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E years but now The Unfaithful Epubshe couldn't sleep for wondering what motivated her husband Why all of a sudden was he making advances to her when he had ignored her for so long I don't often say this about LG work if ever but I really wished she had been unfaithful to the asshole Worst thing she does to get even for him cheating on her is dumbing his sockswtf girl you need to dumb his ass He needed to do way way way begging for forgiveness Sucks cause it had all the right stuff to make it great like Mistress and mother that is a way better book by her

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The Unfaithful WifeThe Marriage Mistake Leah's marriage to powerful Greek businessman Nik Andreakis was an empty sham and she was determined to get a divorce But Nik didn't want one In the circumstan Okay I know this book is controversial I know some of my friends HATED it I respect that really I do but it wasn't uite as bad as I thought it would be content wise and I had a hard time putting it down Plus I think it's the first Lynne Graham I've ever read without a pregnancy or secret baby which is a miracle in itselfMy takeThe heroine was a very sheltered 17 when she first meets the 25 year old hero She immediately falls hard Unbeknownst to her Daddy was a POS who wanted her married into an established wealthy family by any means necessary So he blackmails the hero with a family secret to force him to marry her Reminiscent of The Unwanted Wife in some ways1 Both heroines were innocent of Daddy's meddling and thought the hero was marrying them for the right reasons2 Both heroes were ANGRY about being manipulated into marrying and both placed unfair blame on the heroine as a co conspirator3 Both heroes had initially found the heroine very attractive and were drawn to her but forgot about that once the meddling began and became bitter and vengefulThe main difference here is that the marriage was never consummated Nik was angry and that kinda killed his attraction to the heroine at least for a few years and then he ignored her out of pride He assumed that if he ignored Leah and she was unhappy with the non marriage she'd run back to Daddy and ask for a divorce therefore freeing him from the blackmail scheme IMHO that was faulty reasoning because Leah's dad made his living blackmailing people If he didn't feel Nik was useful as a husband and for his social creds then he'd have simply asked for cash instead OR he may have just gotten pissed and leaked the info Then again ALL the forced into marriage plots have ginormous holes in them You have to be willing to suspend disbelief and just go with itSo Nik basically ignores the heroine for 5 years He only sees her once or twice a year at official functions and has a string of mistresses According to him it's not that many whatever that means and he'd had no partners in the last year As the book opens Leah's father has passed away and Leah has met a man who she thinks she's in love with She's never slept with the guy because she wants to wait until she's divorced to do that I respected that If you don't believe in adultery you don't believe in adultery period It doesn't matter what the other partner is doing It's your own conscience you have to live with and your own moral standards you should uphold They shouldn't be relative to the situation What I did have a problem with is Leah's lack of initiative for those 5 yearsLeaving him would have been the obvious answer but apparently she was too emotionally stunted to do so But she should have done something Go to college or get a job find a way to stand on her own What the heck did she do with her time We're supposed to believe that it all had to do with her lack of love and acceptance issues Mom died when she was little Dad never paid her much attention and then her husband didn't even want to sleep with her Supposedly she didn't want to disappoint her father by asking for a divorce and she didn't know what else to do So she just sat there FOR FIVE YEARSI've been blessed with parents who love me unconditionally so I don't know what that can do to a person but I do have to wonder how she could just live in limbo for 5 years She was very young and had no confidence so I guess that's supposed to explain it The poor girl did have issues No doubt I will grant her thatPredictably the Greek alpha male hero does not go along with the divorce idea Leah's father has died and he's finally accepted that she was innocent of the scheme plus he's played the field and had his fun it's a man thing and now he's ready to settle down He already has this beautiful desirable little wife who is a master at being a society hostess And obviously she's madly in love with him or she'd have left years ago couldn't totally blame him for that assumption because that was weird and unexplainable All he has to do is consummate the marriage start having some babies and he's setHa ha ha That's where it gets good He is BLOWN away that the h really wasn't pining after him all those years That she REALLY does want to get a divorce He's thick headed and arrogant about it to the point that I wanted to reach inside the pages and slap him It takes some convincing for him to see it but he finally gets to a point where he thinks she's in love with this other man and he's eaten up alive with jealousy He's also forced to face some very unpleasant facts about himselfThe heroine is predictably melty in that LG sorta way once the giant Greek wiener makes its appearance but thankfully she's smart enough not to tell Nik that she's not really in love with the other guy and that she's realized she loves him instead All that leads to the big misunderstanding where neither thinks the other cares and the heroine leaves and actually tries to take care of herself for a while I do wish the separation had been longer than a month and that she'd had a chance to deal with her own inadeuacy issues by learning to truly stand on her own two feet Plus the hero would have had to suffer But I think he really did see the error of his ways and had specific revelations about how certain actions had affected the heroine He even tells her he won't ask what she did while they were apart that he'll put his jealousy aside if she'll just give him another chance That's a big step for a guy who recently believed it was A oK for him to have slept around but his neglected wife of 5 years just better be a virgin OR ELSEYeah the guy was a MAJOR jerk for the first half of the book but the point was that I think he grew as a person Will he ever be the selfless sort Heck no But I saw growth and a recognition of the things he did to hurt the heroine Often all we get is I love you come back on the last two pages with no indication whatsoever that the hero sees what he's done wrong but the heroine is just so happy to hear the 3 magic words that she doesn't care So I was satisfied with the HEA even if I'd have liked to have seen him suffer for than a mere month

