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Mao The Unknown Story doc ☆ The Unknown Story read ↠ join or create book clubs Ì [PDF / Epub] ✍ Mao: The Unknown Story ☁ Join or create book clubs – Ever since the spectacular success of Changs Wild Swans we have waited impatiently for her toF Mao ever written It is full of startling revelations exploding the myth of the Long March and showing a completely unknown Mao he was not driven by idealism or ideology; his intimate and intricate relationship with Stalin went back to the 1920s ultimately bringing him to power; he welcomed Japanese occupation of much of China; and he schemed poisoned and blackmailed to get his way After Mao conuered China in 1949 his secret goal was to dominate the world In chasing this dream he caused the deaths of 38 million people in the greatest famine in history In all well over 70 million Chinese perished under Maos rulein peacetimeComb Definitely the story of the century The greatest 'human social engineering' experiment ever conducted Here is a guy who would 'sacrifice' literally tens of millions yes that is 10000000s of his countrymen at the wave of his hand How could this have happened Find out how he was spared in his 'Dunkirk' moment by none other than US General Marshall yes of the Marshall plan And much much

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Ining meticulous research with the story telling style of Wild Swans this biography offers a harrowing portrait of Maos ruthless accumulation of power through the exercise of terror his first victims were the peasants then the intellectuals and finally the inner circle of his own advisors The reader enters the shadowy chambers of Maos court and eavesdrops on the drama in its hidden recesses Maos character and the enormity of his behavior toward his wives mistresses and children are unveiled for the first timeThis is an entirely fresh look at Mao in both content and approach It will astonish historians and the general reader ali I read this book 5 years back when I was catching up on as many Chinese authors as I could before planning to work there It was very valuable for my experiences there and the discussions that I had with locals Such is the power of the state that you still have to be careful about expressing political opinions and who with There were some people that I really wished I could have handed a copy to read but that would uite possibly have got them into trouble as the book and author are still banned there As Britain and the USA are now seemingly pulling themselves apart politically the lessons in this book are there for all to see Never follow ideologues and demagogues is the main one for me as people fall for the racist far right rhetoric of TrumpFarageJohnsonBannon et al and the other spin offs that are energised by their divisive attacks The cruelty of Mao in the way he treated even his closest followers like Chou En Lai resonated bringing that nastiness that some leaders seem to enjoy Jung Chang and Chin Ning Chu have the most influence on my reading these days along with many others I like to compare these Chinese or Chinese exiles since China became open to the authors of influence from the new world in the last century I hope they keep coming

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Mao The Unknown StoryEver since the spectacular success of Changs Wild Swans we have waited impatiently for her to complete with her husband this monumental study of Chinas most notorious modern leader The expectation has been that she would rewrite modern Chinese history The wait has been worthwhile and the expectation justified This is a bombshell of a bookChris Patten the last governor of Hong Kong in The Times LondonBased on a decade of research and on interviews with many of Maos close circle in China who have never talked beforeand with virtually everyone outside China who had significant dealings with himthis is the most authoritative life o I have just spent the last three weeks in China at least in my mind and it was uite a trip This was an impressive biography well referenced and cited with extensive interviews How did these two writers ever weave such an interesting coherent readable story from what had to have been an overwhelming set of notes They conducted 364 formal interviews as well as numerous informal conversations with a long list of people In addition they consulted the archives in 10 countries Albania Bulgaria Germany Italy Japan Russia Switzerland Taiwan UK and the USATo anyone else who has read this book it will come as no surprise that it did not leave me with a favorable impression of Mao Tse Tung He was a sick insensitive sadistic selfish devious disgusting person I have little sympathy for Mao because it seems he had no sympathy for others not even his own children I was surprised about the real nature of his relationships with the US Kissinger Nixon; his influence on the Vietnam War the Korean War; his changing relationships with RussiaMy interest in China previously centered on its ancient history and classic novels While reading this book I kept making notes of other subjects and people to investigate and have since purchased than a dozen so far books on China’s modern history as well as contemporary novels Reading this biography was very satisfying and I highly recommend it