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MOBI ´ DOC Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S ¾ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES Ä [Download] ➶ Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant (AmazonClassics Edition) By Join or create book clubs – In this epic 1885 work General Ulysses S Grant 18th president of the United States and staunch sTles of Shiloh Chattanooga and the Wilderness; the Siege of Vicksburg; and the Appomattox campaign which concluded with the surrender of Confederate general Robert E Lee  Featuring personal correspondence Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S Grant reveals the candid often witty and prag What comes through most clearly is his disarming restraint and modesty Restraint at the utter incompetence of his superiors such as Halleck who always got things wrong who undermined his subordinate and who by his inactivity and bad activity prolonged the war; modesty about his own capabilities and admissions of fear in the face of the enemy He was also over indulgent to but not uncritical of the mistakes of his subordinatesHis account is matter of fact and can be over elliptical at times but he takes you through the campaigns setbacks frustrations and triumphs He was also persistent in defeat or rather to setbacks as he was never defeated and generous in victory He learnt from his experiences and unlike others brasher but less competent than he did not repeat errors As a subordinate general he often snatched victory despite the attempts of his superiors to thwart him either out of self serving malice and jealousy or just through sheer incompetence Once in overall command his dogged perseverance and determination and unflappability surely won the day Lee could not outwit nor outflank this Union general Lee became the stuff of legend and romance but it was Lee who foolishly lost at Gettysburg and Grant who won the warIn short this is an invaluable insight into how the war was won and how the man who won it operated Along with Longstreet's account this should be the starting point for anyone wanting to learn about the cataclysm that befell the United States Given that he dying while he wrote it is is a remarkable achievement

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In this epic 1885 work General Ulysses S Grant 18th president of the United States and staunch supporter of the Union cause set the record straight on his storied life and career At its heart is Grant victor and eyewitness to the defining moments of the Civil War including the Bat Ulysses S Grant's memoir is a pleasure to read I had just read a Grant biography by Jean Edward Smith and so thought that I might as well read Grant's own writings They came highly recommended and I think they measure up to that I had a very high bar for this book after all the praise I had heard and I think it pretty much hit it It doesn't go over that bar but matches itVolume 1Grant has an interesting viewpoint and clearly sets out his life from its beginnings to the end of the Vicksburg campaign in this volume His exposition of how things went in the Mexican war and his childhood show off Grant's personality well They are at times a bit self deprecating but you always get the sense that Grant is struggling forwardGrant writes in a clear way and he has a nice way of using understatement and sly humor to give criticism and gives credit where credit is due He is always explaining how Sherman or Porter were of utmost importance in the campaign for Vicksburg for example If you have a Civil War interest I would definitely recommend this book If you don't then this is iffyOne minor complaint for the edition I read is that it had no maps It can be difficult to keep battles straight without good maps and if you can look at them while Grant is narrating It really gives you a much clearer understandingVolume 2Grant's memoirs are truly a clear and concise way of learning a great deal about the Civil War He explains the thought process behind decisions and gives credit where credit is due He is a bit hard on George Thomas but other than that he is very gracious to all but will give faint praise to those whom he believes did not perform well The fact that he did this all while dying of throat cancer make it all the impressiveIf you want to learn about how the Civil War was fought by one of the most important generals of the time then this book is an amazing resource Grant writes clearly and in a way that is rather engaging even though there are no writing flourishes He writes plainly clearly and in such a way that you can picture in your mind what is going on This is no simple featI highly recommend it to anyone interested in the US's Civil War

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Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S Grant AmazonClassics EditionMatic military genius as one of the most vital observers of war and peace in the history of American letters Revised edition Previously published as Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S Grant this edition of Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S Grant Classics Edition includes editorial revision Easy to read despite a few places which repeats but probably to be expected from a high functioning alcoholic this book was only let down by the lack of detailed maps to follow Thankfully I had open #civilwartrust maps on another page which really helped As a novice enthusiast I could've done with some additional information on various army formations which he continuously refers to Overall Avery interesting read