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This book tells the story of the Fight ePUB #180 the campaign to get women the vote in Britain Beginning by looking at the role of women in the th Century and ending with the continuing struggle for eual rights for women in all parts of society this is an essential read for young people aged plus to understand the history of the women's movement on suffrage It includes the suffragist. As a history teacher who taught this subject at both Ks3 and GCSE and has a soft spot for this subject anyway I was delighted to see the centenary being recognised at least on a literature front This book isn't perfect but depending on the reading abilities and whether an adultteacher is contextualising this could appeal between the ages of 9 up to GCSE as a source of history enrichment readingIf you treat this as a support to other instruction or explanation or paired with deeper analysis or discussion then this is a good book that covers both suffragist and suffragette movements some often omit the first from the 1860s up to the post war period and has a good selection of evidence from the time to support and illustrate and even push arguments and points forward from the Holloway badge to newspaper cartoons and headlinesThere are a few problems for me as a historian and teacher the biggest is that is doesn't really explain WHY women wanted the vote other than 'men had it so why not women' Of course this is a valid argument but it grossly misses the point Admittedly the text covers the early context of the suffrage movement by referring to The Peterloo Massacre and the Great Reform Act of 1832 but falls short of exploring contextual socio economic issues such as the legal rights read none of women of all ranking and marriage status especially to education the custody and decisions regarding their children and property which really hits home WHY women wanted the vote and this is twinned with the contemporaneous social circumstances that enabled the suffrage movement to thrive with the custom of female dominated philanthropic societies campaigning for social change especially for the poor and public health alongside the emergence of female writers writing about women not just fiction but political writings such as Vindication of the rights of WomenThe other thing that I felt missed the point were the pages on 'deeds not words' and the pre war escalation it didn't really explain why these tactics were undertaken other than 'to force the government' but that doesn't explain uite how or why they would be deemed powerful other than that in today's context today they could also be seen as frustrating and later violent bordering on threatening It doesn't convey the social context of the time that made these actions powerful for franchiseless women to protest and bring women's suffrage to the public attention and discussionIt also didn't convey the political context of the decision and how the political elite tried to pander to women with the Liberal reforms allowing women to have greater control over their body their children and property also in event of divorce and how when capitulating to the 1918 Representation of the People act poorer and younger women were left out partially because they were so terrified younger or poor women would vote against the liberals and shock horror might even vote labourThese aren't unreasonable to include in the context of this book a few additions to sections here and there would convey greater understanding BUT if coupled with good instruction or informed discussion this can be balanced whilst still using the bookOverall I still award this 5 stars as despite not being perfect it's hard to pitch the contextualisation right without over egging the causation links and patronising the reader or missing the point entirely and the understanding is missed I'm grateful that books for this age group are being created especially in event of the centenary and is an import at springboard to explore other books which may discuss the causes conseuences change and continuity across the fight for the franchise

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Suffragettes and the Fight for the VoteN of the People Act This finally gave the vote to some women for the first time women over who owned property and also gave the vote to all men up until then only about two thirds of men had the vote and the Fight Epub #220 The Houses of Parliament are celebrating this centenary with their 'Vote ' project will also be the th anniversary of women gaining full voting euality with men i. Lovely book

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READ & DOWNLOAD Æ Suffragettes and the Fight for the Vote å [EPUB] ✶ Suffragettes and the Fight for the Vote By Sarah Ridley – This book tells the story of the campaign to get women the vote in Britain Beginning by looking at the role of women in the 19th Century and ending with the coS' campaign The book includes photos of key people in the campaign such as Millicent Garrett Fawcett Suffragettes and PDFEPUB or Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Wilding Davison and ephemera such as force feeding euipment banners and medallionsThe book was long listed for the SLA information book award It is published ahead of a landmark year that marks the centenary of the Representatio. Great simple overview of key moments Top book Would recommend