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Download Reader Ô Allegiant ´ ´ Veronica roth Ò [KINDLE] ❆ Allegiant By Veronica Roth – The faction based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal So when offered a chance to explore the wEd lies tangled loyalties and painful memoriesBut Tris's new reality is even alarming than the one she left behind Old discoveries are uickly rendered meaningless Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves And once again Tris must battle to comprehend to complexities of human nature and of herself while facing impo The book starts off with this epigraph from the Erudite faction manifesto Every uestion that can be answered must be answered or at least engaged Illogical thought processes must be challenged when they ariseAnd then fantastically misses the mark Allegiant was so chock full of plot holes unrealistic situations contrived character development laughable explanations and a whole load of wtf moments And that's not even including the disastrous ending of this book How this book managed to have an epigraph about being logical is a complete mystery to me INCLUDES MASSIVE SPOILERS view spoilerRight from the get go the book wastes little time with the petty conflict between the factions and the factionless The narrative spends a few convenient moments agonizing over the factionless vs factions dilemma and then decides to venture outside the fence Which you know is totally fine because we all assumed that at some point the narrative would come back to resolve that conflict in a reasonable way later on One dead character and a relatively easy stroll through the fence later Tris and company encounter THE WORLD OUTSIDE THE FENCE Behold the moment we have all been waiting for As it turns out the world has apparently been so full of assholes that the government decided to eliminate the genes in citizens that caused dishonestly selfishness cowardice stupidity and aggression Unfortunately this backfired and just created assholes that were asshole y than before So how does a rational government fix this problem? Easy Just construct gigantic city sized behavioural experiments all across the country Get volunteers who had their genes screwed with to have their memories wiped and stick them into a city and force them to choose a faction Eventually these people will reproduce enough times until they finally manage to have genetically pure aka Divergent babies that are free from messed up genes I mean duh That's like the most logical thing ever Because its not like bad genes pass down bad genes or anything Silly science In fact this department is just so full of geniuses that they decided that instead of using the genetic engineering prowess they already had to modify the genes of the genetically damaged offspring they were just gonna wait around for 8 generations until the problem just miraculously fixed itself Don't worry Their efforts aren't wasted I've already nominated them for the Nobel Prize in What The Fuckery From then on the book actually gets worse Instead of trying to resolve the old conflict between the factionless and the factions the book tries to take on a whole new conflict between the genetically pure and the genetically damaged making the plot unnecessarily convoluted and leaving little to no room for proper character development Tris and Four's switching POVs only disorient the reader further because as the book continues the characters voices lose their distinctions and start to sound and like each other While Tris may have been tougher in this book than in Insurgent which is literally the only redeeming uality I'm willing to give this book Four's character gets a complete top to bottom deconstruction Gone is the tough strong badass we got to know in the previous two books Instead Roth replaces Four with a bumbling emotional man child who fails to make rational decisions and think straight His judgement is often clouded by his own insecurities and growing fears Before we knew Four as being a character who would never let his fears control him In Allegiant Four's fears have his neck in a leash and tug him in any which direction and he willing goes without even putting up a fightWhich now brings me to the disastrous ending of this book Suddenly tensions are rising between the factionless and the Allegiant the group who wants to re establish the faction system and Evelyn decides she's going to use the Erudite death serum to wipe out her opponents But the Department of Genetic Welfare is having none of her shit so they decide that they're just going to wipe out everyone's memory so they don't kill each other Can I also point out here that they used this memory wiping serum before to trick the general population into thinking that the genetically damaged are alone the cause of the world's problems? So you know there wouldn't be massive protests or anything when the government decided to deliberately waste money trying to solve a problem they knew was fucked to begin withA race against the clock ensues where Four goes back to Chicago to try and wipe the memories of his parents to stop them from fighting while Tris stays behind to try and steal this