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Download Badlands Highway uartet #3 Book ´ 278 pages ☆ C.j. box Å [PDF / Epub] ☉ Badlands Highway uartet #3 Author C.J. Box – Grimstad North Dakota – a place people used to be from but were never headed to – has struck oil As pipelines snake across the prairie oiIndle has just been assigned as its deputy sheriffTwelve year old Kyle Westergaard is one of Grimstad's paperboys Even though Kyle has been written off as the “slow” kid he has dreams deeper than anyone can imagine – he wants to get out of town take care of his alcoholic mother and give them a better life While delivering new A little difficult to rate a book when you start three novels into the series without realising there were two before the one you are readingThe blurb had me hooked but the actual story does not pan out as per the jacket I was expecting one thing and was delivered something entirely different It landed up being a good gangdrug war story with some memorable characters particularly KyleWill I go back and read the first two probably not Will I continue the series yes as I need to see how the 'Lizard King' angle unfolds

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Spapers he witnesses a car accident and now has money and a lot of white powder in his possessionWith the temperature dropping to below and a gang war heating up Cassie fears she might be in over her head but the key to it all will come in the most unlikely form an undersized boy on a bike who keeps showing up where he doesn’t belo Outstanding crime fiction in the Arctic winter weather of Grimstad North Dakota Grimstad is ground zero in an explosive oil boom and as it's new Chief Investigator Cassie Dewell get's busy investigating crooked deputies and a missing shipment of meth by the MS 13 gang Author C J Box builds the third installment of The Highway uartet into a modern fast moving western thriller with richly drawn characters in a world of compellingly entertaining prose you'll long remember It's now on to the 4th book in the Highway uartet Paradise Valley Joe Picket who

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Badlands Highway uartet #3Grimstad North Dakota – a place people used to be from but were never headed to – has struck oil As pipelines snake across the prairie oil flows out and men and money flow in And with them comes crime North Dakota’s new oil capital has a serious law and order problem and newly ualified detective Cassie Dewell Badlands Highway K I liked this a lot but time will tell if Detective Cassie Dewell proves as engaging a character as Box’s Joe Pickett as the hero of the author’s terrific series of 15 books featuring a Wyoming game warden An overweight single mother with an aging kibitzing mother Cassie leaves her position in Helena Montana for a post with the sheriff’s department in an oil boom town over the line into North Dakota The sleepy town has undergone recent gone unprecedented growth and now is the site of a gang war over the drug business with police corruption an inevitable factor given the money at play Cassie barely gets a chance to move before a series of brutal murders begins and it’s a catch up ballgame that kept me on the edge throughout I love the way her mind works in reading the clues and the brave cat and mouse game she plays to trap her dangerous adversariesFrom the beginning we spend a lot of time in the mind of a 12 year old boy Kyle who collects a package of drugs and money that fell out of a fatal car crash he witnesses on his paper route He is a loner tagged by everyone as a retard but his main problem appears to be a speech defect than intellectual challenges He hopes the money can help save his mother who is struggling with poverty drug and alcohol abuse and looking for love in all the wrong places Her greedy boyfriend interferes with his plans and brings the wolves to their door with a scheme to profit from the windfall Kyle’s resourcefulness and resilience in this tough situation where even the police can’t be trusted is a wonder to behold His constantly biking around in 20 below zero weather never failed to put an edge of worry in my sympathy for his desperate straitsThe strength of the Pickett series lies in the unconventional job for its crime investigator his dogged Dudley Do Right character willing to pursue underhanded means to achieve justice the outdoor settings of the action and themes relating to the rural environment of the mountain west and its exploitation Having a typical law enforcement officer for a protagonist takes away some of the uniueness for Box’s work but having a woman as hero has some interesting challenges to make up for that loss Like Pickett and unlike so many other fictional detectives with tormented personalities Cassie is emotionally healthy has a playful mind and is easy to identify with I look forward to giving her a chance in any future reads unclear if this is a series I am not sure if I will backtrack to the pair of books set in Montana “Back of Beyond” and “The Highway” the latter of which has some backstory for Cassie