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Her death haunts the cabins and the black lake lurking beneath the surface like a shipwreck As the young painter works obsessively in Carey's former studio uncovers strange secrets and starts to fall hard and fast for Carey's mysterious boyfriend it's as if she's taking her place But one thought shadows her every move A No Name literally and figuratively young female painter develops a fan girl crush on Carey Logan the most visible and successful member of an art collective known as Pine City who all graduated from No Name’s art school about six to ten years ahead of her That crush torch is carried from a distance for 15 years during which time Carey Logan commits suicide Then No Name’s studio burns along with six paintings she’s promised for an upcoming show A lucky encounter gets her an in to work at the Pine City colony and maybe to learn a bit and finally understand her idol This book has a problem which is not entirely its own fault The official jacket blurb different from what I’ve written above promises a psychological suspensethriller type story But the story that’s actually in these pages? Is definitely not that kind of story It’s an utter fail in that what I was anticipating was not at all what I got So then the uestion becomes how do I feel about what this book actually is? The answer to that is very very mixed Positives about this book are First the writing is very good It flows well and even when I was bored with the story I kept flipping the pages and zooming along because the writing just kept carrying me from sentence to sentence and chapter to chapter There’s an unreliable narrator vibe which I generally enjoy and which kept me curious even when nothing was really happening And it's that tone that probably got this marketed as a suspense novel Second while I did not like a single character in this book not one they are all well drawn ha with their own motives and ambitions so I found them mostly interesting and compelling Third I was fascinated by the friendship between No Name and influencerphotographerrich girl Max Fourth the author seems to have done uite a bit of research so I did feel genuinely immersed in the art world while reading this Negatives in addition to the marketing problem I already mentioned are First there’s next to no actual tension in this book No Name is supposed to be desperate to get the contracted paintings done but while the urgency is described I didn’t personally feel it The narrative bounces back and forth between “omg get six huge paintings done in 44 days” and “omg Carey Logan lived and died here and I want to know everything about her” I found No Name and her paintings sort of interesting but I didn’t really care about her or them Second this book seems pretty insulting to the professional art world; it’s very cynical beyond satirical imo and I would be curious to know how actual artists might feel after reading it Third there’s a sort of twist at the end but I saw it from very early on and kept hoping I was going to turn out to be wrong But nope it was just that obvious Last the ending felt like a bit of a let down for me as it didn’t really add up to anything although it was a happy ending if very muted On the bright side view spoiler at least there is no Surprise Baby to Give Our Heroine’s Life Meaning™ after all the condom less sex she has hide spoiler

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Fake Like MeWhat really happened to Carey Logan?After a fire decimates her studio including the seven billboard size paintings for her next show a young no name painter is left with an impossible task recreate her art in three months or ruin her fledgling career Homeless and desperate she flees to an exclusive retreat in upstate You've got to admit that Humpty Dumpty was a piece of art Well then you can admit that this poor piece of art committed suicide by falling of the wall And so it was again in Fake Like Me except that this time it wasn't Humpty Dumpty Franz Kafka said “I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound or stab us If the book we're reading doesn't wake us up with a blow to the head what are we reading for? So that it will make us happy as you write? Good Lord we would be happy precisely if we had no books and the kind of books that make us happy are the kind we could write ourselves if we had to But we need books that affect us like a disaster that grieve us deeply like the death of someone we loved than ourselves like being banished into forests far from everyone like a suicide A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us That is my belief”Was Fake Like Me one of those books? Nope Mediocre in its intent to promote radical feminism with all the narrative safely and securely established as the main intentpurpose of the saga But yes the idea is a popular trend actually a small percentage in the big world out there and yes it has its moments But no it did not rock my world at all You represent women You shouldn’t route the trafficking of our identity politics through some gaudy money dump that only exists as decoration for the world’s richest people” I insisted For the first time in my life I had buckets of money and I put every cent into Rich Ugly Old Maids the show that I was making for Milot