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The Defense of the Faith doc » Í ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Defense of the Faith By Cornelius Van Til ➲ – This new annotated edition of The Defense of the Faith restores the full text of the original work in a form that iseasily understood Cornelius Van Til who taught forthan forty five years at WestminAbulary in The Defense and many of his conversation partners and critics were not widely known When later editions greatly abridged this work for these reasons valuable discussions were laid asideNow they are restored and with added clarificati Very good theology book

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This new annotated edition of The Defense of the Faith restores the full text of the original work in a form that iseasily understood Cornelius Van Til who taught forthan forty five years at Westminster Seminary sometimes used philosophical voc This is the landmark work by Dr Cornelius Van Til as far as Biblical apologetics There is much to be said for the work in apologetics in the evidential approach and the men who have labored so fruitfully in that field But as far as the Biblical 'method' is concerned or the 'theology' of apologetics as a discipline Van Til's presuppositionalism has no eual in taking every thought captive to Christ and showing how the Bible must be one's authority at the very outset of defending the faithLeading up to apologetics and then discussing it in length the book is divided into 11 sections as follows1 Christian Theology2 The Christian Philosophy of Reality3 The Christian Philosophy of Knowledge4 The Christian Philosophy of Behavior5 Christian Apologetics Point of Contact6 Christian Apologetics The Problem of Method7 Christian Apologetics Authority and Reason8 Common Grace and Scholasticism9 Argument by Presupposition10 The Defense of Christianity11 Amsterdam and Old PrincetonThe beginning chapters 1 4 is a huge help into understanding the basic Christian worldview as a whole and the foundation from where Van Til develops his approach to apologetics Then in chapters 5 7 he does a masterful job of contrasting the differing approaches to the disciplineChapter 9 is by far the most compelling treatise I have ever read on the subject of a truly Biblical approach to apologetics It is here where Van Til makes his famous statementBoth Thomas Auinas and Butler contend that men have done justice by the evidence if they conclude that God probably existsI consider this a compromise of simple and fundamental Biblical truth It is an insult to the living God to say that his revelation of himself so lacks in clairty that man himself through and through revelation of God does justice by it when he says that God probably existsThe argument for the existence of God and for the truth of Christianity is objectively valid We should not tone down the validity of this argument to the probability level The argument may be poorly stated and may never be adeuately stated But in itself the argument is absolutely sound Christianity is the only reasonable position to hold It is not merely as reasonable as other positions or a bit reasonable than other positions; it alone is the natural and reasonable position for man to take p 197He goes on then to confirm over and over again the truth of his claim that Christianity alone and no other system can make sense of the world In Chapter 10 he continues to contrast presuppositional apologetics with approaches less faithful to the Scriptures and gives an insightful dialogue between Mr Black Mr White and Mr GreyIn the concluding chapter he gives an account of other theologians and apologists and critiues where they were in line with Scriptures and where they departed in regard to Scriptural authority and apologeticsOverall while sometimes this book was a little tough to read in stretching the mind to think things through adeuately I cannot but recommend this book with my highest recommendation to all believers because truly we are all called upon to give a defense of the faith 1 Pet 315 16May the Lord Christ bless you in your studies

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The Defense of the FaithOn Newly edited and retypeset this unabridged edition features a foreword and explanatory notes by K Scott Oliphint which help us grasp a method of apologetics consistent with the nature of Christianity itself and continually relevant to our ti good