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EPUB æ MOBI Never Go with Your Gut ó 9781632651624 FREE Î [Reading] ➿ Never Go with Your Gut Author Gleb Tsipursky – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Avoid terrible advice cognitive biases and poor decisions Want to avoid business disasters whether minor mishaps such as excessive team conflict or major calamE for business leaders to “go with their guts” plays into these cognitive biases and leads to disastrous decisions that devastate the bottom line By combining practical case studies with cutting edge research Never Go With Your Gut will help you make the best decisions and prevent these business disastersThe leading expert on avoiding business disasters Dr Gleb Tsipursky draws on over 20 years of extensive consulting coaching and speaking The book NEVER GO WITH YOUR GUT provides valuable information that gives individual a basis on how to come up with a wiser decision The future of the company as a whole depends on how business leaders decide Further this book teaches how to deal with the “internal” self in every situation that reuires decision makingI’ve known a friend who tried to establish an investment group It is composed of five individuals who agreed to have a monthly due It was agreed that the dues are intended to invest in higher interest such as stocks and mutual funds At the beginning it turns out so well Until one day one of the members driven by gut decided to host a concert Confidently he assures the group that his proposal would earn much In the long run the event turns out to be losing and there were misunderstanding among the members which eventually lead the group into withdrawalShould the group had known this book the group would have a different perspective on how to put in place all the necessary things to be done particularly the attitude of handling a startup businessWhat surprises me in this book is that in every chapter contains information on how to process the self In fact for some reasons there are times that I am confused especially when the book provides a research where gut could be right However in my own point of view I would go for a systematize approach in decision making rather than following the gut feeling Further every time I feel gutsy I will consider it as a basis to evaluate and process situations before decision will be madeHaving limited resources on how to start a business is one of my problems My parents are not businessperson or my profession does not teach business In the book there are twelve techniues to address these issuesIdentify and make plan to address dangerous judgment errors – should I be confronted with a risky situation where decision is necessary I would evaluate the situation examine every angle and possibilities consult expert if necessary to avoid unnecessary resultsDelay in decision making – should I be so unsure; I would spend some time to review all necessary factors before decidingMindfulness and meditation – I will spend time to consider the people directly or indirectly involve in my decision I would spend time to meditate to energize my capacity to think criticallyProbabilistic thinking – should unnecessary event will happen I would spend my time finding evidences on how or why things happenedMaking predictions about the future – as a visionary it is important to make predictions about the future It includes changing attitude changing strategies eliminating traditionsConsidering alternative explanations and options – should the behavior of the people around is unpleasant I would rather check what is behind reasonConsidering our past experience – we learn from the past Should the experience lead us to prosper then continue Should it made us broke then move on and find new waysEvaluate the long term future and repeating scenarios – our daily routine determines the outcome of our goal There is always the need to evaluate if there is a need to change of the routine to bring the company to a greater profitConsidering

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Experience to show how pioneering leaders and organizations many of them his clients avoid business disasters Reading this book will enable you toDiscover how pioneering leaders and organizations address cognitive biases to avoid disastrous decisionsAdapt best practices on avoiding business disasters from these leaders and organizations to your own contextDevelop processes that empower everyone in your organization to avoid business disaster Reading books on various subjects imparts information and increases the depth about the subject as well This book will guide me to understand the most significant ones for business settings I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Dr Tsipursky to launch such a thoughtful book which helped me to become productive thoughtful I think reading the book would be helpful for me because this book focuses not only on the cognitive biases that can derail us at any stage of the decision making process but also on how we can resolve these issues Also I tend to choose what’s comfortable rather than what’s true or good for me I think I should read this book as I am a professional who wants to avoid disastrous judgment errors in managing my present and future career We can train our intentional system to spot and address our systematic and predictable dangerous judgment errors in business and other life areasThis book would have been helpful in the past as I was a small business owner who wanted to lead the organization safely and securely into the increasingly disrupted future and avoid the trip wires that will cause competitors to stumble After completion of my Engineering I served 25 years in a multinational organization also achieved the Best Employee Award but suddenly the official environment changed I had to leave the job I was mentally so depressed that time started small business without thinking its future For that reason my product selection marketing policy was wrong If I would get chance to read this book earlier it will mark a paradigm shift in my professional lives I truly feel that after reading this book I won’t fall into cognitive biasesBy reading the book I came to know about the halo effect which describes a mental error we make when we like one important characteristic of a person; we then subconsciously raise our estimates of that person’s other characteristics I also came to know about the horns effect reflects the mistake of subconsciously lowering our estimates of a person when we don’t like one salient characteristic We fall too easily for repeated rumors in business settings When we like one important characteristic of a person our gut moves us to overestimate all other positive aspects of that person and downplay any negatives; the reverse happens when we don’t like one important characteristic this read proved surprising and unexpected for me When going with our gut we pay too much attention to the most emotionally relevant factors in our immediate environment the ones that feel like they are the most critical whether or not they’re the most important ones This will be taking forward with me A cognitive bias I found in the book is “Self serving bias” a problem I often see undermining teamwork and collaboration namely when people tend to claim credit for success and deflect blame for failure People might call this human nature but behavioral science scholars call this the self serving bias I truly agree Poor strategic leadership decision making is responsible for such disasters yet neither these leaders nor their followers received professional development in making decisions I always believe in the phrase which is perfectly described i

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Never Go with Your GutAvoid terrible advice cognitive biases and poor decisions Want to avoid business disasters whether minor mishaps such as excessive team conflict or major calamities like those that threaten bankruptcy or doom a promising career? Fortunately behavioral economics studies show that such disasters stem from poor decisions due to our faulty mental patterns what scholars call “cognitive biases” and are preventableUnfortunately the typical advic Behavioral science tells us that we think we're smarter and wiser about making decisions than we actually tend to be We know so many things that aren't true and we hold on to those beliefs even in the face of objective evidence that we're wrong In our personal lives that can be problematic In business it can be disastrousDr Tsipursky delivers some good news though We can learn to recognize and counter our cognitive biases and that can give us a competitive advantage in business Yes the work is hard but chances are that few of our competitors are putting in this kind of work to learn to make better decisions The strategies in this book can almost immediately put us ahead of much of our competitionAnd the exercises aren't solely applicable to business cases either While in the middle of reading this book I found myself confronted with a situation in my personal life The issue was similar to a case covered in the book and it caused me to pause and reevaluate what was happening Because I was now primed to think differently I was able to uickly recognize the problem I was walking into and apply some of the techniues from the book to slow down and think through the best way to respond instead of charging into battle immediately and suffering a far worse outcome That's one of the best things about the book The cases resonate and the exercises can start helping immediately And if you don't have time to read and reflect on the entire book right away it's organized so that you can get an overview and introduction to the concepts uickly and focus on the areas where you might need immediate attention