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Book ☆ Summer Breeze Î 421 pages Download Þ Eyltransferservices Ä [Reading] ➼ Summer Breeze By Catherine Anderson – The year is 1889 and Rachel Hollister hasn't set foot outside her house in five years Ever since a savage attack left her family dead she's Ce but to let a handsome rancher invade her well guarded existence Confirmed bachelor Joseph Paxton grudgingly offers to take up temporary residence at the Hollister ranch even though it's obvious Rachel doesn't want his protection But once he catches a glimpse of his beautiful young ward and her remarkable s I will probably do a better review later but this was a great read and one I really needed since reading hasn't come easy lately It was sweet and a nice little slow burn and loved the hero and heroine I sympathized with the heroine and her need to feel safe as we are dealing with it But I loved how she overcame The hero was awesome The dog Buddy just made me smile with his antics A nice read with no real angst

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Pirit he'll do anything to break through the dark spell that's walled off her heart It may take a miracle but he's determined to make her see the refuge he's offering in his embrace and the splendor that exists beyond her front door Otherwise he'll just have to build a safe haven big enough for the both of th OMG What an AMAZING read I don't know why I purchased this book a long time ago and then waited until now to read it Silly me DBefore Summer Breeze the only book by Catherine Anderson that I'd read was Annie's Song and it was an utterly emotional and beautiful read ^^ So I didn't know what to expect in this book or if Ms Anderson could be my new favorite romance author But after Summer Breeze I know she can and she has DIt was so lovely to see how Rachel and Joseph strangers to each other lived together in the same house for Rachel's protection and started to open up to each other after a not so friendly first meeting How wonderful to see those two slowly learned about each other helped each other heal changed for the better and finally developed something meaningful than just some hook ups Joseph had been through before love Oh and how captivating to see Joseph a man who always dreaded the idea of marriage of a husbandfather's responsibilities slowly realized he couldn't lose Rachel couldn't live without her and had to marry her And I love Ace Keegan's Joseph's step brother explanation on love in marriage and how true love can prevail against everything to bring about a successful marital union This book also gave me moments of fast heartbeats thanks to its suspense element and a gruesome back story of Rachel family's murder that shook her to the very core Thank God everything turned out to be beyond happy for both Rachel and Joseph now that the identity of the killer had been found and Rachel had also healed from the horrific haunting incident in the past Ah and those intimate scenes between the two though briefly described still made me burned with the passion and love and sensuality of both Rachel and Joseph Not to mention the last love making scene that took place OUTSIDE IN THE OPEN FIELD UNDER THE CLEAR BLUE SKY AND AMONG THE SUMMER BREEZES D Holy hell I want to do that with my future husband someday ha ha ha I was about to give this book 4 stars but man the I read it the it grew on me like an addiction And the epilogue with the last letter Joseph wrote to Rachel before he died OMG it was so heartbreakingly beautiful 3 3 3 I can't help it 5 stars it is PS The lovely couple went on to have 12 children guys D WOW

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Summer BreezeThe year is 1889 and Rachel Hollister hasn't set foot outside her house in five years Ever since a savage attack left her family dead she's cordoned herself off from the outside world afraid to let anyone into her home or into her heart But now trouble has appeared on her doorstep and suddenly she has no choi It was a good read I give 1 star for the book title and 1 star for the epilogue’s letter The mystery and suspense were perfectly played out From the start I know the killer isn’t obvious one but I couldn’t guess either The Author did a great job to build Rachel and Joseph characters and the chemistry between them is great The bonding of these characters was built slowly and I am glad author didn’t rush for it Overall it’s a beautiful romance story