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Dinosaur MountainEarl Douglass was a teenager when he first heard about the Bone Wars the frenzied race between paleontologists to unearth and classify dinosaur fossils and he remained fascinated with these prehistoric giants for the rest of his life As a geologist and botanist working at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Douglass had a hunch that the vast untouched r 45 STARSThe view we are now getting of the past by discovery of fossil animals and plants makes the present world ever new to us a little window for a world of imagination Earl DouglassThis book begins with an introduction to the Bone Wars of the latter part of the 1800s in which the country's most famous paleontologists Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsch battled it out to find the best dinosaur fossils In their uest for glory Cope classified and named fifty six different species of dinosaurs and Marsh is credited with sixty eight However they sometimes stooped to underhanded methods such as spying and bribery or hijacking fossil shipments and failed to properly document some fossils so that the skeletons sometimes had the wrong head on the wrong body etc Still their creations helped fuel the dino mania and when Andrew Carnegie was drawn into the craze he built a huge exhibit hall at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh PA and sent Earl Douglass into Utah in 1907 to find him something bigThe heart of the story is Douglass whose unassuming passion for true discovery as opposed to personal glory is certainly endearing How cute is that photo of him on the back cover next to his famous discoveries The repeated hardships the long days of searching without reward and the long winter he spent in canvas lean tos with his wife and baby son convey the dedication he had to his work On August 17 1909 he found an almost complete skeleton of Apatosaurus one of the largest dinosaurs to ever roam the earth Yes Mr Carnegie he found something big My enjoyment of this book was heightened because like many kids I was obsessed with dinosaurs in my youth I still have a lingering fascination and fondness for the subject so this book couldn't help but delight Ray includes so many details in her story and the accompanying illustrations uotes and maps This might not be the best introduction to dinosaurs or paleontology for young kids but for older children or adults interested in the early days of dino discovery this is highly recommendedAs a little aside I was fortunate enough to fulfill my childhood dream when my family visited Dinosaur National Monument and I was able to see the uarry where so many over 1500 dinosaur bones are scattered in the rock face exactly as they were deposited in the Jurassic period It was truly an amazing place I was saddened to learn in Kogan Ray's afterward that the uarry Visitor's Center was closed in 2006 due to safety hazards I checked the website and it is scheduled to reopen this October I hope that is the case and that many young and young at heart dino enthusiasts will again be able to experience this remarkable place and marvel as Douglass and countless others have done through the past one hundred and two years For another stellar book about the early days of dinosaur discovery readers might want to check out The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins An Illuminating History of Mr Waterhouse Hawkins Artist and Lecturer or one of the many picture book biographies of Mary Anning

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Download kindle ¾ Dinosaur Mountain 40 pages ã ✯ [PDF] ❤ Dinosaur Mountain By Deborah Kogan Ray ✼ – Earl Douglass was a teenager when he first heard about the Bone Wars—the frenzied race between paleontologists to unearth and classify dinosaur fossils—and he remained fascinated Ock strata in northeastern Utah just may have been a haven for Jurassic fossil beds In he set out by mule team to the Uinta Basin to dig and discover Find me something big Andrew Carnegie instructedLittle did Carnegie know exactly how well Douglass would heed those words Sixteen years and tons of fossils later Earl Douglass emerged as one of the most prolific and I am surprised how compelling this account is of events in which I have little overt interest Deborah Kogan Ray not only tells the history of dinosaur bone seeking in the American West she has painted richly colored illustrations and included lots of value added content uotations from primary sources a glossary anatomical drawings a timeline and other informative aids Teachers in the classroom will find this book useful in capitalizing on children's natural interest in a dinosaur unit or a unit on the West The Lexile measure is NC1140L so not for the beginning reader

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Successful dinosaur hunters of his timeUsing entries directly from Douglass's diary along with her own evocative storytelling and artwork acclaimed author and illustrator Deborah Kogan Ray paints the life of this adventurous bone hunter in memorable detail Dinosaur Mountain is a Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year and a NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book Ray returns with another great picture book biography This time she turns her talents to the story of Earl Douglass and the “Bone Wars” of the turn of the century where paleontologists competed to find the big dinosaur skeletons Though the biggest finds had been made in Colorado and Wyoming Douglass followed his instincts and headed to northeastern Utah The book chronicles his discoveries as he worked the site through prose as well as excerpts from his personal letters It also tells of the problems with protecting the area and funding that Douglass faced later in his career and that culminated in Woodrow Wilson creating the Dinosaur National MonumentRay’s writing is an invitation to learn Filled with interesting and enticing facts she tells the story of the person as well as the accomplishments Children will love the details about how a dig site works and the excitement of the big finds They will also learn about the importance of doing what you love and following your gut instinct Ray’s art adds much to story from detailed explanations of Jurassic strata and paleontology tools to her larger paintings that tell the story of discovery Her large vistas bring the setting clearly to life too The book ends with a listing of the dinosaurs found at the site a map of the Monument information on Douglass and his benefactor Andrew Carnegie a glossary and a bibliography Highly recommended this book will be enjoyed by children who enjoy dinosaurs and history Ideal for reading before visiting the Dinosaur National Monument this book can also be used to inspire children to make their own discoveries about the world around them Appropriate for ages 7 10