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The Unfaithful Wife doc ✓ Hardcover · Lynne Graham · ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Unfaithful Wife By Lynne Graham ✓ – The Marriage Mistake Leah's marriage to powerful Greek businessman Nik Andreakis was an empty sham and she was determined to get a divorce But Nik didn't wCes Leah found that totally unbelievable Why would he want to hang on to a wife he'd been blackmailed into marrying Liah's lonely wedding night had set the pattern for the past fiv Re The Unfaithful Wife LG is starting to really hit her HPlandia iconic stride with this one In a rare classic HP blackmail into marriage twist it is the H who is shanghaied as a 25 yr old into marriage with the 17 yr old h and he proceeds to cheat on her uite visibly for the next five yearsSo huge warning the H is not and had no intentions of being faithful to the newlywed h when the story starts However in the HP rule book Rule #7 says that as long as the H and h haven't consummated the marriage the H can do whatever with whomever and the h should just be happy he put a ring on it and wait her turnThis h starts out in that mold mainly because at 17 she met the H and it was love at first sight But the h's father the ultimate in Pimp Daddy Criminals wanted the H's social status for a son in law and wanted to get rid of his daughter so PDC blackmailed the 25 yr old immature H into marriage with a teen agerThe EXTREMELY angry H takes the standard action of angry immature H's everywhere He isolates the cause of his downfall in a London house surrounded by minders and then proceeds to live it up with every attractive sample of the lady buffet that comes his wayTo be fair the H's actions in this for the first part of their marriage are simply disgusting and this has turned many an HP voyager away from this book That is utterly understandable cheating is cheating is cheating and no one should have to tolerate that not even an HP voyager only reading about itMy thoughts are to give the H a small pass for two reasons First the h is 17 when she is married off A very very immature 17 that put her mentally around 14 or so so for the H to go there when he is in his own party wild belated teen years himself is just a trainwreck that never needed to happen and LG wisely prevented it The second reason is that tho the h has no self confidence and is kept locked up securely than the Hope diamond all the public humiliation and betrayal serve to force her to see the H for exactly what he is That whipping off of the rosy glasses gives this h a sincere pragmatism that will serve her in good stead for the trainwreck avalanche that is rapidly approachingThe h now 23 over the teen lurve surge for the H and looking for a way to get out to her own life uses a very handy tool used by ladies everywhere in the Western World when they want to end a relationship but are too polite to do the brush off The h finds herself a new man and then proceeds to conflate his gooey attraction into a full blown emotional affairThe h's father dies in the midst of all of this and the H suddenly decides that with the threat of revealed blackmail seekrits diminished his wife is pretty hot and he can make his marriage real Since the h isn't anything than a seldom glimpsed beautiful blow up doll to him the H perceives absolutely no problem with that After all he is the Greek God of the Northern Hemisphere and ladies everywhere tumble at his feetWell everyone but the h that is Our GG H finally gets the conseuences of what five years of flaunting HP lady buffet samples in front of your legal wife will do when he overhears the h on the phone to her little toyboy and the H knows he is sunk The h appears to be moving on with a new man and the H is NOT happy about that The h is obviously over her temporary infatuation and obviously not real enthusiastic over hooking up with the H for domestic bliss So the H exaggerates the threat of the h's father's blackmail being revealed to the world throws in some intense roofie kissing melting seduction techniues and also includes a lot of verbal beratement to force the h to stay married to himThe h can't help the Treacherous Body Syndrome but she has done a LOT of thinking the last few years and she has determined that even tho her new infatuation is obviously not all that and she has to send him to the HP mists she still has a powerful ax to hold over the HAfter the big extended lurve club events the H and h end up in Greece They are meeting the H's truly hideous family for the first time and the H is about to get another kick in the teeth regarding the h as wellThe h gets the flu and the H panics He calls up his ex fiancee who is now a doctor the H's family did an arranged marriage thing for him which the blackmail experience broke up and we also get to meet the H's very perky and funny young cousinThe h gets to worry that the H is still in love with his now married ex which LG assures us by the H's words that he is not and we find out that the H's big seekrit worthy of blackmail is that he was adopted There is to it but we are building up to thatThe H also gets to see the h immortalized in pictures with her ex toyboy and it drives him mad with jealousy Cause he has actual proof that the h is looking at