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doc ´ The 900 Days The Siege of Leningrad ☆ Paperback read È eyltransferservices Ø ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ The 900 Days The Siege of Leningrad By Harrison E. Salisbury ➦ – The Nazi siege of Leningrad from 1941 to 1944 was one of the mosIsbury pieced together this remarkable narrative of villainy and survival in which the city had much to fear from both Hitler and Stal Excellent ReadDespite reading this over twenty years ago it left a lasting impression how desperate the plight of Lenigraders was during the titanic struggle Imagine being completely cut off six months of the year from your country The only life line is lake Ladoga when it freezes over Yet even then thin ice constant shelling and mechanical failures imped the arrival of the few sparse supplies coming into to the cityImagine funeral pyres being the norm Men and women bathing naked in the cities fountains ignoring their nakedness or sexual desires Local merchants falling back on the human basic function—survival Cannibalism ran through the streets as a plague Rummaging around the bombed our warehouses hoping to find a scrap of meat a rat or re boil pulverized sugarNo heat No electricity No phones No help The only constant for 900 days—death This is a gripping account of a people who refused to surrender to the elements the situation or the enemy Excellent read

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The Nazi siege of Leningrad from to Days The PDF #180was one of the most gruesome battles of World War II Nearly three million people Fascinating dark details of the siege Factual accounts of dogs turned into living anti tank bombs people eating cups of molasses saturated dirt or chewing the glued bindings on books cannibalism and we American civilians know nothing of war A book of horrorsWhile we readers have had ample access to stories about the holocaust and what befell Jewish citizens Romas and political prisoners until I read a wonderful work of fiction called City of Thieves many years ago you should recognize the author if you watch Game of Thrones I had zero understanding of the nightmare of this siegeSurrounded on all sides by Nazi forces Hitler's aim to starve the one and a half million Russians to death came pretty close to meeting its goal The reason most of us know nothing of this lock down into starvation and death is that the Soviet government erased heart ache and insult and failure Like a predecessor to the attitudes in North Korea denying the occurrence of famine was the route taken by Lenin and others A million dead women and little kids and grandparents their frozen corpses stacked on the ice until it thawed and they sunk were collectively disappeared from official accountsThe author a newspaperman arrived on scene when the war ended and later served as the Moscow correspondent for the Times He was not a novelist but one who documented current events and had he not been there to collect secret stories from survivors this transcript of yet another of World War II's atrocities would not exist The Soviets hid failure would not admit to any hardships but while the USA great chronicler of WWII lost 400000 lives these people lost 27 MILLIONIf you think you've got a handle on war history and have not read this you're fooling yourself Shocking and important

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The 900 Days The Siege of LeningradEndured it just under half of them died For twenty five years the distinguished The 900 Kindle journalist and historian Harrison Sal I read this book while on a trip with some college buddies in California I had to read this book over the trip for school In the sunny summer of the west coast on the streets of santa cruz and san francisco I sat in the back seat of a car crushed by luggage and read this book It blew my mind I understand the horrors the Americans and the French and the Jews withstood in WWII But the siege was a whole new chapter of the war I was unaware of I don't think most Americans are aware of the events that transpired in those 900 days No horror movie will ever come close People do not imagine these experiences They live them Or they don't get a chance to live through them This book changed my view of Soviet American politics These 900 days had in my opinion a profound effect on Russian and Soviet policy for decades to come The book holds so many details and lessons and experiences on a type of war that will never make it to the movie screen It's a lesson and a testament that should never be forgotten