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MOBI ☆ DOC So Into You 9781938268076 FREE ë [Download] ➾ So Into You (The Jane Austen Academy Series, #2) By Cecilia Gray – Sweet and sensible Ellie hasn't met a problem her mom's yoga mantras can't fix But when Ellie's parents threaten to pull her from the Academy just as her flirtation with tAnd they're about to turn the Academy and the lives of its students totally upside down Dive into the fabulous fun lives of six Academy girls as their friendships are tested torn and ultimately triump While this book is based on Sense and Sensibility it actually only adapts Elinor's plot Marianne has disappeared all together That made me a little sad as her story is great but I uite liked what was done with Elinor or Ellie here and her dramas Her tuition troubles were a good way to modernise the way the Dashwoods fall on hard times and I really liked Ed The tension between Ellie and Ed was well developed and a lot of fun

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Up will Ellie be able to keep her cool?The last thing that the girls at the elite Jane Austen Academy need is guys But over the summer the school has been sold and like it or not the guys are coming I received a copy of this book in exchange for my participation in the book blog tour for review purposes I have never read anything by Jane Austen which one day I will finally get around to doing but that's okay as I absolutely adore the girls of Jane Austen Academy in Ms Gray's modern retellingI have a horrid cold that my teen boys passed along to me I cried my way through this book from almost beginning to end Do you know how miserable that made me? My heart just broke for poor Ellie as she tried to adhere to the rule that the universe will not give what you so ardently seek while fighting to be able to stay with her friends at the only school she wanted to attend What I love most about the Jasta books is that each girl really learns a lesson that helps her to grow Ellie had always gone with the flow doing her best to not upset the balance in her life even though her parents were very often scatterbrained I did dislike how they kept their big surprise a huge secret knowing that Ellie wouldn't be able to stay long at Jasta but I guess even then the Universe had it's own plans for her I loved getting to know Emma through Ellie's eyes along with Anne and some new boys who weren't mentioned in the first book I felt really sorry for Lucy until nearly the end when she did what I felt was the right thing for her There's a lightheartedness about these books that grabs your heart and doesn't let go as you follow each girl on her journey of personal growth If there was one huge con to reading them it'd be that I have to be so patient to wait until the next one comes out Patience is NOT my forte by any means If you haven't read them yet I suggest you find a copy of Fall For You and then read So Into You Before you know it Lizzie and Ellie along with their friends will have you just as impatiently waiting to see what happens next as I am

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So Into You The Jane Austen Academy Series #2 Sweet and sensible Ellie hasn't met a problem her mom's yoga mantras can't fix But when Ellie's parents threaten to pull her from the Academy just as her flirtation with the cutest boy in school heats Definitely a Young Adult appropriate story one of a series as it has all the angst of relationships with the opposite sex with parents and most of all with the institute responsible for educating young people for the real world This story vaguely based on Sense and Sensibility has Ellie telling her view of her close friends and the boy she wants to declare himself or even just make a move Issues about who the school now has been sold to being unable to afford the tuition any longer and wanting her friends to also have better experiences with boys in their lives are there As in SS Ellie finds that Edward has a history he has been keeping secret and it drops like a ton of bricks into her awareness Then there are her parents who suddenly have zero in their checking account and plan to to Guatemala open a business and adopt a baby Looming over all is the campaign she and her friends have staged wanting full disclosure about the new owners and wanting to keep the Academy's name even with boys now enrolled thereI have had this story on my Kindle for years and finally decided to get it off the long unread list of such books The author includes some discussion uestions at the end They are geared for young people