memory serum and use it on the Department themselves The book gets a little preachy right before this part where the characters start talking about how erasing someone's memories is inherently evil unless you have good intentions of course The Department also has good intentions for using this serum on Chicago and saving the lives of thousands of people but fuck logic Our heroes would way rather just watch the people they love kill each other And how exactly does the book wrap up the supposedly exciting and suspenseful conflict between the factionless and the Allegiant that has brewing in the background this whole time? Easy Just have a nice Eaton family reunion where Evelyn magically just decides that the years she's spent neglecting her son and fighting for her own idea of justice is utterly useless because she's been transformed by The Power of Love No need to rip apart all of Chicago like she's been planning to her whole life All she needs is her son A few supporting characters die in the book but you don't really care If the author didn't bother spending enough time developing that character why should readers even flinch when they drop dead? Of course the book makes these deaths a big deal but you're sitting there like Back in at the Department of Genetic Welfare Caleb is picked for the suicide mission of breaking into the top security vault to steal the memory wiping serum This is only fitting as Caleb is literally the only character who needs to be redeemed for his betrayal in Insurgent I mean the tagline of the book is one choice can define you so if Caleb doesn't own up to this moment he's basically going to be a selfish heartless coward for the rest of the storyOh wait This book hasn't sufficiently fucked up already so instead of using a perfectly good opportunity for a back stabbing character to redeem themselves it's just going to unnecessarily sacrifice the freaking main character because life is cruel and heartless goddammit I could literally write another essay on why this particular ending sucked balls but before some anon messages me saying omgg it's veronica's book and her ending was so tragic but so byootiful don't you know you're not allowed to hate it??111 let me explain myself I have no problem with happy endings bittersweet endings sad endings or even unresolved endings AS LONG AS THE ENDING MAKES SENSE WITH THE BODY OF THE WORK This is literally all I ask of any author of any novel From just a character perspective it makes sense that Tris would sacrifice herself for the greater good That's just what she as a selflessly reckless person would do But considering that there was a perfectly good person involved in this ending that needed to be redeemed cough Caleb cough who didn't offer to sacrifice himself to save his sister I'm uestioning the true motive for why this ending was picked We already know that Tris is a character who's willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good Did we learn any new information about her character when she decided to make this sacrifice? Wouldn't we have gained a better perspective of Caleb if he had made this choice instead? And most importantly wouldn't sparing Tris's life allow the final conclusion of this trilogy to be sound less rushed and less overshadowed by the her death? Tris's sacrifice comes off as being meaningless because she doesn't save anyone from dying Had she failed to using the memory serum the worst thing that would have happened was that Chicago would have been reset and the main conflict would have disappeared completely And that doesn't even matter in the end because all the major characters that we are supposed to care about were already inoculated against the memory serum anyway In fact by stealing the memory serum Tris effectively tosses up the fate of Chicago in the air If Four hadn't magically convinced his mother to stop fighting then the city would have been in shreds and people would have died The careless way her death is written and revealed makes the ending look like it was purely written simply for a cheap shock value Cue the forced emotional and dramatic ending where readers drown in a puddle of their feels as we're forced to read Four's tragic reaction to her death The last few chapters including the epilogue are incredibly rushed Literally every single issue in the growing mountain of problems that accumulated over the course of this book are immediately solved without any further complications or commentary because deus ex machina EDIT 71113 The ending is far from being the worst thing about this book but I did read the author's blog post about what she was aiming for Keeping her intentions in mind I still think this ending failed in it's execution Primarily the inorganic way that the events are revealed crushes the effect this ending was trying to achieve EDIT 91113 Another blatant plot hole I'm baffled over Tris discovers that her mother was brought in from the outside to rescue Divergents who were being killed by Jeanine's predecessor Then later on it is revealed tha