I spent the next two years on seven paintings Humility Obedience Chastity Modesty Temperance Purity and Prudence They were an exorcism of the words that named them from the guilt that had dogged me through years of wondering how I was supposed to be a person who pursued only her own interests who was never aligned who was never part of a family who did not wake up every day ashamed of herself for being childless and alone I was not pure of heart chaste of body obedient to authority humble before others prudent in my actions temperate in my behavior or modest in my appearance—and I no longer felt bad about it I was free from the burden of being only a girl I had become an old maid a woman of my own a master of my medium They were my crowning glory And all seven of them were in my loft on the day it burned to the ground Our anonymous narrator and protagonist lost her paintings and had to suck up to her super rich and influential 'friends'in the art world to save her budding reputation and lucrative income While receiving their assistance in unimaginable ways she constantly attacked them for being privileged That was a kind of deal breaker to me But alas she persisted and she came up trumps in the endI actually enjoyed the book An easy read with a touch of mystery and sleuthing going on The bouts of word dumping like a bad cold got to me from time to time but was tolerable I loved the author's way with words This paragraph gave me the wordy thrills It was almost a shrieking—I heard it all so uickly Wind battered the trees; birds screamed at each other Cicadas rattled their exoskeletal cages like a jailed Christmas choir and somewhere behind me the vast empty lake beat against its rocky shore The outside world shrank and fell off the edges like a twig going over a waterfall and I had the sudden sensation of total solitude These were the deafening sounds of human absenceFor the wordsmithery a star is added to the rating I'm in a good moodMore discussions can be viewed in this grouphttpswwwgoodreadscomtopicshow Join and enjoy

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read kindle Ê Fake Like Me ´ Hardcover í eyltransferservices ß [PDF / Epub] ☉ Fake Like Me ❤ Barbara Bourland – What really happened to Carey Logan?After a fire decimates her studio including the seven billboard size paintings for her next show a young noNew York famous for its outrageous revelries and glamorous artists And notorious as the place where brilliant young artist Carey Logan one of her idols drowned in the lake But when she arrives the retreat is a ghost of its former self No one shares their work No parties light up the deck No one speaks of Carey though A young un named painter with potential is poised to make waves in the art community with her collection of seven billboard size paintings  When her apartment goes up in flames and decimates the entire collection she lies to her gallery and says that six have been safely crated and stored; only the final painting she was still working on has been destroyed  The gallery decides it's in their best interest to have her to re create the final piece which has already been sold in total secrecyNow homeless and without a single piece for her show she searches frantically for a studio available on short notice where she can re create all seven pieces in their entirety in just three monthsThe artist is in awe when an acuaintance gets her a spot at the exclusive artist retreat known as Pine City in upstate New York Pine City isn't just a resort it's also the name of the collective of five artists who own itCarey Logan was a member of Pine City and the idol of our main character  Carey's work was brilliant and her life ended far too soon when she purposefully stepped into a lake and drownedWhen our no name artist arrives at Pine City she finds it's full of secrets The retreat is shadowed by Carey's presence and yet none of the dead artist's friends will speak about her; she has been removed from every photo on the grounds and none of the remaining collective will share their workAcross the lake is Max our MC's childhood friend who has been famous most of her life for being wealthy and then earned fame with her photography skills  Max swears total secrecy when she learns that her friend is re creating her entire show but soon it appears Max has motives for keeping her secretCarey Logan not only designed the home Max now lives in but she was represented by Max's husband Charlie The MC learns that Charlie's gallery is in a legal battle with Pine City over a rud final piece of art by Carey Logan  What was the final piece?  Why is Pine City so secretive about their work and the legacy of Carey Logan?Fake Like Me fits solidly into the women's fiction genre but it also surprised me by being a dark satire as well as a thriller set in the glamorous contemporary art scene  The characters are overwhelmingly pretentious and take themselves far too seriously but as in all good satires it was incredibly entertaining I wasn't expecting the mystery surrounding Carey Logan to be so compelling; I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to uncover the truthThanks to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review  Fake Like Me is scheduled for release on June 18 2019For reviews visit wwwrootsandreadswordpresscom