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On NovemberJapan's most renowned postwar La vision PDFEPUB #227 novelist Yukio Mishima stunned the world by committing Mishima ou ePUB #241 ritual suicid Richard Howard said that Yourcenar’s first novel Alexis or The Treatise of Futile Combat has an “aphoristic glamour” which makes up for its “meagerness of incident” An “aphoristic glamour” – isn't that what we all want – certainly enabled me to enjoy Mishima a book which because it consists mostly of plot summaries and explication of novels I haven’t read might easily have been boringIts beauty comes in part from its combining before our eyes living creatures and ghosts who are practically the same thing in a world where impermanence is the rulepatriotic verses which prove to what extent a group of one hundred men is already a mob and expects as such its fodder of clichésthe Void which Honda had contemplated and which suddenly seems nothing but a concept or a symbol too human in spite of everythingSatoko whom he at first loved only a little and then madlyI love Yourcenar’s essay on seppuku in That Mighty Sculptor Time and am lately curious about Mishima so finding this book made my day

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Mishima ou La vision du videE Here Marguerite Yourcenar a brilliant reader of Mishima and a scholar with an eye for ou La vision Epub #219 the cultural roles of fiction unravels the I read this book in the continuation of the 5 No Yourcenar and Mishima is bound to them Why such a link coming together In what a western writer is him to judge an oriental writer Except for their homosexuality we do not see them common points The danger is to apply a railing of western reading and to make a mistakeLevy Strauss pronounced 3 conferences in Japan which were published in France under the title L'autre face de la lune The other face of the moon He noted the disturbing resemblances between France and Japan He wondered if it was not of for the geographic situation of both countries at the end of their continent looking America Culturally 2 countries thus present common pointsYourcenar present a very fine study of the work of Mishima I disadvise this book to those who do not know Mishima because she gives the end of books I believe that Yourcenar had the culture and the necessary empathy to write this book A very important analysis of the work of Mishima

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eBook Ç Mishima ou La vision du vide Paperback Read  eyltransferservices Þ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Mishima ou La vision du vide Author Marguerite Yourcenar – Eyltransferservices.co.uk On November 25 1970 Japan's most renowned postwar novelist Yukio Mishima stunned the world by committing rituAuthor's life and politics his affection for Western culture his family and his homosexuality his brilliant writings and his carefully premeditated deat I was inspired to read Marguerite Yourcenar's book Mishima A Vision Of The Void 1980 because of eminent Japanese critic Donald Richie's praise of it Make no mistake Yourcenar has not attempted to write a definitive biography or critical study however has drafted a tribute to Japanese author Yukio Mishima as a symbol in life as well as expressed in his writings She has made some interesting observations about his actions in life and how they reflected his ideas that have been preserved in his body of writing I suppose this would be of most interest to people who are well versed in the life and work of Mishima