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Self-Actualized by Poker: The Path from Categorical Learning to Free-Thinking Free download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ò [Reading] ➶ Self-Actualized by Poker: The Path from Categorical Learning to Free-Thinking ➬ RomanAs Albert Einstein Abraham Maslow and Bruce Lee This book will teach you what that method is and how you can acuire it and how the author himself came to discover it through pursuing mastery in the discipline of poker As an added bonus it also reveals how the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee came to discover it by the by Poker The Path from MOBI #190 same pathBy the end of this book you’ll have by Poker The Path from MOBI #190 learned one of the greatest secrets to human happiness productivity and self actualization the correct method of using your mi. This book could be better titled but it is generally about the author’s journey of learning a new thinking and problem solving process through the use of applied logic in the game of poker and his stroke of insight after finally learning how to effectively apply Structured Hand Analysis It's his evolution of learning a problem solving processes into what he calls Free ThinkingI am not a gambler or poker player so it was trying for me to work through this book I was idiotic to not scan the contents as I normally do as if I had I would have found the Appendix explaining the game of Poker and its terms at the end when I startedNonetheless I found Gelperin’s path to insight both entertaining and illuminating I can sympathize with him in the categorization phase as a learner or later as he describes as “the bad student” as this was the same manner in which I approached honors Chemistry in high school and later Corporate Finance in graduate school and nearly failed them bothI look forward to reading his longer work of which this was originally intended to be a part of A sneak peak is offered in an Appendix where a brief synopsis of Bruce Lee’s evolution in thinking and what one might call his circle of learning beginning with his learning and then mastery of Wing Chun and eventually leading to his bottom up process that ended up resulting in what I assume became Jeet Kune Do though it is not namedNote that the author briefly touches on game theory but you don’t need to be an economist or need any understanding of classical realism to get his discussions of a rational person’s movesThe read though difficult with the Poker jargon for me was entertaining and I look forward to work by this author Long story short a fun story about a poker player’s evolution of mind

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Learn the Single Most Powerful Enlightened Poker The PDF #10003 Correct Method of ThinkingYour brain is a far farpowerful computer than any that’s ever been built And your conscious mental processes the methods by which you think acuire and organize your knowledge are that computer’s softwareYour mind comes with default software your instinctual method of thinking which fails however to unlock even a tenth of your full intelligenceIf you’re like most people your software has never been upgraded and you’ve Self Actualized by eBook #223 ended up feel. Well I've read the other reviews and all of them seem to be 5 Stars I've concluded that I must be a mental midget I was offered to read this book by the Author for free based on my Review of Anderson Cooper and his Mother Gloria Vanderbilt's Book The Rainbow Comes and Goes The comparison baffles me as to why the Author of Self Actuated By Poker made that connection and I don't get the connection at all I realize what this Author is expressing as far as looking at life from a different perspective but I just could not wrap my limited brain around his Philosophy I promised him I would read it and that I did yesterday The book is not that long I want to be honest that I may be missing the entire point but I found this book tedious and utterly confusing

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Self Actualized by Poker The Path from Categorical Learning to Free ThinkingIng unhappy ineffective and full of uncertainty because your method of thinking falls short on the tasks needed for living working and analyzing the worldYou have the ability to upgrade your software by consciously learning a new and enlightened method of thinking that unlocks your mind’s fullest potential This method is called free thinking as opposed to the rigid categorical thinking that is your default softwareThis same method has been by Poker The ePUB #185 discovered independently by some of the world’s greatest minds by leading lights as diverse. New York author Roman Gelperin describes himself as ‘an author biographer philosopher and forever a student of the human mind’ He earned his BA in Psychology from Stony Brook University and lives in Brooklyn NY His important and informative books to date are ADDICTION PROCRASTINATION AND LAZINESS DEPRESSION AND THE IMMATURE ROMANCE and now SELF ACTUALIZED BY POKER increasing his influence in addressing the factors that disrupt our livesOne of the many aspects that make Roman book so accessible to the reader is his uality of relating In his Introductory comments he states ‘We humans are born with a mind but no instructions about the right way to use it This correct method must either be discovered or learned anew by each individual – or remain unknown to him The same way a person must learn to drive a car so must the person learn how to use his mind – to obtain information form the external and internal world process it and end up with a repertoire of accurate knowledge about realityThis book is a detailed account of my own epistemology experience attained through a multi year effort to trying to master the game of poker It was indeed the single most important definitive few hours of my life And as might be expected everything changedThis book will teach the single most important concept a human being needs to know What is the correct way to use one’s mind What isn’t And what paths on can take to unlock that correct understanding within one’s self’‘Self actualization – the highest level of psychological health available to a human being’ That is the invitation Roman offers in this fascinating book surveying epistemology the method of acuiring and organizing knowledge – a method of thinking freethinking estimates from experience deception statistics and integration The manner in which he leads this investigation and learning experience using his own example of learning poker makes the book comfortably available to all readersSmart pertinent and very useful this little book is than a self help book though it is that too; this is a book that successfully combines psychology and philosophy Recommended Grady Harp October 19