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Free Holding On kindle ✓ eBook ß [Read] ➵ Holding On Author Sherri Thomas – Brandi McNeal has gotten herself into a speck of a mess Not only did she keep the birth of her baby a secret but she also gave permission to hold a benefit rodeo at The Double M Ranch A ranch she does Brandi McNeal has gottenBrandi McNeal has gotten herself into a speck of a mess Not only did she keep the birth of her baby a secret but she also gave permission to hold a benefit rodeo at The Double M Ranch A ranch she doesn’t own Upon her arrival home she’s taken back by the knowledge that the one man who stole her heart and unknowingly fathered her da Brandi McNeal’s life is a mess She hastily moved away from home without an explanation to her brother Troy or to anyone else on the Double M Ranch Brandi is known as something of a wild child not promiscuous just accident prone around the animals and a bit too spontaneous Now Brandi is returning home with her daughter Suzy Wonderful right? Well it might be under different circumstances Troy doesn’t know she’s coming and he certainly doesn’t know he has a new niece Their relationship has been somewhat tense since Brandi left and then didn’t come home for the birth of his own daughter Hannah Now Brandi shows up nowhere to go out of money and with a baby in hand Brandi’s homecoming is anxious for all the obvious reasons and then to ratchet things up she tells Troy she’s kept her pregnancy and Suzy’s birth a secret from the father Brandi is just full of secrets including the fact that she’s promised a hospital that they could host a fundraiser rodeo on the Double M Ranch And to add fat to the fire during her absence Troy made Dex Walczok a former employee of the ranch his partner So Brandi can’t avoid Dex The entire situation is way out of hand and spiraling and out of control by the second For Suzy’s sake Brandi has to grow up and get her priorities straight But she get’s off to a poor start hiding Suzy from Dex and drawing her friend into the deception Of course everything unravels fairly uickly It’s then that you understand why she chose not to tell the father There’s tons of misunderstanding going on along with a lot of lust and gratuitous sex between Brandi and Dex It’s meant to be an emotional joining It doesn’t uite come across that way The story is about their physical attraction to each other rather than their passionate response and angst as lovers rejoined Holding On can’t be taken too seriously Sherri Thomas has written a light playful romp This book is awarded 2 ½ starsReviewed bySallie Lundy FrommerAuthor of Yesterday's Daughter

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Ughter still sets her body on fire with a mere touch She’s even shaken to learn that he is also part owner of the The Double M Ranch She needs his consent She needs his touch And in between his caresses she needs to find a way to tell him about the baby she’s kept a secretDex Walczok has all he wants out of life Or so he thinks un An excellent read I really enjoyed the characters in this book There is plenty of tension between the H and h I also thought the writing was done well I didn't know that this is the second of a series so now I am off to read the first one but I never felt lost in this book so it is okay as a stand alone too

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Holding On Til Brandi enters his life again He uickly finds himself struggling with the lies she’s spinning and his own desires for her He can’t stop touching her and is unable to ease the flames of passion that burn hot whenever shefs near His world is turned upside down when Brandi devastates him with the news that she's had a baby His bab Another Short read but I liked the story line Some Hot sex