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review Empty Without You 103 Û ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Empty Without You Author Roger Streitmatter – The relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Associated Press reporter Lorena Hickok has sparked vociferous debate ever since 1978 when archivists at the Franklin D Roosevelt Library discovered eigh The relationship bRoad trip together often traveling incognito The friends even discussed a future in which they would share a home and blend their separate lives into one Perhaps as valuable as these intimations of a love affair are the glimpses this collection offers of an Eleanor Roosevelt strikingly different from the icon she has become Although the figure who emerges in these pages is as determined and politically adept as the woman we know she is also surprisingly sarcastic and funny tender and vulnerable and even judgmental and petty all less public but no less important attributes of our most beloved first lady. Halfway through and Streitmatter's commentary in this book is driving me bonkers Why must so many of the letters begin with what are essentially spoilers Adults who understand English need not be informed when one woman is about to apologize to the other or express affection in an intimate manner because THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEIR ACTUAL WORDS SAY Honestly The letters speak for themselves — if he'd hush up and let them Commentary should add context not simply parrot the contentThat peeve aside this is very good

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Ty Without Kindle the candor and introspection of a private diary the letters expose the most private thoughts feelings and motivations of their authors and allow us to assess the full dimensions of a remarkable friendship From the day Eleanor moved into the White House and installed Lorena in a bedroom just a few feet from her own each woman virtually lived for the other When Lorena was away Eleanor kissed her picture of dearest Hick every night before going to bed while Lorena marked the days off her calendar in anticipation of their next meeting In the summer of Eleanor and Lorena took a three week. I thought this book was a fairly interesting read A lot of the letters just catalog their days without each other as is to be expected but you do feel this small kind of yearning; this want to be with each other again Nothing is overt but you can sense this kindred link between the two women I did get the feeling that the author Roger Streitmatter had a small distaste for the relationship between the two His overall writing and explanations of unclear events in the letters made it seem as if he were lacking some reverence in regards to their relationship and that bothered me a little bit His personal bigotry andor my interpretation of his feelings notwithstanding it is an appealing read Isn't it always fascinating to delve into the minds of two honest real life people in love

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Empty Without YouThe relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Associated Press reporter Lorena Hickok has sparked vociferous debate ever since when archivists at the Franklin D Roosevelt Library discovered eighteen boxes filled with letters the two women exchanged during their thirty year friendship But until now we have been offered only the odd uotation or excerpt from their voluminous correspondence In Empty Without You journalist and historian Rodger Streitmatter has transcribed and annotated letters that shed new light on the legendary passionate and intense bond between these extraordinary women Written with Emp. DNF 15%