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mobi · Secrets A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers ✓ A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers Õ eyltransferservices Ï ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers By Join or create booRait of America at a perilous crossroadEllsberg's well told memoir sticks in the mind and will be a powerful testament for future students of a war that the United States should never have fought The Washington PostEllsberg's deft critiue of secrecy in government is an invaluable contribution to understanding one of our nation's darkest hours Theodore Roszak San Francisco Chronicl Critical US history and the lies the public has been feed since the 50's until today The rebirth of Dan from the power of the beast into the white robes of angelsGeneral Abrams himself in Sell's and Donovan's accounts was committed to deceptive cover story; so were the secretary of the army and the president Not only Colonel Rheault but below him several majors captains a warrant officer and a sergeant had constructed the false cover story given to Abrams That was pretty much the whole chain of command civilian and militaryI lay in bed that Tuesday morning and thought This is the system that I have been working for the system I have been part of for a dozen years fifteen including the Marine Corps It's a system that lies automatically at every level from bottom up to top from sergeant to commander in chief to conceal murderThat described as I had come to realize from my reading that month what that system had been doing in Vietnam on an infinitely larger scale continuously for a third of a century And it was still going on I thought I'm not going to be part of it any I'm not going to be a part of this lying machine this cover up this murder anyIt occurred to me that what I had in my safe at Rand was seven thousand pages of documentary evidence of lying by four presidents and their adminstrations over twenty three years to conceal plans and actions of mass murder I decided I would stop concealing that myselfI would get it out somehowDaniel Ellsberg pg 289 Secrets

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The true story of the leaking of the Pentagon Papers the event which inspired Steven Spielbergs feature film The PostIn 1971 former Cold War hard liner Daniel Ellsberg made history by releasing the Pentagon Papers a 7000 page top secret study of US decision making in Vietnam to the New York Times and Washington Post The document set in motion a chain of events that ended not only A timely well written reminder of the dangers to democracy of putting national security ahead of freedom of information It moves along like a novel and the history is a nice bonus Every public school student in the US should be reuired to read this and get a better idea of how their government really works Especially instructive are scenes such as one where Kissinger tells Nixon that bombing the dikes in Laos will kill perhaps 150000 civilians a number too small for Nixon His response? Damn it Henry think big And he suggests they use nuclear weapons

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Secrets A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon PapersThe Nixon presidency but the Vietnam War In this remarkable memoir Ellsberg describes in dramatic detail the two years he spent in Vietnam as a US State Department observer and how he came to risk his career and freedom to expose the deceptions and delusions that shaped three decades of American foreign policy The story of one man's exploration of conscience Secrets is also a port As a Vietnam Veteran it confirmed many of the things I saw while there I was a 1st Lieutenant serving in a counter intelligence unit in uảng Ngãi Province While the read was not an exciting read those who have an interest in the Vietnam War should find it worth the effort The release of the Pentagon Papers was an illegal act but then so probably was the Vietnam War