all of mankind The author is to be congratulated on extracting from years of painstaking academic research into one of modern history's most studied and analysed events a new fascinating and thoroughly readable account of the French Revolution from a hitherto inaccessible inside view providing us with clear evidence that the Republic its leadership and its intitutional structures were not nearly revolutionary enough The fact that this angle has taken so long to emerge makes this book a 'must read' for professional and amateur historians alike who need proof that it is possible to break out of the closed circle of academic consensus or to put it provocatively the 'iron law of political correctness' constucted by academic orthodoxy

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The Black Count Glory Revolution Betrayal and the Real Count of Monte Cristo Pulitzer Prize for BiographyWINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR BIOGRAPHY 2013Completely absorbing Amanda ForemanEnthralling Guardian The Three Musketeers The Count of Monte Cristo The stories of courseare fiction But here a prize winning author shows us that the inspiration forthe swashbuckling stories was in fact Dumass own father Alex the sonof a maruis and a black slave I like history Actually I love history Anything set in the past gives me that delicious “tell me a story” feelingOf course I’m not talking about dry facts and figures although they can be interesting in small doses Nope I’m talking about the good stuff People are what bring history alive for me What did they want; what did they fear? How were they better than me and even delightful how were they worse? Who did they love? Who hated them? Let me share in their triumphs and make me dread their disasters For good or ill make me care that this person lived and died Make them live again for meIt’s not too much to ask is it?Obviously not for Tom Reiss In writing The Black Count Glory Revolution Betrayal and the Real Count of Monte Cristo he’s succeeded admirably Don’t just take my word for it; I sure wouldn’t But if you put any stock in a little prize established by a man named Pulitzer then you might want to check this book out Especially if you know and love the work of General Alex Dumas’ son Alexandre Dumas pere Stories like The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo both of which were inspired by the author’s spectacular father General Alex DumasYeah I went there Spectacular is kind of a wimpy word when it comes to General Alex Dumas He was the original Superman A man too strong too principled too kind too charismatic too handsome—too good to be true And yet he was truly that man Others have complained in their reviews that Reiss’ bias toward his subject was too apparent but I am amazed that anyone could read of General Alex Dumas’ life and not be besotted by himGuiltyRead this book Meet General Alex Dumas To know him is to love him Don’t believe me Believe his son who immortalized his exploits his bravery and his humanity in the best way he knew howComte Thomas Alexandre Davy de la Pailleterie who served his country as General Alex Dumas I wish I would have known him in life but after reading The Black Count somehow I feel I do