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Ssible choices about courage allegiance sacrifice and loveTold from a riveting dual perspective ALLEGIANT by #1 New York Times best selling author Veronica Roth brings the DIVERGENT series to a powerful conclusion while revealing the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in DIVERGENT and INSURGENT one of the coolest thing I saw at tumblr haha Anything else you want to add about the trilogy?VERONICA ROTH The third book will be called Detergent and the tagline will be One Choice Can Disinfect You Okay that’s a lieLOL

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AllegiantThe faction based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she's known Tris is ready Perhaps beyond the fence she and Tobias will find a simple new life together free from complicat I may never be happy ever againThe fun and laughter is over I have finally read Allegiant and I feel empty inside Empty but accepting and understandingThis book makes Mockingjay feel like Dr Seuss I had a few problems with it mainly that it spelled out a bit too much for the reader lacked finesse with the handling of themes and was sometimes pretty predictable but the character development was breathtaking the plot was heart pounding and since it's a young adult novel I think Veronica Roth did a pretty damn decent jobMost readers are going to love itYou know what? Who gives a shit about the technicalities We're all here crying read sobbing our eye sockets dry because of that ending Veronica whispered threats into my ear aimed a gun at my head looked away for a moment to lull me into a false sense of security before SHOOTING MY PUPPY IN THE FACE this is basically me throughout the last half of the bookDon't misunderstand this book was great READ IT NOW But it's like half of me wants to worship this majestic object and the other half wants to fling the beast into the faces of my enemies Just like the characters in the book the grief wipes away any deep philosophical mulling I might have about what happened in the plot All that matters is the grief and the death in the end Veronica makes that point pretty damn clear War is never romantic PeriodHell the lesson I've learnt from 1984 V for Vendetta Hunger Games and Divergent? Romance and anarchy do NOT MIX 010 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND Going against your government? STEEL YOUR HEART AND VAGINA GIRL TOO DAMN BAD Because the subseuent grief man I'm still cryingTo all those currently reading the book see you in hell comrades And to those crying and limp on their beds now welcome my friends This part is for those who have read the book I disagree with a hell lot of complaints made about this book and this is whyview spoiler Okay straight up I know most of us are upset read brutally slaughtered by the character death at the end However I don't think that just because we hate the death doesn't mean that this book totally sucks Veronica Roth unfortunately does not owe us a HEA I'm perfectly fine crying on my bed yelling you HORRIBLE HORRIBLE WOMAN YOU RIPPED MY HEART OUT HOW COULD YOU while sobbing into my pillow but inside I'm able to distance myself from my personal bias and see what this book is trying to say Because of this I just want to put my thoughts out there about what some people are sayingThe genetic project that created the genetically damaged people is legitimateA dystopia is the complete opposite of a utopia which is a perfect society More fundamentally dystopias form as a result of utopian societies gone wrongLooking at our world right now it's easy to see the flaws in people We look at the government and see selfishness We look at people around us and see pride In fact everywhere we look we see the flaws in humanity And most of us are not at peace with it During the American government shut down of 2013 the approval ratings for the republicans was an astoundingly bad 12% We as a society see that selfishness that irrationality and pride and it makes us angry 47% of people said that congress would be better off if nearly every member was replaced This is our real life responseIt is not difficult to see a society dedicated to getting rid of these traits In fact it's shockingly astounding easy to That's Veronica's point That's her utopia going bad The failure of the genetic experiment is her commentary on human beings non acceptance of human nature We do not accept selfishness stupidity pride as part of us We want to get rid of it We vilify it And when faced with the chance to be rid of it we would probably take itAnd by essentially playing God in our rejection of the darkness in each and every one of us we created bigger monstersThe forming of the factions were a perfectly valid solution to the problem caused by the genetically damagedThis is absolutely crucial to understand This doesn't solve the problem at all Doesn't it just breed MORE genetically damaged individuals? It doesn't make any senseThis train of thought is exactly Veronica's intention Put yourself in the shoes of one of those who were not genetically damaged Who were still perfectly imperfect The government is going to close off those twisted human beings and basically breed them in large labs letting them multiply?Why not just kill them all?After all they aren't actually human They