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Free Crossing Purgatory kindle  eBook 9781605984438 ã eyltransferservices Í ❰PDF❯ ❤ Crossing Purgatory Author Gary Schanbacher – In spring of 1858 Thompson Grey a young farmer travels to his father’s estate seeking funds to expand his holdiD by remorse Thompson abandons his farm and begins a westward exile in the attempt to outpace his griefUnwittingly he finds himself at journey’s end in the one place where his strongest temptations are able to over take him and on “Crossing Purgatory” – written by Gary Schanbacher and published in 2013 by Pegasus Books In 1858 Thompson Grey leaves his Indiana farm behind following a family tragedy and strikes out for parts unknown to the west “He despaired time lost to foraging and rest yet had not an inkling of his destination a wanderer rather than a pilgrim” This is a well told story filled with lyrical descriptions of American landscapes the mundane day to day tasks of survival and Thompson’s interactions with the pioneers he meets along the way He “felt no curiosity about the world outside his range of vision no need for companionship” I’d say this was a uiet story Thompson’s days fall into a comfortable farming rhythm but there were also moments of terror sorrow and poignancy stemming from the realities of frontier life just before the Civil War In the end perhaps Thompson has begun to make peace with his demons and has found a place to call home in the New Mexico Territory

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In spring ofThompson Grey a young farmer travels to his father’s estate seeking funds to expand his holdings Far overstaying his visit he returns home to find that his absence has contributed to a devastating family tragedy Haunte Several years ago I read and enjoyed Migration Patterns Gary Schanbacher's collection of short stories I had been told that his writing would remind me of Ron Carlson's It did The stories involve colorful characters and unusual situations and most of them are leavened with wry humor and light satire So I recall the collection with a smileSchanbacher's perfectly titled debut novel Crossing Purgatory is different It starts dark and ends up maybe hopeful but the net effect even month's later is hauntingWhile his short stories are set in contemporary Tidewater Virginia Kansas and Colorado his novel takes place in the 1860s in frontier America just prior to the Civil War The plot follows the trials and attrition of a wagon train clawing its way west on the Santa Fe Trail and is peopled with characters of the sort desperate enough to attempt such a crossingBy the time the final four of them make it to the Upperdine Homestead in Colorado I was deeply involved in these four and their relationships and then at roughly a third of the way into the book fresh and sympathetic characters are introduced and stakes become complex and richer And from that point I ripped on through the rest of the book in an afternoon and into the evening missing the sunset insect hatch on the Frying Pan The woman in the fly shop said I should've been there trout taking dry flies in the riffles gorging themselves I told her about the book She thanked me later; said her book club loved itThe reason the book haunts me is that you and I are confronted daily with evidence of the cost of character flaws associated with unrestrained ambition The fruits of such ambition are unlikely to be fulfilling surely but throw hubris and lack of moral compass into the mix and the outcome too often includes collateral damage to innocents Universal stuff unfortunately and timeless Pick up any newspaper any day anywhereI came to a point in my own life where I uestioned the acuisitive trajectory of my journey asking myself When is enough enough It was then that I uit Manhattan and repotted myself in Colorado So maybe my own circumstances pushed me to rate this book a five but hey the woman in the fly shop said she'd give it a real solid four In the end the lessons that the novel's protagonist Thompson Grey takes from his relationship with the subsistence farmer Benito sets his life on a course based on humility and character In this there is hope

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Crossing PurgatoryCe again put him to the test Set against the backdrop of the frontier during the years just preceding the Civil War Crossing Purgatory tells a story of unprincipled ambition guilt and the price one man is willing to pay for atonemen 35 stars Crossing Purgatory is a historical fiction story about one man's struggle to try to atone for the sins he feels he committed against his family This isn't a big flashy novel It's uiet and subtle but still very powerfulI really felt for the main character Thompson We don't get a lot of direct insight into who he is but through his actions we the readers are able to understand how he leaves his farm which provides a constant if not humble source of living to venture to parts unknown out on the trail to go out west This is a man who is aching I did wish that we got a little insight into exactly why what happened to his family affected him in this way I wanted to be able to understand about his motives to basically create a new life in a place that he never knew before This story kind of keeps you at arm's length thoughMost of the book is focused on Thompson dealing with the loss of his family as well as how he makes his new life We get to see the people he meets along the trail and how he becomes a farmer out west His life is very different now and it was fascinating to read about how he dealt with the changesThe writing in this book was pretty good Like I said this book is a very uiet book and it has uiet writing to go along with that This is a book that you definitely think a little bit about after you've turned the last page I wish the ending had been a little less ambiguous The end came uickly and was over just as fast and I wasn't really sure what to make of itOverall I liked the story for the characters and the scenery