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Read Off Limits eBook Ó Kindle Edition × ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Off Limits Author Sawyer Bennett – “There is a vulnerability there hovering just below the surface And I want to pick at it until I expose it Then I want to kiss it Two years ago Emily Burnham had an epiphany about the shallowness oR the first time And she likes itNixon Caldwell has served his time in the Marine Corps surviving two brutal tours in Afghanistan He is back home surrounded by what he likes bestisolation It's certainly the best way to avoid confrontation of the consuming guilt that is weighing him downWhen an accident brings Emily and Nix together he soon learns he is not the mas The first and second book of this series are the two bestThis is a story of Nixon Caldwell a tortured ex marine who lives with an unseen injury from his second tour of duty in Afghanistan He is eaten alive by guilt and has been battling PTSD A loner he refuses to let anyone into his life except for his brother and father Anger is his middle name and he treats people badly to keep them away from himAnd then there is Emily Burnham trust fund baby and recovering spoiled rotten opinionated and judgmental socialite whose mother rules her life or tries to but is now failing since Em has seen the light from how she walks talks dresses acts and even who she associates with all for her father's political career Mrs Burnham has consistently used both Ryan her brother from book one and Emily to help further her husband's career with their eyes on the White House They are viewed as the 'perfect family' and Emily like her brother wants her own life and control over her own decisions Ryan has already defected from his family in favor of love Is Emily nextHow they met Emily was leaving Linc's apartment Nix's brother and Ryan's NHL teammate after an interview for one of her classes As she begins to back her car up something goes crunch and she discovers she has badly damaged a man's motorcycle He is spitting fire mad and she goes to work for him to help pay off her debt for the repair of his bike Her family is very wealthy but she has been cut off from funds since she didn't choose the career path her mother was determined she takeEmily and Nix wow what a couple I loved them together almost as much as Ryan and Danny I highly recommend this book and although it is considered a standalone reading the series in order enhances each bookDon't miss the double epilogue

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“There is a vulnerability there hovering just below the surface And I want to pick at it until I expose it Then I want to kiss it Two years ago Emily Burnham had an epiphany about the shallowness of her life And she made it her mission to become a different persona better woman Out from under the controlling thumb of her mother Emily is tasting the real world fo Loved it Loved it Loved itI don't know why this one touched me so deeply I had a good cry near the end but it did I guess it was the characters I just fell in love with themThis one was about former Marine Nixon Nix Caldwell 26 and college student Emily Burnham 20 Emily was in a previous book in this series Off Sides which I have not read yet but it's not essential that you read that one firstSo a little about Emilyshe's a beautiful NYC college student a junior I believe the daughter of a congressman who is thinking about running for President Emily comes from a socially prominentrich family and is expected to do what her parents especially her mother demand How to dress how to act who to socialize with what to major inall must be approved by Mother And it is starting to suffocate Emily Em used to adore her life as a socialite but lately she just wishes she could be a normal college student and fade into obscurity if she so desires Emily is trying to make a change in her life she doesn't like how she has acted in the past and is trying to be a better person and to live her life on her own terms For one thing she wants to be a sports journalist not a doctor or lawyer as mom expects For one of her college journalism courses she will be interviewing NY Rangers goalie Lincoln Caldwell who just happens to be a teammate of her brother Ryan Burnham Off Sides After she interviews Linc she gets distracted while driving has a minor accident and backs into our hero Nix Caldwell Linc's brother but Em doesn't know that yet on his motorcycle Nix is okay but damaged to his motorcycle is extensive 10000 Em has had many accidentstickets so she doesn't want her insurance to handle it And she can't draw on her trust fund just yethow can she pay Nix the money she owes Emily Against his better judgment Nix proposes that Emily work for him as an administrative assistant Nix is a successful metal workerartist but lousy at keeping his bookspaperwork organized So maybe Em can work for him to pay off her debtAbout Nix He's 6'5 gorgeousand a surly closed off sob Content to be alone and isolated just working with metals and restoring motorcycles Doesn't want a relationship Doesn't really want to associate with people Doesn't like to talk to people Has been seeing a psychiatristtherapist for over two years because he is suffering from not only a traumatic brain injury he received on a mission in Afghanistan but also is suffering from PTSD and anger issues And some unresolved feelings of guilt about what happened in Afghanistan To help him cope with his feelings he has a therapy dog a friendly golden retriever named Harley Loved Harley Nix So Em comes to work for Nix and slowly but surely Nix finds that he likes her company She gets him She doesn't push him to reveal things about himself But he finds her intriguing beautiful and easy to talk to and he starts to look forward to seeing her And he opens up a little to her and they become friends He finds himself feeling protective of her especially when she reveals that an ex boyfriend is stalking her They have a mutual physical attraction but what can he offer this beautiful socialite He can't do a 'relationship' he doesn't want to risk caring for another person but maybe she'd consent to some no strings sexAh yes we've seen this plot device before and we know how it will work out But who cares This was so well done and the characters were so developed and complete that I felt that I knew them I just adored Emily and Nix together I wanted them to work It's kind of rare for me to like the heroine as much as I like the hero but I loved Emily She was just what Nix needed and I loved how she was making an effort

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Off LimitsTer of his own fate Struggling with his own pain Nix tries to guard himself against Emily’s charms He wants her in his bed but he doesn’t want her in his heart Having grabbed life by the horns Emily wants it all But is she willing to accept just the small part of himself that Nix is offering Can she reach the part of his soul that he has deemed to be Off Limit This book reminds me so much similar to bella andre kendall ryan books Minimum angst insta love and that smooth story telling There is not much character development Minimum conflict from outside and just focus on the main characters The first 50% i almost shelfed it under DNF But then here and there i enjoy the push and pull the banter between emily and nix I feel nix character can be darker But well i just have to take what i have to take I enjoy it at the end And gobes this book 4 stars I love the nix's scroll Mind blowing