aren't God's intention They are unnatural Inhuman Man madeOr are they?As a result of human's tampering human beings have have created unnatural versions of themselves The reason why the genetically damaged are prejudiced against and disadvantaged in this society is because they are regarded as less human All those people in those factions in the eyes of everyone else who knows of their unnatural state are considered nothing than experiments gone wrong to so manyThe Civil Wars were to eradicate the experimentsHowever human beings have a conscience Most of us know deep down that the genetically altered deserve a chance to make their own choices Society had made a mistake in playing god once and suffered horribly for itSociety would not make the same mistake again The American Government in Allegiant would not make two wrongs in hopes of getting a right And eradicating an entire generation of living breathing beings is most certainly playing god and most certainly on par as wrongAnd if they could not kill the genetically damaged they sure as hell would try and find a way where the genetically damaged could survive thrive and find their own humanity These subseuent projects involving factions were society's grappling apology They are trying to fix what they have done You do not get to erase the past Correlating with this thread society would NOT try and correct these genes again Firstly you cannot CREATE genes when they have been removed Secondly to alter the genes AGAIN would be playing god would be being foolish Why would a society which has already suffered the repercussions of playing god repeat the exact same thing again? And if they could not fix them and they could not kill them what other choice did they have?This entire book revolves around the uestion on whether the gentically damaged were less human and it left YOU to decide for yourselfHow could they expect the genetically damaged to just fix themselves by creating random divergents?This concept is difficult to grasp because it reuires knowledge in biology Populations can fix themselves as a result of natural selection and selective pressureBasically the genetically damaged are less likely to survive while the divergent are likely too As a result the divergents would be likely to survive into adulthood reproduce and eventually there will be a larger proportion of divergents as compared to the others The Divergent themselves crop up as a result of genetic mutation or genetic healing Your genes can change The world didn't start with one basic template for every trait that ever existed The different hair colors different physical traits today likely began as mutations and then thrived under natural selection and selective pressureThis should have been explained better in the book absolutelyThe whole shebang with the memory serum raises a hell lot of important uestions and are not supposed to be a pretty solution wrapped in a silk bowThe conflict Tris faced with the morality of the memory serum is real Is it right to remove one's memory? Removing one's memory brings with it dozens of ethical issues Does it remove Free Will? Are the memory altered the same people as they were before then? Can you convict a person who has done a crime even if they don't remember what they have done? Who has the right to alter someone's memory? Is it playing God? Has technology gone to far today and should society limit what it could do? Do the ends justify the means? And does the Greater Good even exist or are things either just right or wrong? These uestions are for all of us to think about It's not just a problem solution thing here guys We cannot look at it simply or we'll be missing the point completely It's not about leaving them to kill themselves It's about giving them a choice to make their own mistakes and staying true to who they are Personally I don't feel like Veronica Roth handled these themes with as much finesse as I would like but for a YA novel I'll let it goEvelyn's decision to choose her son over everything she's worked for was monumentalAgain if you look at it simply you will not see what is trying to be said For me I think Veronica is trying to show you the power of maternal love a very strong theme in Harry Potter as well the complexity of humanity the ability to change your decisions and actions the effect of abuse and how the abusee can turn into the abuser and finally the sharp contrast between Evelyn and MarcusBoth Evelyn and Marcus are genetically damaged people aka deemed less human or inhuman altogether For Marcus he is the perfect example of how the genetic alteration experiment has created monsters Marcus is twisted and rid of humanity He we can easily deem as inhuman But one man's twisted character does not determine those of his kind Evelyn is just as genetically altered and yet she overcame her genetic deficiencies She made herself Her genes did not determine her actions despite the fact that she was designed and made that way Her decision to choose her son was not simply a cheesy act of love It was an epic bitchslap to her genetic makeup Evelyn defied her supposed destiny and carved out another on her own Actually I was pointed out in the commen