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Santa Lilio Sangre Ebook ↠ 200 pages ô Eyltransferservices à [EPUB] ✼ Santa Lilio Sangre ✿ Ayami Kojima – This book features illustrations by the artist who created Castlevania and many other video game designs Ayami Kojima Self taught she has crafted many originaThis book features illustrations by the artist who created Castlevania and many other video game designs Ayami Kojima Self taught she has crafted many original designs for I bought this art book from a secondhand book store during a sale with 60% off the price Later on the price I paid for this almost felt like a crime in the sense that the book would have definitely been worth much much The art book contains Kojima's stunning traditional art pieces both simple as simple as Kojima's intricate style gets that is character concepts with a blank background for the Castlevania franchise as well as full paintings of exuisite details plus uite a few pages of colourless black and white ink works Many of which show her love for Gothic horror though you can also find historical illustrations within Kojima's art is made all the wondrous by the simple fact that she is indeed fully self taught as an artist Her dedication and past experimentation with her chosen euipments certainly shine throughNot to mention the art book is of incredible uality The covers are sturdy and thick and though I bought the book as used goods it was like new The paper is high uality the lay out complimentary What's there's always a mention of the title tools used and measures of each piece which I greatly appreciated as this is something that many Japanese art books I've read tend to lack even though this may be of vast interest to aspiring artists

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Castlevania and other games that are also featured in this art book This book features many Gothic designs of the imagery of religion that made her famous along with some W As a longtime Ayami Kojima fan I was really excited when I found this 2010 Japanese release by chance at my local Kinokuniya I'm very happy I picked this up It's a roughly 9 x 12 hefty hardcover with 200 pages of Ayami Kojima's beautifully detailed paintings ink drawings and sketches printed in vibrant color on fairly heavy duty paper If you loved Kojima's work from the Castlevania games you'll probably enjoy this book Be forewarned though this book is definitely for mature audiences Kojima's artwork tends to be somewhat dark and contents includes gore nudity sexual themes and other images that may be a little disturbing to some It's a fantastic collection of her work though and a worthy addition to my library of art books

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Santa Lilio SangreEstern influences from her past as well This is a must have for all Ayami Kojima or Castlevania fans200 pages Japanese text Colored and BW Hardcover Bind Published in Japan First of all if you're in europe good luck getting your hands in one To get mine I had to order it from PlayAsia and with transport charges you are going to be paying well over the 60 euro mark You might get it from dot com not UK but get ready to dish out closer to 100 USDStill it's gorgeous 200 pages filled with funnily enough some of her lesser known art pieces A lot of her castlevania pieces are missing but really it's uite alright because you can find those anywhere and the stuff here I had only seen in grainy crappy uality thumbnailsI adore her art and even if graphic and slightly disturbing at times it's still the art book I had been looking for for agesA must