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Dangerous Diplomacy: How the State Department Threatens America's Security Free read ☆ 104 ´ [BOOKS] ⚣ Dangerous Diplomacy: How the State Department Threatens America's Security By Joel Mowbray – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Whose side are they onDiplomacy is one thing But giving Tate Department has proven itself to be one of our biggest obstacles to victoryIn Dangerous Diplomacy investigative reporter Joel Mowbray exposes the hidden agendas mixed allegiances and outright anti Americanism that Diplomacy How the State Department Kindle has infected the US State Department Relying on exhaustive interviews with State Department personnel and extensive research into State's pub. that the State Department by arresting Joel Mowbray over some supposed leaks gave him the name recognition to sell this book Prior to that arrest there really wasn't anyone who's job description was high profile State Department basher and now there's Joel Mowbray This book is the perfect answer to a State Department which showed as little wisdom in arresting him as it does in everything else it handles

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Whose side How the PDFEPUB #231 are they onDiplomacy is one thing But giving aid and comfort to the enemy is uite another Yet that is exactly what our very own State Department is doing coddling brutal dictators covering up gaping holes in our nation's safety net and appeasing regimes that actively sponsor terrorists around the world In this global war on terrorism the US Dangerous Diplomacy PDFEPUBS. On the surface the argument of this book is true The state departmentr lets us down every day and supports the most un american regimes in the world The state department supported the barbaric turks in thier invasion of Cyprus State looked on as Allende was toppled Recently State supports Pakistan and Saudi two regimes that helped create terrorism in Afghanistan and two places that fun terrorism the world over Yet this book does not understand the tenents of realismIt would be nice if we could invade Suadi and crush these despots who funfd billions towards our destruction and who made up the majority of the 911 attackers But its not that easy We need the Saudis for a few years as we establish our oil power in Ira Onc e our troops are safe in Ira we can take out the Saudis because we will have a new ally in the Gulf America has always had an ally in the Gulf We had the Shah in the 70swhen the Suadis created the oil embargo in the 80s we had saddam because he helped us get back at the Iranian revolution and in the 90s we had Saudi because Ira and Iran were controlled by anti americans who had grown too big for thier britches Now we will have Ira again and we can rid ourselves of the distateful Saudis once and for all The State department is full of Kissinger like realists and we need to try and understand some of its actions before judging it harshly the way this book does taking no account of the fact that what one sees on the surfacesupport of Saudi may not be the case

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Dangerous Diplomacy How the State Department Threatens America's SecurityLications procedures and recent history Mowbray reveals an astounding pattern of shortsighted Diplomacy How the PDF #203 and misguided policies compounded by an ingrained resistance to self criticism and correctionMowbray documents a State Department in dire need of reform revealing here for the first time just how far State has strayed from its intended role as the primary agent of US interests abro. Joel Mowbray comes out in a tour de force with Dangerous Diplomacy I have worked with the State Department in the context of international child abduction cases an issue that State takes the lead on within the US government and his description of their handling of the phenomenon in the chapter Cold Shoulder State's Smallest Victim's is excellent Likewise his treatment of many of our FSO's Foreign Service Officers and their prioritizing of their own interests in foreign countries above that of America's interests abroad and the general culture of State is excellent Don't be fooled by the anonymous one star reviews that are probably attempts by one of America's biggest and most well funded and powerful bureaucracies to defend itself from one of its most vocal and articulate criticsMowbray ran afoul of State in the context of the Visa Express scandal where State expedited the visas of most of the 911 terrorists as part of their program to appease our strategic ally of Saudi Arabia Mowbray rightfully deserves credit for exposing that scandal and goes on to detail how many of State's FSO's dedicated to Saudi Arabia take lucrative consulting positions once they retire from US serviceIf you're an American dealing with the State Department and trying to understand why they seem to have their collective head up the proverbial backside of foreign governments because a kiss is never enough this is the book for you