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The Feynman Lectures on Physics doc í Hardcover Read ñ Richard P. Feynman Ñ [Ebook] ➦ The Feynman Lectures on Physics By Richard P. Feynman – The revised edition of Feynman's legendary lectures includes extensive corrections and updates collated by FeynmanLectures on PDFEPUB #192 The revised edition of Feynman's legendary lectures includes extensive corrections and updates collated by Feynman and his colleagues A new foreword by Kip Thorne the current Richard Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech discus It took me about a year to finish all three volumes after which I can say I have followed and remembered roughly 20% of Feynman's endless derivations Nevertheless I have immensely enjoyed every page I once read an article by an educator who advocated for early teaching of concepts related to infinitesimals and transfinites exponentiation and concepts related to rate of growth and decline in nature Her idea was that math and science teachers often follow a chronological order based on the history of science and the order in which various concepts were discovered and evolved Instead they should follow a logical order beginning with fundamentals instead of basics To me Feynman's book wholly represents this idea The content is organized really well so it makes it easy to follow the big pictures even if details are getting lost here and there To anyone who might not have the time to go through all volumes I highly recommend chapters 1 6 37 38 and 52 of the first volume chapters 1 4 18 and 30 of the second volume and chapters 1 8 of the third volume

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Ses the relevance of the new edition to today's readers This boxed set also includes Feynman's new Tips on Physics the four previously unpublished lectures that Feynman gave to students preparing for exams at the end of his course Thus this volume set is the complet I used to see this on people's shelves when I was a kid and always wondered what was inside the three red books Well the short answer is everything It's a great way to learn physics Feynman's way which means very little problem solving but a lot of deep comprehension and a thematic approach to physics Meaning he shows you certain paradigmatic problems which illuminate the physical world and which you can use over and over again Also he shows you advance peeks at advanced science which you will certainly not get in most undergrad physics textbooks Caveat Feynman is not so deep philosophically His take on relativity is strictly for calculational purposes and even in uantum his specialty you will find very few deep philosophical insights into the theory besides just shut up and calculate He seemed to be allergic to mixing philosophy and physics but sometimes it is unavoidable

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The Feynman Lectures on PhysicsE and definitive edition of The Feynman Lectures on Physics Packaged in a specially designed slipcase The Feynman PDF this volume set provides the ultimate legacy of Feynman's extraordinary contribution to students teachers researches and lay readers around the worl Wonderful A high uality work for the undergraduate of brilliant uality First rate stuff but DO NOT READ if you want to get a good degree these days since the methods of introducing some of the subjects in these works is uite different to how physics is taught today particularly the 3rd volume on uantum MechanicsI always love these deep insightful lectures such a completely original mind Not always easy to follow But these were delivered at Caltech perhaps the finest place in the world to study physics at the time apart from in Russia with Lev Landau so the standards were pretty tough and even then many of the students complained that these were too off beat for them to be able to swallow and regurgitate in their final exams You have been warned But real wisdom isn's always easy and does take time to digest and should not really simple be puked out into an exam paper Sadly in today's world when university lecturers are marked on their performance by the students such works of genius like this would never arise in our society where everyone has to pass