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EPUB Ä MOBI April Blood ó Florence and the Plot against the Medici FREE ì EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ´ ❰Download❯ ➸ April Blood: Florence and the Plot against the Medici Author Lauro Martines – Eyltransferservices.co.uk One of the world's leadingS of the government palace All remaining members of the larger Pazzi clan were forced to change their surname and every public sign or symbol of the family was expunged or destroyed April Blood offers us a fresh portrait of Renaissance Florence where dazzling artistic achievements went side by side with violence craft and bare knuckle politics At the center of the canvas is the figure of Lorenzo the Magnificent poet statesman connoisseur patron of the arts and ruthless boss of bosses This extraordinarily vivid account of a turning point in the Italian Renaissance is bound to become a lasting work of history Good piece of work Scholarly but decently written Despite the title Martines goes far beyond simply recounting the details of the Pazzi plot to murder Leonardo and his brother It's not my specialty but I was somewhat familiar with Renaissance Florence and I still learned things from reading the book Martines is far sympathetic to the Pazzi and their allies and harder on the Medici than is the general run of historical treatment

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One of the world's leading historians of Renaissance Italy brings to life here the vibrant and violent society of fifteenth century Florence His disturbing narrative opens up an entire culture revealing the dark side of Renaissance man and politician Lorenzo de' Medici On a Sunday in April 1478 assassins attacked Lorenzo and his brother as they attended Mass in the cathedral of Florence Lorenzo scrambled to safety as Giuliano bled to death on the cathedral floor April Blood moves outward in time and space from that murderous event unfolding a story of tangled passions ambition treachery and revenge The cons This book provides a different interpretation of the April plot to assassinate Lorenzo de Medici and his brother Guiliano It focuses solely on the political lives and maneuvering of the Medici family and therefore the picture presented is not the usual paean to the family and especially Lorenzo It portrays Lorenzo and to a lesser extent Cosimo and Piero as a tyrant who consistently chips away at the underpinnings of the Republic of Florence It also portrays the conspirators in the April plot sympathetically than normally seenI enjoyed the book which made me reexamine my own views of the Medici I would definitely recommend the book

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April Blood Florence and the Plot against the MediciPiracy was led by one of the city's most noble clans the Pazzi financiers who feared and resented the Medici's swaggering new role as political bosses but the web of intrigue spread through all of Italy Bankers mercenaries the Duke of Urbino the King of Naples and Pope Sixtus IV entered secretly into the plot Florence was plunged into a peninsular war and Lorenzo was soon fighting for his own and his family's survival The failed assassination doomed the Pazzi Medici revenge was swift and brutal plotters were hanged or beheaded innocents were hacked to pieces and bodies were put out to dangle from the window I slogged through this book because it was chosen by my book group I would certainly have abandoned it otherwise It was as if the author lined up notecards and copied directly from themRead something by Hillary Mantel if you want to see how good this story could be