Even if it Costs me my Life: Systemic Constellations and Serious Illness Summary Ô 2

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Even if it Costs me my Life: Systemic Constellations and Serious Illness Summary Ô 2 Ò [Epub] ❧ Even if it Costs me my Life: Systemic Constellations and Serious Illness By Stephan Hausner – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Family constellations work has broadened and developed in many differA view of transgenerational entanglements and family dynamics casts a new light on health and disease and the insights gained from constellations with illness and health if it Costs eBook #8608 problems have led to aholistic view of those who are ill In Even if it Costs me my Life Stephan Hausner aims to provide a picture of the healing potential of. This book has helped my soul to open Reading this book has also opened my heart and facilitated healing My friend Anngwyn St Just had suggested it to me

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Family constellations work has broadened and it Costs PDFEPUB #182 developed in many different fields as a method of counseling and therapy In addition to constellations in organizations and schools applying this approach to working with illness and disease has expanded Even if PDFEPUBthe potential for healing effects in the field of medicine as well. very good reading Recommended for those who want to understand better family Constelations and ocult loyalties

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Even if it Costs me my Life Systemic Constellations and Serious IllnessSystemic constellations entering into the reciprocal effects if it Costs me my eBook #180 of family dynamics and illness Extensive use of case studies demonstrates this techniue in action revealing how existing illnesses and pathologies are rooted within the family dynamic and setting up healing postures to facilitate growth development and directio. Perls postulated that every human being is inextricably caught in a web of relationships with all things Therefore it is only possible to truly know one's self as one exists in relation to other things This principle might be key to understanding the therapeutic value of the collective engagement in inherited histories that attends to the ‘psychically’ held bonds within a systemThe aim of the family constellation is to locate the precise points where the bonds have become 'stuck' in the family of origin so these can be fully experienced prefigured and worked through then integrated into the background leaving the foreground free for the next relevant Gestalt that is “restoring the broken connection and unconscious hidden loyalties of bonds not helpful for personal freedom and growth” Hellinger pin pointed these areas of stuckness as “the balance of giving and taking the fate of the family as a community of fate and the natural orders including the right to belong even for those who have diedDurkheim could act as a crude reference for the idea of shared culture in solidarity in the form of a collective conscience which Hellinger calls the ‘family conscience’ In the constellation chosen representatives from the circle of attendees take on the feelings and physical symptoms of the patient’s current and past family members The material unearthed often goes beyond typical therapeutic transference phenomena and telegraphs family secrets with an unerring accuracy; or at a minimum the constellation unlocks new perspectives of choice for both the facilitator and patient The constellation is neither a group therapy session nor a typical one to one psychoanalytical set up Amongst its functions it serves as a ‘one shot’ experience intended to “drain the projections between the therapist and client out of the picture” thereby leaving little opportunity to sculpture pre existing narratives of ‘woundology’ MyssIn turning to the facilitator when factored with the reuisite 10000 hours Ericsson of case load the Zen mastery of the occasion all becomes evident Part super sleuth part ‘feinfühligkeit’ empathiser “in creating the intersubjective dimension of the healing transaction in ‘I see you are seeing me’” Wheeler the facilitator displays a heightened sense for “the ground dynamics of frozen attachments or aversions in the past relational field”The hypothesis maker also has to gather up evidence from the patient reason inductively by building the constellation up be fluid in reframing their position testing them through the additionsubtraction of representatives make deductions from previous case scenarios and become adept at experimentation amid the careful possession for “extreme circumspection and restraint in choosing the appropriate moment” For Lao Tzu this ”determines the uality of the moment” and the reaching out movementWhat marks out Stephan is not only dittoall the above but his concentration on discovering the dynamics that could possibly connect to illness and symptoms His cases are an expression of his belief that symptoms act as a trial to create balance For example when an associated representative is brought in the illness representative often withdraws or when there is not a strong connection between two representatives bringing in an illness representative post hoc ergo propter hoc the connection often gets st