another man like she looked at him years ago and the chickens of adultery have come home to roostPlus the h gives him an EPIC verbal slapdown that I was uite proud of her for The poor girl was forced to be cloistered than a nun and kept in practical purdah except for beauty treatments to reflect her trophy status and she did focus on her really excellent piano playing but the girl finally figured out how to deliver a verbal knock out and she does itThe H realizes that his attitude isn't helping his cause so in one the funniest scenes in the book he gets the h drunk in the limo on the way to his parents and has the driver circle around to try and talk to the h about their relationship The h is just buzzed enough that roofie kisses are interesting and the H has to admit his deceitThe best lines of the H in book are'I am a sneaky slippery devious bastard' he mumbled thickly his breath fanning her cheek 'I am everything you ever called me and right now I would give ten years of my life to make love to you I'm in agony''But' She sensed the 'but' coming'There was vodka in your drink You're plastered Leah''Oh''It was a disgusting thing to do but I was desperate to make you talkmake you relax Also the car has been driving round in circles Please forgive meNO it is not a grovel but the balance of power between the H and h shifts at that point and from then on out the h steadily expands and the H steadily loses his ugly intimidation skillz until the two of them level out to the same amount of power that will lead to a mutual HEA The meeting with the H's family is rather strained especially after the h learns that the woman she thought was the H's sister is actually his mother and her husband is the H's father Apparently the couple was a teen love story gone wrong and the mother was forced by her father to give the baby up to them to be raised It is also an interesting look at where the H gets his Greek God Arrogance from as his bio father is exactly the same There is some h angsty OW drama when we learn the ex fiancee may be getting a divorce and be available again but the true climax to the story comes when we all get back to LondonThe h finds another bank deposit box key that contains the H's birth documents She hands it over explains she knows about the H's mother and declines to mention who the H's father is The H indifferently tells her to stay or go and the h heartbroken and prepping for the mopey moment dumps all the socks she bought the H and leavesShe gets a little bedsit and a job and starts trying to live her life on her own In a very satisfying HP h fashion she does the grotty flat and beans on bread crumbs until the H tracks her down to ask her to sleep with himThe h isn't exactly jumping with joy to accept the H's offer and she dismisses him telling him her solicitor will be sending the divorce papers over any day The H is forced to humble himself further and shows up at the h's door the next morning with a bunch of rosesThe h did not have a restful night and beats the H over the head with the roses in another highly satisfactory way I was absolutely jonesing to get this girl a cast iron skillet she would be a master at skilleting in less than half an hour The big explanation moment is at hand and while it doesn't excuse the H it does explain some things and LG does it in a pretty nice style After the H gets his huge rose smackdown he lets the h know that he was pretty isolated as a child because he was the child of his mother The woman who raised him fiercely resented the fact that she couldn't have a son and lied to the H that he was the offspring of some mongrel cur and if the H ever revealed that fact to his real mother's husband dire calamities would befall The H was also started at the very bottom of the family firm at 14 and he was kept at that all through his teen years Which ultimately turned out to be a good thing cause the H worked his way up the ladder and was ready to take over when his adopted father died What that also did was keep the H at the same immature emotional level as the h He was engaged all that time to the OW and had kept his nose to the grindstone with school and work the lady buffet sampling would have been STRONGLY discouraged by the OW's family and his own So in one way the h's father's blackmail irked him because he got forced to do something he did not want to do but in another it let him catch up on his teen party years and he now had unlimited income in which to do itThe H also admits he was bowled over by the h as well when they first met but he wasn't ready to marry he wanted to do his thing and his rage at the h's father found a nice little object target in the h who really was a blobfish and just tolerated any type of treatment because of her own childhood isolation LG subtly points out that the H pretty much ignored the h like she did not exist except to put in a convent atmosphere and hire minders for her so he never had to really see her as a person Until the h starts making her own moves for independence and the H finally sees what hate and neglect can doThe H sincerely believes he has finally driven the h away and he seriously begs for a second chance even if the h doesn't love him he loves her He tells the h she can have whatever she wants including a country house and unlimited money if only she will not leave him in the desert his life has been since she gleefully leftAs this is HPlandia and forgiveness is a forgone conclusion by page 2 the h tells the H she still loves him and they decide to go look at the country house together for a pretty believable LG HP HEAThis book is intense the H is truly horrific for the first part But his blatant and aggressive honesty allows the reader to believe the H when he makes his true love declaration by the endThe reader realizes that the H was as immature as the h and neither one of them were good candidates for marriage when they first met The h is pretty spineless but she does learn and grow and calcium intake has been seen to occur by the end So if you see this give it a go and have a nice little LG HP outing of two crazy kids who finally fall in love for an excellent LG HEA